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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Rod Blagojevich, A Tale of Saturn and Uranus

Posted by on Monday, January 12 20094 Comments

Rod Blagojevich being bullied by Saturn and UranusRod Blagojevich was born with Saturn trine Uranus.  An important astrological principle is that people born at a specific phase of a particular planetary cycle will likely see some major themes in their life develop as those planets form aspects to each other in the sky. In Blagojevich’s case, those planets are Saturn and Uranus.

From what I’ve observed, Saturn and Uranus generally present periodic consolidation and disruption of the established power, which makes sense as Saturn is supposed to represent establishments and authority, and Uranus is supposed to represent innovation and rebellion.

However, depending on the particular positions of Saturn and Uranus in a timed birth chart, we can tell what personal significance that they can have to someone. While we unfortunately do not have Rod Blagojevich’s time of birth, we can still see what role Saturn and Uranus seem to have in his life.

Rod Blagojevich’s natal chart, no birth time, Saturn-Uranus trine highlighted

Rod Blagojevich, Saturn trine Uranus

Saturn conjunct Uranus, 1988

Blagojevich’s career has been helped enormously by the connections he made through his wife, Patricia Mell, the daughter of a Chicago alderman, Richard Mell.  According to reports, they met in March 1988, when Saturn and Uranus were conjunct in the sky. Interestingly enough, in this exact same time period Evan Mecham, the then-Governor of Arizona was being impeached, the last impeached Governor in the nation until today. Blagojevich’s father-in-law would help him time and time again, initially with his election to an Illinois house seat in 1992. Although not marked by a Saturn-Uranus phase in the sky, Saturn did oppose his natal Uranus in that year.

Saturn sextile Uranus, 1996

In 1996, Blagojevich gave up his state House seat to run for the US House of Representatives. Again, he won with support from his father-in-law. Also, Patricia gave birth to their first child, Amy Blagojevich,  sometime in 1996.

Saturn square Uranus, 1999

In 1999, Blagojevich made headlines when he traveled with Rev. Jesse Jackson to Yugoslavia and successfully negotiated the release of three American POW”s. This is considered to be a high point in Blagojevich’s career.

Saturn trine Uranus, 2002-2003

This particular phase is a recurrence of Blagojevich’s natal Saturn-Uranus trine. In the 2002 elections, he won the Illinois governorship, again with a lot of backing from his father-in-law. Also, Patricia gave birth to their second child, Annie Blagojevich, sometime in 2003, so she would have the same Saturn-Uranus relationship as her father.

Saturn opposite Uranus, 2008

On November 4th, 2008, the very day of the election, Saturn opposed Uranus exactly in the sky. We certainly saw an upset of the established order in Washington that day, but the same aspect can mean a lot of different things for individual people. It certainly did for Blagojevich. As soon as he found out for sure that Barack Obama’s Senate seat was open he put a number of schemes into motion in order take advantage of all the people who would want the open seat.  By this point the Feds Rod Blagojevich (inner) with transits for arrest (outer)were already watching and listening.

On December 9th, 2008, 6:15 am, Blagojevich got an early birthday present delivered to his house in Chicago. He was arrested by the Feds on corruption charges for trying to sell off Barack Obama’s Senate seat. In red you can see his Sun was cornered by the Saturn-Uranus opposition, both square the Sun-Mars conjunction on the sky, right on his Sun. Not a happy day for Blagojevich. He paid his way out of jail and became a public dartboard, gold for comedians, and a headache for the Democratic Party.

He was unpopular anyway, already under the federal microscope for other issues, and a mountain of evidence had been built up by federal wiretaps, and so immediately the calls came for him to resign. With uncommon defiance (perhaps his Mars in Aries?), Blagojevich insisted that he did nothing wrong and is completely innocent.

Interestingly, his wife became implicated when court documents came out alleging that Patti supported his “pay-to-play” schemes. This is notable when we consider that he met Patti at the previous Saturn-Uranus and conjunction, and they had their children together under the Saturn-Uranus soft aspects. While we don’t even have a birth date for Patti, we know that she was born in 1963. She could not have been born under a Saturn-Uranus phase, but her Uranus was generally square Rod’s natal Saturn, and if she was born earlier in 1963, her Saturn would be opposite his natal Uranus.

Ignoring the calls to resign, he went ahead and appointed Roland Burris to fill the vacant Senate seat on December 30th, 2008. This caused a huge problem, as an appointment made by a governor so tainted by scandal on the precise issue of the Senate replacement could not be viewed as legitimate.  After a lot of legal entanglements and debates on signatures and proper certification, the Illinois Supreme Court decided that Burris did have the proper certification, and will be seated in the Senate this week.


This gets us to the more recent news. On the brink of Mercury’s retrograde station, the Illinois House voted nearly unanimously to impeach Rod Blagojevich on January 9th, 2009.  Soon the Senate will review the articles of impeachment against Blagojevich.  If a two-thirds majority of the Senate decide to convict him, then Blagojevich will be brought before a federal court and likely go to jail.  The Lieutenant Governor, Pat Quinn, would then become the new Governor.

When this would all happen is a little dicey astrologically, all we know is that a Mercury retrograde is the perfect setting for this kind of legal battle. Blagojevich’s Sun is still locked between the Saturn-Uranus opposition. One period of time to watch for will be when Mars forms a trine with Saturn in the sky around January 24th, a recurrence of his natal chart, especially considering that it was when Mars was square Saturn in the sky that he was initially arrested. The next phase of the cycle should produce the next development in the issue, just as it did with the Saturn-Uranus phases.

On January 26th, there will be a solar eclipse opposite Blagojevich’s natal Uranus, although the eclipse is conjunct transiting Jupiter. Could he possibly find some way out his predicament? On February 1st, Mercury will finally station direct, ending the retrograde period. I doubt that would be the end of the matter though. Pluto will be conjoining his  natal Mercury and squaring his Mars, indicating intense legal and power battles for quite some time to come.


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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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