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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Obama Retakes Oath of Office, Astrologers Freak Out

Posted by on Wednesday, January 21 200910 Comments

Obama retakes oathThe astrological community is abuzz tonight over news that Barack Obama officially retook his oath of office at the White House at exactly 7:35 PM, as reported by the Washington Times.

Speculations abounded today over whether or not Obama would in fact retake the oath due to a mistake that occurred yesterday during his inauguration when Chief Justice John Roberts misspoke while administering it, thus causing Obama not to recite it correctly.   Today the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story in which it interviewed some experts who argued that the retaking of the oath was probably necessary, quoting a constitutional law professor at George Washington University named Jonathan Turley who said

He should probably go ahead and take the oath again,” Turley said. “If he doesn’t, there are going to be people who for the next four years are going to argue that he didn’t meet the constitutional standard…

Astrologers around the world are freaking out about this development because it raises questions about whether or not this is the pivotal moment to use for casting a horoscopic chart in order to map the future of his presidency.

Technically, according to the constitution, Obama became the president at exactly noon yesterday, regardless of the oath, although there is also a significant degree of legal and symbolic importance attached to the actual swearing in of any new president.  This retaking of the oath of office may indeed set up an entirely new chart for the Obama presidency, overriding the previous oath of office chart that took place at exactly 12:06 PM yesterday.

It is significant that Obama himself apparently thought that matter important enough in order to require him to retake the oath, especially given that he was a professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years.

At this point just about every modern astrologer in the world is thinking that this is probably the most prominent, yet typical example of a Mercury retrograde fiasco to occur in the history of Mercury retrogrades.   Perhaps the Mercury retrograde to end all Mercury retrogrades?    Unfortunately, probably not.

Here is the new chart for Obama’s retaking of the presidential oath tonight, set for January 21, 2009 at 7:35 PM in Washington, DC:

Chart for Obama retaking the oath

As many astrologers are sure to note, this new chart is decidedly less decent than the inauguration chart from yesterday.   Virgo is rising, with a retrograde Mercury ruling the ascendant, being placed in Capricorn with Mars, still under the beams of the Sun.  A retrograde, contrary to the sect Saturn is in the 1st house, and the Moon is actually closely applying to form a T-square with the Venus-Uranus-Saturn opposition.

So, some astrologers may have gotten their wish and the Moon is no longer void in the inauguration chart, but was it really worth it, and is this chart any better?   For now, I’ll let you decide.   Let me know what you think in the comments section below.   Does this chart override the one from yesterday?   Is it better or worse?  Can you think of a better example of Mercury retrograde in history?


Thanks to Linea Van Horn and Doctor H for the tips on the breaking news.

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Written by

Chris is a practicing astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at

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  • FUMI says:

    To escape the Moon Void of Course in “Scorpio!”(it’s wosrt placement?, it was most definately worth it!

    Venus is now in the 7th House which it rules, the Moon is now in the 4th House which it rules and the Sun (in the 5th House which it rules), is even in a closer conjuction to Jupiter Planet of Great Fortune.

    I would say, that since this President is going to have to rectify many of the problems of the past administration, it is understandable that the ruler of the chart is retrograde in Capricorn, however this work in necessary and has to be done.

    I for one can now breath a sigh of relief, that the wind will now be at his back and the Stars on his side.

    How apt, that the void of course moon literally made the oath taken on Tuesday totally null and void!

  • Gwydion says:

    I honestly think that the charts depend on the strength of the attachment to the event: the people and Obama were focusing their intent on the midday inauguration, and the retaking of the oath was only a revision without nearly the same degree of focus. I suspect the midday chart will rule.

    This isn’t a very good chart for a public retaking of the oath, but the retaking was pretty private, and probably less intent. Here’s hoping that the ‘weaker’ chart (because that is a pretty appalling chart D:) is overruled by the stronger. I suspect it will be – the whole configuration looks like a snapshot in time, and with the huge focus on Mercury and Virgo, looks more like a chart detailing the minutiae of mundane work (6H) – in other words, the nit-picking over the mistake in the oath.

    On another note, are you guys considering doing any reporting on global politics, or just the US?

  • Chris Brennan says:

    I would tend to agree with you Gwydion. The moment of greatest symbolic and perhaps legal importance occurred at noon on the 20th. With Virgo rising and the retrograde Mercury ruling the ascendant, what this chart seems to emphasize more than anything is simply the fact that they decided to do it over again, simply in order to cover every base. That in it of itself seems to be fully representative of the Virgo/retro Mercury theme.

    To answer your other question, yes we do plan on reporting on global politics in addition to developments in the US. The two main writers here at this point are Americans though, and like a lot of other people in the US we have been pretty focused on some of the major historical developments that have been taking place here lately. We do plan to cover a lot more than just the US in the long run though, and we are also open to publishing submissions from other writers who may want to do a piece on something that is more relevant to their own area/interests.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • yuzuru says:

    Hi, Patrick
    I also wrote a piece on the inauguration

    I defend that the real time is at noon. The oath can be taken at any moment, before or later, and it obviously didn´t affect the result !

    I was almost bashed in another forum by modern astrologer for saying that, but look at the facts: Joe Biden took his oath at 11:58, when Bush was still president !

    Obama retook his oath more than a day later. Did the US got without president for 30 hours? Of course not

    Now modern astrologers are all “did you see how during the void of course moon nothing can happen”. of course things can happen ! Don´t this people know that people are born during void of course ? That the planes still fly ?

    (I will not even discuss the fact that the moon was within moiety of orbs to her aspect to mercury, sun and jupiter)

    It would be funny if it weren´t so tragic…

    And the fact is that I haven´t seen any non partisan good interpretation of this chart ! Which is what really matter !

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  • Gwydion says:

    If you’d like some contributions from an Australian, I’d be more than happy to submit articles. I’m just beginning to breach the gap between student and professional, so any practise is good practise.

  • Marilyn Muir says:

    I see that the comments were back in January, but I just found you. I have just published a book: Presidents of Hope and Change in which I also addressed the oath taking issue. I came down on the side of noon being the passage of power of the office, what is prevalent for the USA due to the Constitution. I believe the actual oath tends to be more personal in nature. Justice Roberts reversed the word order, President Obama tried to say it correctly. The oath the next day was more of a “let’s be safe rather than sorry” bandaid decided by the overload of attorneys present. If you look at the natal charts of both Obama and Biden you can see the ties to Jan 20. If you look at the USA chart and progressions you can see the ties to Jan 20th. I have been a metaphysical minister for many years and have performed many ceremonies and some had mishaps in the wording. Everyone stayed married. According to the law, the power passed at noon, with or without the oath. The oath is mandated also by the Constitution but the power of the presidency passes at noon when the former president no longer has the power. The original date was March 4th until the 2nd term of Franklin D. Roosevelt when it was changed to Jan 20th. The whole tone of the presidency changed at that moment from a @ 13˚ Pisces Sun to a 29 Cap/00 Aqu Sun. I am working on a second book on the 43 presidents with a strong emphasis on the 60+ inaugurations in the USA history.
    I want to link this response to my website along with the original discussion. I think it is/was a good discussion. Is there a way I can do this? I am a brand new blogger and web host and haven’t got a clue what’s allowed and how to go about it.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Yeah, it is possible. By all means, please do.

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  • […] time occurred just last year with the oath of office flub during Obama’s inauguration, which we covered over on the Political Astrology Blog.  Unfortunately I don’t think that that one really got much coverage in the mainstream media at […]