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Iran’s Saturn in Libra Destiny

Posted by on Thursday, September 24 200938 Comments

Iran's Saturn in Libra Destiny

Ahmadinejad speech 2009 (click to enlarge)Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 beginning at 7:24 p.m.

Ahmadinejad’s visit comes on the heels of his recent controversial remarks, stating he would “cut the hands off” of any invading nation, and once again denying the existence of the Jewish holocaust during World War II. His advocacy of Iranian nuclear rights, while popular back home, is also disapproved of by leading nations.

Considering his usual bluster, Ahmadinejad’s U.N. speech itself had a more gentle tone than the hype surrounding his arrival in New York, especially relative to the extremes displayed earlier that day by U.S. President Barack Obama’s conciliatory but strong-handed address that began at 10:21 that morning, and Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi’s ranting invective, which began at 11 a.m. sharp, lasting 96 minutes.

With the General Assembly gathered with the intention of addressing the global warming crisis, the day’s high-profile speeches served as an unfortunate distraction from important business, and the Iranian president’s lack of oratory fire and brimstone was perhaps most successful for being less obtrusive to the matter at hand.

Transiting Mercury retrograde and Saturn were conjunct Ahmadinejad’s natal Jupiter and Venus in Virgo, opposite transiting Uranus retrograde in Pisces, reflecting both the mood surrounding his presence in the United States, and the more even tone of his U.N. speech.

The transiting Sun had just ingressed to Libra, square transiting Pluto post-retrograde in Capricorn, an overall indicator of the day, world leaders congregating for the purpose of preventing disaster, caught in a storm of chest beating and national posturing.

Couric interview

His television interview with CBS’ Katie Couric, broadcast that same day, was also somewhat contrary to his scrapbook of recent vitriol, in that he deflected Couric’s question about his holocaust denial:

Couric: You have consistently denied the Holocaust happened. You have called it a lie. And I’m just curious, I have some photos – dead bodies from a German concentration camp taken by the associated press. Mr. President is this photo fabricated, is this photo a lie?

Ahmadinejad: There are many historical events, similar historical events. Why is this one in particular so important to you?

Couric: Because you’re denying it happened.

Ahmadinejad: But in World War II, 60 million people were killed. Why are we just focusing on this special group alone? We’re sorry for all the 60 million people that lost their lives, equally. All of them were human beings. And it doesn’t matter whether they were Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Muslims. They were killed. So, we’re sorry for everyone.

However, Ahmadinejad’s critics were hardly deterred by his decision to behave himself during his visit abroad, and delegations from several prominent nations walked out in protest immediately prior to Wednesday’s speech.

Anticipating Saturn’s Libra ingress

Iran 2009 election protestAhmadinejad’s political troubles exploded last summer, after being declared the winner of a competitive presidential election on the morning of June 13, 2009.

The announcement was contested by opponents who rioted in the streets in the weeks that followed, prompting a government backlash that has since resulted in untold numbers of arrests and executions.

With revolution in Iranian air again, many astrologers have already pointed to the obvious Saturn return in Virgo, where it was transiting thirty years ago during the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Last week’s article about Jimmy Carter’s presidency touched on this briefly, in mentioning the hostage crisis.

When transiting Saturn makes its Libra ingress at the end of October 2009, it will be making its 29-year average return to a zodiacal zone that has consistently marked points of turmoil and radical change in the country’s politics. Outlined below is a timeline of the seven previous transits of Saturn to Libra and how they correspond chronologically to some key events in Iranian history.

First Russo-Persian War Begins

January 15, 1804

russo_persian_ganja_1804 The first Russo-Persian War began when Russian forces, led by commander Pavel Tsitsianov, attacked the Persian fortress at Ganja, Azerbaijan on January 3, 1804, seizing its citadel twelve days later on the 15th.

The war finally ended with the Treaty of Gulistan, which was signed on October 24, 1813, in which Persia lost a significant portion of territory, marking the end of the reign of khans in the region, who now lived under Imperial Russian rule.

A second Russo-Persian war occurred during the 1820s, ending with the signing of the Treaty of Turkmenchay on February 22, 1828, which cost Persia all territory north of the Aras river (modern-day Armenia and Azerbaijan).

Transiting Saturn in Libra stationed retrograde on the day Ganja was captured, having only made its ingress to the sign in November 1803, the same month Tsitsianov’s troops began their journey to Ganja from the city of Tiflis (November 20th).

Abbas Mirza killed at Mashhad

October 25, 1833

abbas_mirza Abbas Mirza, the Persian crown prince of the Qajar throne, a national hero who had tried in vain to moderinize the Persian army in the last years of the first Russo-Persian War, died in battle at Mashhad, on October 25, 1833.

When his father, Fat’h Ali Shah, died almost exactly a year later, Abbas Mirza’s son, Mohammad Mirza, inherited the title and was coronated on December 16, 1834.

Mohammad Shah’s reign lasted fourteen years, before his death of gout at the age of 42. In that time, there were many uprisings and revolts throughout Persia, and the Shah himself, bent on avenging an earlier failure, led an ill-fated attempt to seize the city of Herat from British control.

Transiting Saturn had ingressed to Libra less than two months before Abbas Mirza’s death, the single event that made his son’s rule inevitable.

Baha’u’llah declares himself Messiah at Ridvan

April 21, 1863

bahaullah_from_miller Baha’u’llah, a member of the Babi faith sect, was arrested with other followers in a supposed plot to kill the Shah in 1852, two years following the execution of their leader and founder by firing squad.

After a brutal four months in prison, he was exiled from Iran and moved to Baghdad, where he regrouped the Babi community over the next decade.

On April 21, 1863, in a Baghdad garden he called “Ridvan” (paradise), Bah’u’llah declared himself to his followers to be “he whom God would make manifest”, founding a new religion that would become known as the Baha’i faith.

A religion in the broadest sense of the term, its central doctrine is the belief in the spiritual unity of humankind, that through time all religions have brought god’s messengers to humanity in different forms. Continuously persecuted in Iranian society since their inception, harassment of Baha’i followers escalated following the 1979 Revolution, and has been reportedly more severe since Ahmadinejad’s rise to power four years ago.

Transiting Saturn had ingressed ingressed to Libra six month earlier, and was now retrograde and headed to a Virgo regress, where it would station direct 40 days later.

Tehran Street Riots During Tobacco Fatwa

January 4, 1892


The first evidence of the growing power of Shia clerics as anti-colonial defenders of Iran, a religious fatwa was declared against the government selling national tobacco interests to a British company, turning into a full-scale riot on January 4, 1892.

The event was an important precursor to the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1905-1911, during which time the country became a Constitutional Monarchy, with an elected parliament serving under the Shah’s rule.

Transiting Saturn made its ingress to Libra just prior to the riots breaking out.

Reza Khan Forces Prime Minister’s Resignation

May 22, 1922

reza_khan_coup_1922Reza Khan (pictured far left), who rose from poverty to lead the Cossack Brigade, led a British-backed bloodless coup of 3,000 men against the Bolshevik-friendly constitutional government on the night of February 20-21, 1921, during which time Saturn was retrograde at 22 Virgo.

Khan proposed a pro-British journalist named Zia al-Din Tabatabai to take over as Prime Minister. However, on May 22, 1922, he forced Tabatabai out and replaced him with a rich plantation owner named Ahmed Qavam al-Saltane, who himself was forced out by Khan, who took over the job himself on October 26, 1923.

Now adopting the name Pahlavi, he was coronated the new Shah of Iran on April 25, 1926. A modernizer who took steps like making “Iran” the country’s official name (having usually been called “Persia” in the west) on March 21, 1935, and banning women from wearing veils on January 7, 1936.

However, he was forced to abdicate by British and Russian forces on September 16, 1941, after having sold oil to the Nazis. He was replaced by son, also named Reza Pahlavi.

During the time Khan replaced Prime Ministers and was consolidating the army that would help lead him to the crown, transiting Saturn had made its ingress to Libra seven months earlier, and was now retrograde and headed for its Virgo regress.

Prime Minister Haj Razmara Assassinated

March 7, 1951

haj_razmara_dead_1951 Tides turned again for Iran when, shortly after the Shah’s wedding to his second wife, Soraya Esfandiary, on February 12, 1951, Prime Minister Haj Razmara was shot dead by an assassin while attending Mosque on March 7th.

Razmara had been against the demands of factions to nationalize Iran’s oil industry, but with him out of the picture, opponent Mohammed Mossadeq of the National Front party was appointed the new Prime Minister on April 29.

Mossadeq would be forced out of office on August 19, 1953, in a CIA-backed coup, in order to retain control of the nation’s oil supply, a move that would remain a major sore point in Iranian-U.S. relations and helped inspire the 1979 revolution and hostage crisis.

On the day of Razmara’s killing, transiting Saturn had made its ingress to Libra three months earlier, and was now retrograde and headed for its Virgo regress.

Iraqi Forces Invade Iran/Persian Gulf War Begins

September 22, 1980


With the now deposed and exiled Shah of Iran dead from lymphatic and liver cancer on July 27, 1980, and the American hostages still being held in Tehran, Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein saw a chance to act against his Shia nemesis, Ayatollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of the 1979 revolution.

Although border skirmishes had erupted on September 4th, the Iran-Iraq war fully began with Iraq’s invasion on September 22nd, beginning a bloody conflic that would last eight years, with little political gain. On that first day, Iraqi bomber plains took out Iranian air force bases around the country. Soon, combat degraded into using WWI-style tactics like trench warfare and chemical weapons.

Transiting Saturn made its Libra ingress just as the invasion began, having just passed conjunction with the Sun in Virgo.


Saturn’s transit through Virgo into Libra has coincided with some curious turning points in Iranian political history, from at least the days of the Qajar dynasty, to the Pahlavi dynasty, to post-revolutionary cleric rule. From invasions to assassinations, the nation’s political pulse seems to be tied closely to its cycle.

Saturn makes its first ingress to Libra in October this year, stations retrograde on January 13, 2010, makes its regress to Virgo on April 7th, and then makes its second Libra ingress on July 21st, where it becomes locked into a conjunction with Venus and Mars during the month of August, along with an opposition with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

Granted, it doesn’t take an astrologer to know that the country’s present political mood is far from calm or confident. But given what is outlined here, it is fair to suggest Iran is likely to again be vulnerable to similar upsets and changes during the periods listed above.

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Written by

Nick Dagan Best (certified NCGR Level III, 1999) is an astrologer, researcher and writer from Montreal, Canada. Known as “The Human Ephemeris”, he is a regular contributor to the Political Astrology Blog.

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  • Iran’s Saturn in Libra Destiny « The Political Astrology Blog…

    An article outlining how Saturn’s ingress transit to Libra has reflected turmoil and change over the course of Iranian history….

  • Funkstar says:

    Het Nick, most interesting links to the history there. I’ve been using the 01 Feb 1979 chart for Iran. It has the AC 03ari37. The transits are full on around the time of the last Saturn Uranus opposition next year. Saturn on DC and Uranus on AC. Add to that Pluto transiting the MC, glad it ain’t my chart!

  • Thanks for the comment, Funkstar. I think this article demonstrates one of the shortcomings of trying to define a region astrologically solely on the basis of a single governmental inception chart.

    As stated in the conclusion, the events outlined here occurred over the course of three very different regimes and two entire centuries. Compared to looking at a region’s history over broad periods of time, using the February 1, 1979 chart for Iran seems too limited a notion of how Iran can be defined and explored with the use of astrology. In my view, it is merely the chart of the Revolution – an important event chart, of course, but only a supporter of Iran’s Shia clergy would agree that it defines the region as a whole.

    I’ve got more historical work to present on Iran and other nations that further demonstrates this view. Stay tuned.

  • Funkstar says:

    Yes Nick, we do use different methods but as so often in astrology we come to similar conclusions. The Revolution chart is an event chart but then so is any horoscope for a country. This particular Iranian horoscope very accurately describes Iran in it’s current form.

    The transits to the chart explain why this election has had such dramatic consequences, whereas others beforehand did not. This is the most explosive period domestically in the history of the current regime, and it is the transits to the chart which show exactly why with such precision.

    The election of June 12 was preceeded by a solar eclipse conjunct the charts Mercury (04′), and a lunar eclipse square Uranus (11′). On the day of the election, transiting Pluto was conjunct the MC (17′), and transiting Uranus squared the chart Venus (35′).

    The fixed stars in the chart, particularly on the angles, also very well describe the nature of modern day Iran.

  • The election itself is easier to tie to the revolution chart, because we are talking about the same regime, more or less. My point is that the revolution is an event in a broader timeline, and its usefulness in reaching an astrological understanding of the region is limited in what it reveals.

    My opinion is that astrologers try to squeeze more out of nation charts than they can provide, that they are a short cut that ultimately distract astrologers from doing deeper historical research.

    Like I said, I’ve got a fair amount of other work I’m going to present, on Iran, Russia, Canada, Cuba, among others, that demonstrates the problems of trying to tie any of those places down strictly on the basis of inception charts for their various regimes.

  • Funkstar says:

    Yes I understand where you’re coming from with the broader historical perspective, and I’m glad you’re researching this area. I find it very interesting and useful. I love going back in time myself.

    The strong point of using this current chart is in understanding current events. There is just so much to be gained from this revolution chart. You can tie all the current dramatic events, and the players involved back to the chart. it is an excellent and accurate working model to understand what is happening in Iran.

    I just posted a blog about one critical event in particular, the July 17 Friday Prayer speech by Akbar Rafsanjani: Venus and the Iranian Crisis. I could have gone on for ages about more recent events and how they tie into the chart, even the release yesterday of that info about the covert nuclear facility occured as Saturn exactly squared the chart’s Venus.

    Hopefully with a combination of our different methods we might get a better understand through astrology of the machinations taking place and what may unfold in the coming months.

  • Thanks for the link. I’ve got another Iran article that I’ll be posting soon.

  • A. Bardo says:

    Very interesting work, and an excellent demonstration of the limitations of “current regime” charts. Limitation, mind you, not invalidity.
    Solid reporting, but I’d enjoy a little more of your learned speculation on the upcoming cycle.

  • Bardo,

    The configurations that Saturn will be making with other planets during its ingresses to Libra are rare enough that I don’t have any precedent for them relative to Iranian history, not in the same signs. In my conclusion I refer to past invasions and assassinations, and it bears mentioning that during the last Saturn-Uranus opposition, in 1965, there were attempts made on the lives of both the Iranian Prime Minister and the Shah himself. I’ve got another article on Iran coming soon that will add more context to what I’ve laid out in this one.

  • Saturnian says:

    Wow, Nick! I got to tell you, this has so intrigued me. I’ve never really paid attention to political astrology untill today. Yep, pulled out the ephemerides and dug in. Perhaps this will be my new passion, thank you…

  • Glad to hear it, Saturnian!

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Nick, I appreciate what you are doing here but I am left wondering why is Iran so special in this regard. As part of the foundation of the Tropical Zodiac the 0 Libra point is an important GLOBAL Mundane point and I wager that with a 7 month orb window we could find patterns of important events happening around Saturn’s Libra ingress for other if not MANY other countries…

    In that regard your refusal to try to ground this within the structure of any national horoscope(s) by calling that approach “too limiting” has the appearance of finding patterns where one cannot help but do so -kind of like catching fish by casting a net into a channel at the right tide -not really hard to do once you learn how to throw the thing (this is also my critique of the Venus material -which casts quite a broad net as well)

    Here is my question: What is particularly Saturnian or Libran about Iran and/or how is this pattern of events surrounding Saturn’s ingress of Libra particularly relavent to that region -moreso than others?

  • Gary,

    Thanks for your comment, some good points made and I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to put some things in context.

    Here is how I arrive at writing an article like this: I read history books, web articles and old newspapers on a given topic, then I compile a file of event and natal charts related to that topic. My file on Iran charts is nearing 200, which is actually quite modest compared to the amount I get on other subjects. Every file is, of course, a work in progress, and always will be. Nevertheless, it covers many major events in the nation’s history in the past three hundred years, from political upheavals to big earthquakes (they get a lot of them) to important changes in policy to wars and specific battles. Admittedly, a proper chart file on the region would cover their 4000+ year historical record. I think that is the best critique one could make of the above work, that it only covers 200 years.

    My next step is important: I look for recurring patterns in the timeline, be they sign ingress transits, specific planetary retrograde phases, or specific planetary configurations. I don’t look for specific things, I let them reveal themselves to me. This is a process I’ve repeated over the course of developing this chart base, which is now nearing a total of 30,000 event charts. In other words, I let the astrology do all the real work. My job is to receive whatever facts I can collect and present them.

    This isn’t doing consultations, this is mundane astrology. The astrologer is the catcher, not the pitcher. It is not up to me to dictate my view of the way things are. My opinions are beside the point. The job I do is more like a BBC news anchor than it is a CNN or Fox news anchor, if you catch my drift. Not everything related to doing astrology requires leaping to make interpretations. In mundane astrology, especially, there are a lot of facts to sort through before it even becomes appropriate or worthwhile to say anything remotely interpretive.

    I consider mundane astrology to be essentially the same discipline as history. Someday it will seem absurd to study astrology without doing extensive historical research, and vice versa. But to make this point, I want to encourage mundane astrologers to behave more like historians, and less like mystics.

    I do agree, though, that this article only says so much, that it is essentially a string of somewhat random events tied together by a single and very basic astrological factor. Not super-meaningful, just interesting. It is only one piece of a puzzle, and I have yet to present everything I’ve got to say on the matter. I am encouraged and not bothered if readers remain skeptical of the basis of what I’m presenting. On the contrary, it is a little frustrating if people seem too easily convinced. Everything I’m doing is just one fraction or example of broader points that will coalesce over time.

  • Gary,

    You said: “Here is my question: What is particularly Saturnian or Libran about Iran and/or how is this pattern of events surrounding Saturn’s ingress of Libra particularly relavent to that region -moreso than others?”

    I didn’t really answer your question directly, so here goes.

    I’ve got research on other nations that breaks their history down in a similar fashion, in that the cycle of transiting Saturn making an ingress to a given sign repeatedly corresponds to periods of political turmoil in that given nation.

    I’m not going to name names, because these are subjects for future articles (or a book), but I will say this: transiting Saturn’s ingress to Libra is not universally significant for every region in the world, not relative to its ingress to other signs. Some countries have Saturn in Sagittarius as their “hot sign”, some have Gemini, and so forth.

    This is not something we can just boil down to the Libra ingress being on the world axis. Although that is possibly relevant in its own way, there is certainly a context in which we want to view this simply as one of the twelve tropical signs. Period.

    Ultimately, to really answer your question fully, I would have to lay out details of different nations and the Saturn ingress that seems to be strong for them, covering all 12 signs. I will either: a) post a new article every 2+ years, with every successive Saturn ingress, outlining how a different country’s history is tied to that given ingress cycle; or b) eventually publish a book with the finished work.

    Either way, this is going to take some time, even though I’ve already got a lot of work done, because I have a lot more history I want to research first. I don’t know if I would be able to publish this one before Saturn’s ingress to Scorpio in a few years, as I’ve got other projects I want to do first, so expect a blog from me around then, and I’ll keep posting such articles every 2+ years for the next 29 until I get the book out.

    In the meantime, I’ll have another Iran article up soon. Hope that one is more immediately satisfying for you 😉

  • Behzad says:

    Thanks for this very interesting article.

    I’m an Iranian and an amateur astrologer. Lately I’ve been very interested in studying mundane astrology. I usually see the revolution chart (Feb 1979) used on websites discussing mundane charts of current regime in Iran. There is also the Apr 1979 chart which is the date when the Islamic Republic was officially born.
    which one do you think best represents the current Iran?

  • Behzad,

    Thank you for your comment. A good deal of my answer to your question can be found in comments posted before yours.

    I think the February chart is the chart for the beginning of the revolution and the April chart is the one for referendum on creating an Islamic Republic – because that is what they are, no more or less.

    To summarize what I said earlier, I am not preoccupied with trying to define the region with a single chart, I am more interested in looking at broader timelines and cycles.

    I hope you enjoy my next article on Iran, which I will post in the next few days.

  • Behzad says:

    Thanks for your reply Nick
    I’ll be looking forward to your future works on Iran.

  • Saturnian says:

    OK, so what about that stellum in the 11th in Aquarius? (all rx) To me, this seems telling of Irans recent nucluer activity. I’m just a beginner, but I see a nation that is under the dillusion they have been unjustly injured, and feel the need for erratic, controversial action as a means to rectify that. And the mal-aspected mars in the forth, drowning in Cancer? Is this not indicitive of his less irratic demeanor here in the U.S? And disfavor in his homeland with a portion of the nation? Well, I don’t know much about anything, not even Saturn… But I would love to learn, and will keep reading this blog! I just discovered political astrology; fascinating! I’ll see if the Iranian stuff hits the fan around the new year. By next summer, we should know the score, right?

  • Saturnian,

    Correct. You may be new to political astrology, but the fact that you already understand my articles is a promising sign that you’ll do well 🙂

  • Saturnian says:

    Yeah, but no one planet defines a chart, and I beleive Saturn is one of the most misunderstood planets in astrology. Things will play out the way they will, and have for centuries, but has it always been just Saturns ingress into Libra? Damit! I have got to find my ephemeris for the last century!

  • Funkstar says:

    Hi again Nick, I was wondering if you have done any research into the history of the womens movement in Iran. It seems that women are playing a major role in the current crisis. An Iranian friend just posted this stirring comment on my blog:

    “thank you for this article. I do not understand to much about the astrology involved but as I mentioned to you. The protests in Iran this time round mark a very different era in Iran. Amongst Iranians, in Iran and abroad, this time is being referred to as The ‘women’s revolution’. The opposition under the guise of Mousavi is not so different from the present regime but the presence of his wife- Zahra Rahnavard in his campaign did a lot to capture the imagination of Iranian women. Mu Min Bey is correct. Iran has the highest percentage of university educated woman in the middle east. In fact all its under 30’s are the most educated. So this is very much a youth revolution. Watching the footage on utube facebook twitter of the courage of the young people who are being killed and arrested ( hangings are still rife with the youngest recently being 14!) one cannot be moved to tears of admiration of the bravery. The woman stand shoulder to shoulder with the men. Watching footage of woman fighting fully armed the Basiji army, jumping in to rescue their brothers, fathers, husbands is not what we are used to seeing when we watch typical hollywood fight scenes! Woman are fighting with no fear of losing their lives. There is a LOT of films/ poems painting etc being made about this. It is no wonder that Neda Soltani has become the image most used to represent this opposition.Yes there is something going on in Iran and i wish Funkstar I could understand Astrology enough to see where this is going!
    when i have time I will look for a proper link from utube for you as most of the ones I have are much too disturbing for general consumption. until then here is a sweet cheesy one:>Tribute to all Iranian Lioness.”

  • Funkstar,

    Great post, thank you. I actually do not have much event data on the women’s movement, apart from the one very interesting date I mention in the article, January 7 or 8, 1936, when the Shah banned women from wearing veils. My sources for that piece of information include ‘Veils and Words’ by Farzaneh Milani (gives the 7th) and ‘Women and the Family in Iran’ by Asghar Fathi (gives the 8th), which I believe are both readable online. I am aware of Zahra Rahnavard, of course, and her important part in this year’s election story.

    As I hinted earlier in my reply to A. Bardo, 2010’s Saturn configuration is unique in itself – We have not had Saturn opposite a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction for quite some time, let alone the square with Pluto and other fare that comes along in that period. I think it is fair to say we are going to see something radical and unprecedented.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Hey Nick, Yeah, I totally get it and I’m not saying it isn’t impressive that you consistently catch a bunch of fish when you cast your net -because it is…all I am saying is that, from a fellow fisherman’s pov anyway, it would be way MORE impressive if you could also somehow show correlative patterns emerging within the various horoscopic incarnations of a country/region -ie foundational events which ground this pattern into the fabric of time for a given period

    for instance, in the chart for the return of Ayatollah Khomeini on February 1, 1979, 9:30 am -03:30, Tehran -we see a Morning Star (warlike) Venus at 25 Sagittarius as the closest planet to the O cardinal axis. This does confirm that the 0 cardinal axis seems to appear in other ways -other manifestations in which the transiting Saturn ingress to Libra would obviously activate…Furthermore and however, while this chart seems appropriate for a religious figure entering the scene -it does NOT seem to anchor the current historical pattern in other ways, or else we would have already seen a major turning point -because pluto, uranus AND saturn have already aspected this degree (by conjunction and square)

    on the other hand, on 1 April 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed the birth of the Islamic Republic sometime after two in the afternoon and before three by many accounts.

    now in THIS chart we see TWO morning star planets near the cardinal axis -both a direct Mars and Mercury retrograde -the latter of which is in PHASIS (had just emerged into visibility within the previous week) Uranus, the planet of Revolution, is currently transiting in conjunction to both of these planets

    Furthermore, we have a MUCH more accurate predictive tool available to us now because we see Jupiter at 29 Cancer -which any good Mundane astrologer will instantly recognize as the degree of the most recent current Solar Eclipse and therefore it can be reasonably predicted that when Mars crosses this degree on October 14-16, 2009 that we will see a MAJOR event involving this “republic”

    So our predictive window just went from 14 months to 2-3 days.

    Considering that Israel has had an itchy trigger finger for a while now, they have already taken out Iraq’s nuclear facilities in the past, and they actually have Saturn-Pluto in their national Horoscope -methinks it is not too much of a stretch to imagine that they might be involved as well

    So, in conclusion and to complete the fishing analogy, it is all well and good to haul in boatloads of small/medium fish by logging immense historical patterns…kudos sir, but the complete fisherman can also put aside his net and cast a single line out to catch one big monster fish -the kind that do not swim with the school

    In other words, by combining these approaches (rather than practicing one to the exclusion of the other) we can become the total package as a mundane astrologer

  • Gary,

    Great post, thanks for that. October 14-16, 2009 is a reasonable thought, especially if you consider that is also the week Jupiter stations direct, since it stationed retrograde the week of the election in June. Saturn was actually at 27 Cancer when Ahmadinejad was first elected on June 25, 2005, close to Mercury and Venus, so you might have a point, certainly with respect to the elections and government.

    But let’s face it, even if it is really big news that day, things are shaping up on the international front that will last well into next year. I posted this article on Thursday night, and the news about the hidden weapons came out Friday morning. The story of Iran is bigger than the story of its regime and current leader, which is my point about using the regime chart to define the nation. With an article like this, I am not so much trying to predict specific events as I am providing historical context for what is happening now, a means to understand the scale of where things are going.

    You use a fishing analogy, I think of it more as an archeological dig, where different fragments are carefully dug up, assorted and organized. Eventually, a clear and relatively complete view comes into place, but only after everything has been found, assembled and studied. I can present an article like this, because I know how it fits with other topics and material I will be writing about for a long time to come, other astrological histories that have been worked out in a similar way. I just need to live long enough to get everything done.

  • Funkstar says:

    Hi Gary, I do believe you cast a very large net by using transits to cardinal points to predict major upheavels in a nation, simply based on that nations chart having planet within 5 degress of a cardinal point. I would guess more nations than not would be covered by this system.

    What does anchor the 01 Feb chart to the current historical pattern is that Pluto hit the MC just before the election (a major turning point), and will do so again in December. Saturn will start squaring the MC in November and Uranus will do so next year. Using the MC or AC is a much more accurate predictive tool than using 0 degrees something.

    the eclipse on Jupiter in the 01 April chart is an excellent catch, especially with Uranus on Mercury and Mars. Are you using three hooks on your line?

  • Axel says:

    Wow! How long has this been going on? I’ve just looked up my files for the death of Emperor Julian shortly after he invaded Persia, 26 June 363 (Julian), morning, in Phrygia (approx. 34n07 43e47). Saturn 8°00′ Libra.

  • Axel,

    Thanks for that. How long indeed. I would like to see the 2500+ years of Persian/Iranian history broken down completely by Saturn to Libra ingresses. It will take a while.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Funkstar, it was not me who introduced the 0 degrees cardinal idea as a net of sorts -that is a general mundane principle -AND I was simply trying to find a way to piggyback onto what Nick has already presented here…

    the reason I did not use the angles of a chart as you mentioned is that I am not quite sure the exact historical moment of Khomeini’s return or proclamation, and even if I was (as is the case for Israel) -there remains the question: do you use the chart for the moment the gavel is struck or when the proclamation is complete?

    So to answer your question, I am generally fishing in waters where Nick’s net (and mundane astrology principles) seems to show something ought to be and I am using two hooks -transits and eclipses to the 01 April chart.

    Obviously it remains to be seen if I can get a big one to bite (via an accurate prediction), but it does seem that transits work particularly well with the 01 April chart because recently when Juno made her transit conjunction to Uranus June 19, 2009 (at the mid-point of 01 April natal Mars-Mercury) only a day later on June 20 we saw the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, an Iranian student shot during a protest. The video captured of this event soon went viral and helped to turn Neda into an International symbol of the civil unrest following the presidential election. This fits precisely with the function of the asteroids who, because they dwell between the personal and social planets, tend to make more personal the bigger social and collective forces.

    It remains to be seen if eclipses have the same effect on this chart but we dont have long to wait. If nothing major happens until December then I may be inclined to examine the February chart more closely

  • ….or you might reconsider this whole nation chart idea entirely 😉

  • Axel says:

    It seems plausible that constitution and régime maps will speak about things that flow from the constitution or régime in question, so the latest Iranian régime chart is valid for things happening in Iran now, especially political/legal/bureaucratic things. Maybe one could add religious in the case of Iran. But for the “heart and mind” of a country, whatever one considers that to be, one must have to go back to the foundation of the community which is necessarily anterior (what is it that adopted the constitution or had the régime imposed on it?) In many cases the data may be lost in the fog of time.

    Sorry if any of you has read this before – it’s a horse I have often whipped.

  • Axel says:

    You can add most invasions from other states: the never depend on a country’s constitution and not always on the régime.

  • Thanks Axel, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Funkstar says:

    Hello again Gary, I suppose the criticism I have of using the 0 degree cardinal idea is similar to the criticism you have of Nick’s approach. The difficulty is in trying to link it back to Iran in particular, as opposed to the rest of the world.

    As for “the moment the gavel is struck or when the proclamation is complete”, I see potential in both charts, and in Nick’s approach. Iran is a religious state which the 01 Feb chart shows really well. I haven’t spent too much time analyzing the 01 Apr chart but I am impressed with the transits. As Nick and Axel point out this in an ancient culture and we do have to see the current regime as a transitory thing. It is unstable wether using transiting Pluto on the MC in the 01 Feb chart, or transiting Uranus on Mars in the 01 April chart.

    Now about Neda’s death, I’m all for using asteroids and midpoints too, but in the transits to the 01 Feb chart:

    Pluto 02cap03 conjunct MC 02cap06,
    Uranus 26pis35 square Venus 25sag28
    Moon 29tau08 conjunct Fortunae 28tau51
    AC 26sag24 conjunct Venus 25sag28
    “women’s revolution”.

    One thing that did stand out in the 01 Apr chart was the Vertex at 00cap53.

  • Saturnian says:

    Well, this thread has been interesting. I definantly learned something. (Not quite sure what that is yet.) I think I understand the concept of a wide net, and many hooks though! It seems to me that when you start throwing in the asteroids, midpoints, fixed stars, ect… you have many hooks… I’m new to mundane astrology, but I do know how to fish. When I go fishing with my boy, we find a branch of an appropriate size, we attatch some line of an appropriate length, we tie on a hook, then add the appropriate bait and toss it in… I was confused at first that your focus was only Saturns ingress into Libra. I now see it’s the same kind of fishing I do. No net, one hook… Catch something! Sorry I can’t keep up with all the more learned people here! I’m pretty simplistic.

  • Saturnian,

    Ironically, you’re ahead of Gary and Funk on understanding what I’m doing here, perhaps because they are seasoned astrologers and are unaccustomed to doing simple exercises like observing cycles in history. It is a common pitfall for astrologers making the transition from reading nativities to looking at the daily world. The struggle becomes more about finding a single chart to interpret, and less about stepping back and looking at the story as more of a whole.

    A lot of astrologers, schooled mostly in natal chart interpretation, tend to apply a lot of astrological detail to examine a single subject. My starting point is to look at a lot of historical detail with a single astrological factor, and work my out from there. I do have midpoints and asteroids in my arsenal, but they do not come into play when looking at matters this broadly. To me, doing so is like putting a microscope in front of a telescope lens.

    Photography is actually a handy model to use in understanding this distinction. This article could be said to be taken with a wide angle lens, capturing the magnitude of an entire landscape, while the common standard is to use only a microscope.

  • Saturnian says:

    Perhaps not so ironic. I said I was new at political astrology, not astrology. I may not be seasoned, but have always had my own way of going about it. If you ever saw my chart, you’d know why I get your concept. Too much is sometimes just too much.

  • Saturnian,

    Fair enough. Serves me right for jumping to conclusions.

  • bahzad says: