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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Going Rogue: Sarah Palin’s Jupiter Transit

Posted by on Monday, November 16 20092 Comments

Going Rogue: Sarah Palin's Jupiter TransitTomorrow 1.5 million copies of Sarah Palin’s memoir “Going Rogue: An American Life” will be released in book stores around the nation.

Palin will subsequently embark on a book tour in various “battleground” and Republican-leaning states for the next two months. The book is bringing her a lot of attention and is fueling speculation of a potential run for President in 2012.

Coincidentally Jupiter is currently transiting her Sun.  What planet is related to publishing, traveling, wealth and opportunity?  Jupiter.

The Transits of ‘Going Rogue’

Palin signed the book deal with Harper Collins on May 12th 2009. She had several interesting transits going on, especially considering with what she was about to do next. Not only was transiting Jupiter conjunct her Mars, but transiting Mars was also conjunct her Jupiter. This was the first major step she took that signaled she was going to aggressively (Mars) expand her horizons, take advantage of opportunities (Jupiter). Or that she was “goin’ rogue”. The transiting Sun at that time was also square her natal Sun-Mars-Saturn configuration.

On July 3rd 2009, she announced her resignation from the office of Governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin (inner wheel), release of "Going Rogue" (outer wheel)Just as the Sun had been between 22-24 degrees of Taurus the day she signed the book deal, now Mars was there, squaring her Sun-Mars-Saturn configuration. Whereas the Sun seemed to implant the idea of perhaps removing herself from office, when Mars came around to that same spot, she actually did.

That brings us to tomorrow, the official publication date for her new memoir. The Sun is nearly exactly opposite the degree she signed the book deal.  So it appears that what was started when the Sun was in late Taurus came into fruition when the Sun arrived in late Scorpio.

The subtitle of Palin’s memoir is a clear attempt to channel Ronald Reagan, since his memoir was entitled “An American Life”. Humorously enough, Reagan’s memoir came out just over 19 years ago, nearly to the day, which correlates with the metonic cycle of the Sun.

Sarah Palin’s Birth Time: A Maverick Offer

We still do not have a verified birth time for Sarah Palin, as you might have read in one of our recent articles about all the trouble we had in attempting to obtain accurate birth data for presidential candidates in the 2008 election.

However, you can help! Here’s how:

  • Palin is traveling around the country in the next two months signing books.   Here is a list of all the dates and places she will be visiting. Do you live close to any of the places she’ll be visiting?
  • If so, try to get to one of her book signing events.  Go early, as you may have to wait a long time in line, but buy a book and try to get it signed by Palin.
  • While she is signing it, politely ask her “What time of the day were you born” or “what is your birth time?” She’ll likely be overwhelmed by the number of books she has to sign, but the question is so odd she may be struck by it.  Besides, she has probably fielded weirder requests, and the question is sort of innocuous, so she may be inclined to answer.

At the very least, we’ll know if she knows her own birth time or not. What is important though is that her response to the question can be recorded. If you successfully attend one of her events, get in line, buy a book, get her to sign it and ask her the question and record her response with audio or video, whether she knows her birth time or not, I will pay you the price of the book, along with a shout-out here on the PAB!  Good luck!

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