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Obama’s Afghanistan War Plans: Mars Retrograde in Leo

Posted by on Monday, December 7 200925 Comments

Obama's Afghanistan War Plans: Mars Retrograde in Leo

Last week on Tuesday, December 1st at 8 pm at West Point Military Academy in New York, President Barack Obama revealed his plans to send 30,000 additional troops into Afghanistan, and to withdraw American troops beginning in July 2011. This announcement comes as Mars (the bringer of war), is becoming brighter in the night sky as it slows down toward its retrograde station in Leo, right on Obama’s natal Descendant. Mars goes retrograde on December 20 and will remain so until it stations direct around March 10, 2010.

Many people in the media and in the general population have compared the continuation of war efforts in Afghanistan to previous military blunders by the US in Vietnam and the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. As astrology would have it, these comparisons are not far off.

The Mars Retrograde Cycle

Barack Obama Announces Troop Increase at West Point

Mars operates on a 15-year cycle, based on its position relative to the Sun, also called its synodic cycle. It goes retrograde about every 26 months, in roughly the same area of the zodiac every fifteen years.

So the imminent Mars retrograde period is related to the Mars retrogrades of 1995, 1980, 1965, 1950, and so on.

Lets see what happened during those retrogrades, and if there are any lessons we can take from history about what is happening today.


Korean War

Mars Retrograde, February 12th-May 3rd 1950, 11 Libra-22 Virgo

The Korean War marked the first proxy war of the Cold War, where Soviet Russia and the United States faced off against each other indirectly by supporting and fighting in wars in different countries either trying to spread or contain communism. At the end of World War II, boundaries of territories occupied by the Allies were redrawn all over the world. Soviet Russia took North Korea above the 38th parallel, the US took the South. When the Soviets left North Korea, they left a well-equipped communist regime in place. Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship-Alliance SignedWhen the US left South Korea, they were virtually powerless.

The Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance was signed on February 14, 1950, two days after transiting Mars stationed retrograde in Libra, emboldening North Korea’s plans for an invasion of the South, which it began to prepare for that spring, as Mars was becoming brighter in the night sky.

War did not break out until June 25th 1950, when North Korea finally invaded South Korea. UN and US forces intervened on South Korea’s behalf. This occurred at the Sun’s square with Mars directly following the retrograde period. After 3 years the war came to a stalemate, with the North and South separated at the 38th parallel.

A ceasefire was signed on July 27th 1953. There was no clear victory for either side, but one could argue at least that communism was successfully contained in this case. However, after 3 years and thousands of lives, the question of if these kinds of wars were worth fighting would reappear in subsequent periods.

Vietnam War

Mars Retrograde, January 28th-April 19th 1965, 28 Virgo-8 Virgo

Single Wheel: U.S. Fighter Squadron Mobilized for Vietnam CombatOn August 2nd 1964, Vietnamese ships allegedly torpedoed a US ship on an intelligence mission in the Gulf of Tonkin, known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. In response, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on August 7th 1964, which authorized the President to use military force in Southeast Asia without a formal declaration of war.

President Lyndon Johnson was in the middle of the 1964 elections, but once he was elected and inaugurated on January 20th 1965, he officially escalated combat operations in Vietnam on the morning of January 31st 1965, just three days after transiting Mars stationed retrograde in Virgo.

As everyone knows, this conflict turned out to reveal the limits of American power to contain communism. Extreme tactical advantages could not overcome fundamental strategic weaknesses. Nearly 8 years to the day that Johnson escalated the Vietnam War, the Paris Peace Accords were signed on January 27th 1973, ending it. 8 years is the synodic return of Venus, (the bringer of peace).

Soviet War in Afghanistan

Mars Retrograde, January 16th-April 6th 1980, 15 Virgo-25 Leo

The young Soviet-backed Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was having troubles with the Islamic Mujahideen Resistance movement. So they asked Russia for help. Some Soviet leaders worried that it would become the Soviet Union’s “Vietnam”.

Soviet Russia invaded Afghanistan on December 27th 1978 as Mars was slowing down and brightening in the night sky. In the early months of 1980, something unexpected (or Soviet Afghanistan Offensive Beginsexpected, depending on your point of view) happened. The Soviets banked on their presence pacifying the country. Instead, it stirred up nationalist sentiment against the Russians.

Russia controlled main cities and strategic locations, but the Mujahideen split up into small groups and waged a guerilla war. Despite the Soviets having the superior military and weapons, they soon found themselves significantly challenged by fighting random urban uprisings, tribal armies and sometimes against rogue sections of the Afghan army.

The Mujahideen were funded and supported by the US government and other western countries.  (Ironic, because the Mujahideen would eventually give rise to Osama bin Laden and the Taliban). It was another proxy war between the US and Russia, except this time, the shoe was on the other foot. Just as Vietnam had shown the limits of American power to contain communism, Afghanistan had shown the limits of Soviet power to spread communism.

Russian War in Chechnya

Mars Retrograde, January 2nd-March 24th 1995, 2 Virgo-13 Leo

Soviet Forces Invasion Begins 1st Chechen WarAfter the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Boris Yeltsin was elected Russia’s first President on a wave of high expectations in Russia and across the world as a populist liberal democratic reformer. However, an outstanding issue of Chechnya’s sovereignty dragged Yeltsin into an unpopular war which his popularity never survived.

On December 11th 1994, Russian federal forces invaded the former Soviet province of Chechnya, just as transiting Mars was slowing down toward its retrograde station, glowing brighter in the night sky.

The federal forces went in with a far superior military, but in just a couple of months were quickly overwhelmed by the guerilla tactics of Chechen militants while Mars was retrograde. Yeltsin privately admitted that he was afraid going into Chechnya would become a “second Afghanistan”.

US Escalation of War in Afghanistan

Mars Retrograde, December 20th 2009-March 10th 2010, 19 Leo-0 Leo

Time Magazine cover of Obama's Afghanistan announcementWe know the story. 9/11 happened. On October 7th 2001 the US invaded Afghanistan (Sun square Mars following a retrograde period).  Nearly a Mars return later, George W. Bush called  for an invasion of Iraq (which has its own astrological story we’ll get to in a future article) and got distracted by that for 6 years, leaving a mess for the next guy.

Barack Obama came into office with a wave of international support for change. Over Venus’s synodic return of the initial invasion of Afghanistan, he weighed and balanced all the options, agonizing over the worth of the war. The turning point in his deliberations occurred after visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day, November 11th 2009. Mars was just two days away from his Sun in Leo. He knew what he had to do.

Finally, President Obama boldly called for 30,000 additional troops in Afghanistan and a withdrawal date of July 2011, indicating a dip in-dip out strategy. These troops are to be deployed in early 2010, during which time, Mars will be retrograde in the same part of its cycle as previous difficult wars were waged under. Instead of communism, the threat is terrorism. The policy still appears to be containment.

Now what is interesting here is that the media is comparing the military episodes listed above to Obama’s plans for Afghanistan. Oftentimes the best astrological insights can come from people who know nothing about the subject. People naturally connect the dots between certain periods of time, without knowing that they are simply pointing out the iterations of a planetary periodicity. People talk astrology all the time without knowing it.

Unfortunately in this case, this part of the Mars cycle seems to carry a cautionary message to superpowers fighting against ragtag insurgencies: David can beat Goliath. Let’s hope it all goes well.

.Thanks to Nick Dagan Best and Chris Brennan for research and graphics assistance.


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Written by

Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Funkstar says:

    Nice work Patrick! Synodic cycles really seem to be important in astrology, looks like I have more homework to do. Mars is living up to its reputation as the planet of war.

    The last solar eclipse (29can27) was just before the Mars retro zone (00leo18). When Obama signed the $7.5 billion Pakistan Aid Bill back on 15 October, Mars was at 29can27, exactly on that solar eclipse position. Two day later the Pakistani’s launched the major offensive against the Taliban on the border with Afghanistan. That eclipse degree is also very tightly trine Obama’s MC. In combination with the latest addition of troops, that Aid Bill seems like a good strategy.

    Might be worth seeing what happened on 28 October. Mars and Saturn will be in the same positions again around 10 April next year.

  • Obama’s Afghanistan War Plans: Mars Retrograde in Leo « The Political Astrology Blog…

    An overview of how transiting Mars’ upcoming retrograde occurs in a recurring cycle that in the past has coincided with ill-fated combat operations initiated by powerful countries against smaller nations….

  • Patrick Watson says:

    For a really classic example of what I’m talking about when I say people are naturally connecting the dots, here’s an interesting column by Princeton professor Julian Zelizer:

  • Sarah Svati says:

    Impressive! Thank you for the information and research, its very interesting. Mars in Leo is a powerhouse since it is in it’s own element of Fire, so we will obviously seek and conquer, with the retrograde it will take longer than we want…because of possible setbacks and delays. Did you find any setbacks or delays in your research? I know you said that sometimes the final event was after the retro cycle when it came to a square of the Sun, I wonder if this happens every time.. Sucks though, I wish the Venus Cycle ends soon, we need peace. Mars, even a good Mars is still a malefic.

    Thanks again Patrick!
    Sarah Svati

  • Patrick Watson says:


    Glad you enjoyed the article! Predicting when wars end is a tricky business. It may depend on the inception of the war and the transits of the generals or leaders. There are setbacks and delays in every war. I’m not sure if the Sun-square-Mars-after-the-retro is any kind of hard and fast rule. What can be taken away from this is that the general highlights or timeline of a war can be strikingly coincident with the phases of Mars or other planetary cycle. Along with that, we can see undeniably comparable kinds of events between related retrograde periods of Mars, 15 years apart.

    As far as my interpretation of Mars retrograde goes, when Mars is direct, it does its thing normally, and so it is coincident with incidents of aggression and splitting things apart. When Mars is retrograde, Mars becomes a lot brighter and more conspicuous in the sky. It appears to be coincident with heightened and notable acts of aggression, and that the outcome of these conflicts is not what we would expect. In the examples in my post, we saw invasions begin under Mars retrograde where extremely powerful militaries eventually succumbed to ragtag insurgencies. Normally we would expect the better military to win. That, I think captures the essence of retrograde Mars.


  • Sarah Svati says:

    I am really impressed. I am happy that you guys are putting articles together for people to read, especially the ones new to Astro-Lingo. 🙂 There is definitely a demand for them lately with the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction. I have been really busy. So even the inception of your article is “spiritually dreamy, taking those to places they never knew, they never knew”. 😉

    ah yes, and Chilling!

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Don’t forget, USA (July 4) SP Mars is now retro

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Okay. But what of other wars? SP Mars wasn’t retro at the initial invasion of Iraq, or in Afghanistan, or World War 2, or World War 1, or the Civil War, etc. And the SP Mars went retrograde several years ago, fairly far off from the escalation of this war, as well as the Iraq troop surge of 2007. So what’s its sudden relevance to whats happening today?

  • […] had a similar transit occur recently. Aside from Mars slowing down towards his Descendant, transiting Uranus stationed direct in opposition to his natal Mars on the very day of his troop […]

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Well, since you are using events outside of Mars Rx proper, it does seem relevant because SP Mars entered the shadow of the retrograde some time back, no?

  • Patrick Watson says:

    My mention of events outside the retrograde period proper were mainly for background to bring someone quickly up to speed so that what actually does happen in the retrograde period can be understood in its proper context. My “orb” if you could call it that, amounts to just a few weeks in real time. The Sibley Declaration SP Mars went into its “shadow” in 1940. Are you really using a decades-long “orb”? Besides, I have similar qualms with “national charts” as Nick does, and in light of that, the use of secondary progressions becomes an even more speculative exercise that I am uncomfortable with.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Well it is not my intention to make you uncomfortable Watson, but I think you and Nick might be in the minority wrt national charts. Most mundane astrologers I know use them in one form or another. It’s not like I was going off topic. I am discussing Mars Rx.

    As far as orbs, the shadow is a clearly defined phenomenon. Mars being somewhere in the shadow of retrograde in a region spanning 1/4 of the Zodiac seems like pretty loose orbs also.

    I think it is important to note that the stated intention or purpose of this war is different from any of those mentioned above. The supposed purpose of this war is to keep American soil from being attacked by terrorists.

    It is interesting to me then that, as you note above, the possibility of Americans being attacked en masse entered consciousness at Pearl harbor -shortly after secondary progressed Mars went into the shadow of retrograde in the Sibley Declaration chart. And this fear has come to a head again around the SP Rx station. Therefore, the events of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor are much more directly related than any of the above, IMO.

    Aside from that, -the Retrograde nature of this surge was communicated clearly up front in that the timeline for troop withdrawal was given at the same time as the announcement of the surge. In this sense, perhaps Obama’s plans actually harmonize with both the transit and SP Mars Retrograde phenomenon.

    The most conclusive difference between this escalation and any of the above events is that WE have an exit strategy this time. Having an exit strategy seems like the smartest way to go when you inherit a war. It’s not like he could really just pack up and leave. But he can plan for leaving. And he has.

    Obama made the announcement on the day of a Full Moon conjunct the Royal star Aldebaran. That star is generally associated with military fortune.

    Finally, that Sun-Moon opposition of Dec 2 fell across the Sibley Declaration chart’s Ascendant/Descendant axis -the same axis which was activated by the Saturn-Pluto oppositions on 9-11, so it seems that chart is connected to this event via some very tight transit orbs as well as some more broad secondary progressed orbs.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    I think anyone should be uncomfortable with applying a highly symbolic method (secondary progressions) to a contested inception (the “true” beginning of the United States). Unfortunately that probably does put me in a minority in the astrological community.

    Mars “shadows” do not span a quarter of the zodiac.

    As for the rest of your observations, I think Obama’s escalation has several precedents in history (some of which I mentioned in the article above) and isn’t distinctive for the reasons you suggest. The odd war out in my opinion, is the “pre-emptive” yet unjustified invasion of Iraq.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Of course Mars shadows do not span 1/4 of the Zodiac. But the Mars Rx and/or Shadow period events you reference above do (leo, virgo and libra).

    The supposed “contested” nature of July 4, 1776 as the birth of the USA is an aberration of some astrologers wishful thinking, IMO. Ask 1,000 people on the street and you will get better than 900 tell you that the USA was founded on that date. I would bet good $ on that.

    Beyond that, the Sibley chart simply works. The proof is in the pudding. We had a major transit opposition across the horizon axis of that chart at 9-11 and again on the date our president escalates the original war which was meant to deal with 9-11. As for the progressions, a few years is the equivalent of a few days -so the orbs are way tighter than the few weeks you say you are using.

    I still don’t see how any other war compares to this one (afghanistan). 1) It is a direct and justified response to an attack on our soil and 2)a timeline for withdrawal was given at the same time as the surge announcement. I don’t see how any other war meets those two conditions.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Mars goes retrograde about 6 degrees preceding the degree of the direct station of the Mars retrograde 15 years before. Unlike Venus, the synodic return of Mars is not a perfect zodiacal return. This is not “loose orbs”, it is astronomy.

    I would be using pretty damn loose orbs if I said SP Mars stationing retrograde in mid-2006 was only relevant for an actual Mars retrograde beginning in late 2009, while completely over-looking one that began in late 2007. Oh wait.

    I don’t doubt that many people would point to July 4th 1776 as the birth of this country. It does not mean that it is the definitive beginning, and there are interesting arguments for other dates. And if it is July 4th 1776, there are several times to pick from within that day, each with their own arguments.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    my original implication was simply that the USA SP Mars being RX would seem to exacerbate ANY transit Mars Rx, but then you got all fussy on me

    as for your “orbs” or what you are calling a synodic cycle, I call it loose astronomy then. you don’t just go back by 15’s

    in just under 15 years, Mars completes 7 synodic cycles and just under 8 sidereal cycles, yes.

    However, we can expect to get a more accurate 32-year cycle, a still more accurate 47-year cycle, and an even more accurate 79-year cycle.

    To wit: Mars will station Rx at 19 Leo on Saturday, Dec 20 2009

    he stationed Rx at 11 Leo Dec 12, 1978
    he stationed Rx at 24 Leo Dec 25, 1962
    he stationed Rx at 16 Leo Dec 17, 1930

    Mars completes approximately 42 sidereal cycles and 37 synodic cycles in approximately 79 years.

    as for the rest, all i said about Sibley SP Mars was:

    within a few years (=days in transit) of entering the shadow and of stationing Rx we saw the only two major attacks on American soil.

    those are the facts.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    You are just cherry-picking which Mars retrogrades are relevant to the SP Mars retrograde, and using “orbs” which actually amount to years of real time. This kind of stuff plays right into the hands of skeptics. It’s just not precise enough to be acceptable, sorry if that makes me fussy.

    What I was able to demonstrate in this article is that particular Mars retrograde periods are undeniably thematically related across the 15-year cycle in such a way that doesn’t suggest I’m seeing a pattern where none exists, since even people unaware of astrology already draw the comparisons between these events. And then there’s the fact that this is what Mars is purported to be about: war, aggression. That is something that could possibly give skeptics more to chew on, rather than the leaps and bounds they would have to make to accept what you’re saying.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    I am not cherry picking anything. I am stating facts.

    Fact #1)Sibley SP Mars entered the shadow of retrograde (passed the point of his eventual station direct) at 00′ 01″ Libra
    Fact #2)On Dec 7, 1941 Sibley SP Mars was located at 00′ 34″
    Fact #3)The difference between these two amounts is slightly larger than one day’s avg motion for Mars -which is 00′ 31″ or 0.524°/day.

    Fact #4)Sibley SP Mars stationed RX at 18′ 42″ Libra
    Fact #5)On Sep 11, 2001 Sibley SP Mars was located at 18′ 34″ Libra
    Fact #6)this is much less than the amount of one day’s avg motion for Mars

    So, within a very small orb of zodiacal longitude we see that Sibley SP Mars’ entry into the shadow period and station Rx coincide with the two major attacks on American soil. This is a factual statement which ties together the above 6 facts.

    Make of it what you will, but it is factual.

    As for playing into sceptics hands, I am sure what a sceptic would say to your post is the following: OK, so every 15 years for a period spanning 45 yrs there is a war. so what? does this happen every 15 yrs without fail? even if it does it doesnt prove anything because there is a war somewhere almost all the time.

    As an astrologer, when I see your examples spanning 1/4 of the zodiacal signs I have to agree. If you keep hopping back by 15 years for 3 more 45 yr periods you will have spanned the entire Zodiac in 180 yrs. IF your War correlation holds up that long what you will have then is a collection of Mars events which happened somewhere near a Mars retrograde.

    Mars’ synodic cycle lasts 779.96 days. Mars will be retrograde for 60-80 days during this cycle. Add in your additional orb of 42 days (a few weeks) on either side of the retrograde for the events above and you have a period of approx 110 days out of 780 in which you are “predicting” a Mars type event. That’s basically 1/8 or 14%. So essentially if I randomly pick an event out of a hat I have approx a 1/8 chance of it falling in one of the periods you describe above. For 5 random events to fall in said period my chances are much smaller but not what I think a scientist would call “statistically significant.”

    Your astronomy here is very crude. What you are calling a “synodic cycle” here is simply the roughest way of approximating the coincidence of Mars’ synodic period of 2.135 years and sidereal period of 1.881 years with a solar year of 365.24 days.

    There is much more accurate astronomy which has been known since the time of the Babylonians and was used by Ptolemy in the Almagest to initially develop his models.

    In the most accurate cycle Mars makes 42 sidereal cycles and 37 synodic cycles in 79 years. there are also slightly less accurate 32-year cycle and 47-year cycle

    As I demonstrated above these more accurate cycles will actually produce a Mars event in the same zodiacal sign. If I saw a correlation with a series of Mars events which also fit with the characteristics of that Sign then I would be very impressed.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    We’re talking past each other here. You can focus on the closeness of secondary progressed orbs all you like but you must concede that this still leaves considerable gaps (years) in real time between something that happened in the secondary progressed chart and the event you purport it to be pertaining to. Not to mention that this is a symbolic technique and fairly removed from the reality of real time transits to begin with. So there is a problem with that.

    I’m sorry but I don’t have control over where Mars decides to go retrograde. Mars only goes retrograde in 7 unique areas of the zodiac before the periods start overlapping, which is what the 15-year cycle is about. So this Mars retrograde that is about to happen is in the same part of Mars’ cycle as 1995, 1980, 1965 and so on. The Mars retrogrades are related zodiacally only roughly, but that is not what is important, what is important is that it is related to one of Mars’ 7 retrogrades. And as it turns out, there are obvious connections between these periods of time that everyone is very quick about being able to point out. It’s not about signs. Although the other recurrence periods of Mars are certainly worth investigating.

  • Gary P Caton says:

    I concede that you have problems with progressions and that you are certainly not alone in that. I do not share your reservations there. I did not mean to open a can of worms or beat you over the head with it, but once we got started I wanted to be clear exactly what it is I was saying.

    As for what you are calling “Mars’ cycle,” Ah, yes. now we are getting somewhere.

    It might be good to explain that to people a little more, at least briefly. Like what you mean when you say “this Mars retrograde that is about to happen is in the same part of Mars’ cycle as…”

    What you are saying is that this is the first time Mars has made this particular alignment (Retrograde) in this general part of the sky since 1995. He goes full circle and makes 7 of these alignments in successive regions of the Zodiac. Then he makes another circle etc

    I get it. I’m just not so sure this cycle impresses me personally as much as the others. For instance, in the more Zodiacally precise 47 year cycle we notice the last two times Mars went retrograde completely within the confines of tropical Leo was 1962-63 and 1915-16.

    Personally I think Obama did the right thing wrt Afghanistan and that he and it will be fine. I also think that I’m in the minority there and that the people who don’t like his decision or think he screwed up will tend to look for and find reasons to believe they are right. I hope they are wrong, so maybe that’s why I look elsewhere.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    I thought I explained it pretty clearly at the beginning of the article. I’ll try to make it clearer next time.

    I actually tend to agree with you about Obama. I think he did the right thing, not that he had much of a choice to begin with. And I say that despite knowing about the pattern of Mars. It’s not easy pulling out immediately or staying indefinitely, so he’s splitting the difference. He’s making a bit of a gamble that the 30,000 will be able to make a difference over there. He has a military solution, but does he have a political solution? Karzai is unreliable and if he’s seen as too much of a puppet then he’ll be gotten rid of when we leave and we’re back to square one. Meanwhile al-Quaeda grows in strength in Pakistan and they seem to be half-hearted about cracking down on them. What’s interesting to me is that there is one country which shares our interest in Afghanistan’s fate: Iran. In fact, before Bush labeled Iran part of the Axis of Evil, he didn’t mind having Iranian troops help us in the initial 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. Since relations have soured and Ahmadinejad is unreasonable, they may cut off their nose to spite their face if it means doing anything that looks like helping America. Given Nick’s findings with Saturn in Libra and Iran, this is all starting to look very interesting…

  • Gary P Caton says:

    Yeah, I guess calling it a synodic cycle threw me off.

    Yes, Iran is a wildcard. Thats why I focused on the 47 year cycle, because this very long extended transit of Mars thru Leo is related to them Zodiacally.

    Prior to 1962-63, Mars had an extended transit through Leo in 1915-16. This was the time of the Sykes-Picot agreement, which reneged on T.E. Lawrence’s promise of a unified Arab region in return for their allegiance to the Allied powers against the Ottoman Empire in WWI. Instead, Britain, France, and Russia divvied up the Arab lands into spheres of influence, which eventually resulted in what we now know as Iran, Iraq, and Israel. This was a turning point in Arab relations with the West and planted some of the seeds of the current cycle of violence in which we find ourselves embroiled.

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  • Leo says:

    …You have much strength of will; and although feelings, emotions, and passions sometimes sway you intensely, you have much endurance and persistence and you can work hard and long to achieve your ends. You have a good deal of pride and dignity, and are capable of much anger if either of these is wounded. You should have considerable executive ability and are capable of becoming a good practical worker if you turn your attention in this direction. You are a good fighter, and the critical, sarcastic, and analytical sides of your nature are active…

    Obama’s Personality Analysis based upon the works of Alan Leo

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