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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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The Astrology of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

Posted by on Wednesday, December 9 20094 Comments

The astrology of Barack Obama's Nobel Peace PrizeShortly before 6 am on October 9th 2009, President Obama was woken up to be notified that  he had won the Nobel Peace Prize, and tomorrow he goes to Oslo to pick it up.

It’s unclear what the domestic political consequences will be.  After all, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that he is accepting a peace award after having just escalated the war in Afghanistan. He clearly has to strike a very fine balance in his speech tomorrow. Some interesting transit principles can be seen in action here.

At the time he was notified of the award, the Moon was transiting through Gemini, having just separated from a trine with the retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius.  Coincidentally Obama himself was born with the Moon in Gemini, having just separated from a retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. This sort of transit, when a natal configuration reappears in the sky, is known as a recurrence transit. They need not happen in the same signs as the natal chart, but that is what makes Obama’s Moon-Jupiter recurrence transits these days all the more relevant.

Moon-Jupiter Recurrence Transit

BiWheel: Barack Obama/Barack Obama Woken-Notified of Nobel Peace

Jupiter Stationing on the Ascendant

He has these every month while Jupiter is in Aquarius and when the Moon is in Gemini. So what made that one stand out? Everyone knows Jupiter has been hanging around Obama’s Ascendant for a while now. Obviously we couldn’t say that for every day he has had this transit, something particularly lucky happened for him. But what I have noticed is that when a slower planet is making an aspect to a natal chart, it’s when that slower planet reaches crucial phases with the Sun, (the conjunction, opposition and the retrograde/direct stations) that you can see the clear expression of that transit.

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize not just while Jupiter was transiting near his Ascendant, but when Jupiter stationed on his Ascendant. And Jupiter is probably the most appropriate planet to represent being given an award, for promoting peace of all things.

Transiting Mars-Jupiter Opposition

Obama had a similar transit occur recently. Aside from Mars slowing down towards his Descendant, transiting Uranus stationed direct in opposition to his natal Mars on the very day of his troop surge announcement on December 1st.

He accepts the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow afternoon on December 10th 2009 in Oslo, Norway.  Just as Obama has to walk a fine line between his calls for peace and his plans for war, Jupiter the planet of peace and goodwill is opposed to Mars, the planet of war and aggression.  This Mars-Jupiter opposition goes across Obama’s horizonal axis, perhaps indicating that some of the conflict lies within himself.

Even more interesting, as Obama accepts this award, Alfred Nobel is posthumously experiencing his sixth Saturn Return. Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite. He felt so bad about having invented something so destructive that he set up the Nobel Prizes to leave a more noble legacy.  He was born with Mars opposite Jupiter.

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