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Sarah Palin’s Birth Time Discovered

Posted by on Tuesday, December 22 200919 Comments

sarah-palinTonight a friend and reader of the Political Astrology Blog sent in a tip which directed us to an article that mentions former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s birth time.

The article is from the Winter 2009 issue of Sandpoint Magazine, and it can be accessed online here.   The magazine covers local news related to the city of Sandpoint, Idaho, which, of course, is where Sarah Palin was born.

The article itself is a somewhat short biographical piece on Palin, written by a local author named Sandy Compton who appears to have done a number of interviews during the process.

A few paragraphs in it gives an account of the circumstances surrounding Palin’s birth, including the time that she was born.

According to the article, Sarah Palin was born at 6:00 PM.

Here is the relevant section from the article:

That evening at 6 p.m., Dr. Helen Peterson, Sandpoint’s first female general practitioner/surgeon, delivered a 7-pound, 11-ounce baby girl.

This appears to be a rounded time, and while it may derive from the birth certificate, it could also simply be based on someone’s recollection, and so it is not entirely trustworthy.

Conflict With Other Birth Times Reported

Note that the birth time listed above conflicts with the two times listed by Astro-Databank.  The second time, reported by Gregg DeLaCastro as 4:40:07 PM, appears to be entirely baseless (a nonexistent Wikipedia entry), and can safely be ignored.

The first time listed, 9:43 PM, was apparently reported by someone named Thor based on some source on a mailing list.  Purportedly it was derived from a local records office through unspecified means, although since a birth certificate was never produced, it also comes off as just as baseless as the other time listed.

What all of this means is basically that this 6:00 PM time is probably the most accurate approximation of Palin’s actual birth time that anyone has come up with yet.  Certainly it is the only one that appears to have a documented source – although again, I hasten to add that the source is not necessarily the birth certificate, and thus the time may only be an approximation.

Sarah Palin’s Birth Chart

The 6:00 PM birth time gives Palin early Virgo rising.  This is somewhat problematic since, if this is only an approximate birth time, she could have been born slightly earlier, which would give her a different rising sign.   In fact, if Palin was born about 23 minutes earlier, or before 5:37 PM, then her ascendant would be in Leo.   Nonetheless, here is the 6:00 PM birth chart with Virgo rising:

Sarah Palin – Born February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho at 6:00 PM

Sarah Palin's birth chart

Big thanks to Renee Quesada from the Myspace group for the tip on Palin’s birth time.

  • Update – December 23, 2009: Patrick Watson found more information on the source for the data: “The article was not written by Sandy Compton as it said on the site. And, Sandy Compton is NOT female. Instead the article was written by Marianne Love. My question was forwarded to Marianne Love and she said she got the story from a birth notice in the Sandpoint News Bulletin, which she looked at in the Bonner County Museum. Regardless, 6 pm is what it says in the newspaper. Until we get to see the actual birth certificate, we can’t be sure if 6 pm is anecdotal or rounded up or down.”

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Chris is a practicing astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at

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  • OMG Algol on the MC! (Not that I would ever draw conclusions from a single factor, oh no.)

  • Sarah Palin’s Birth Time Discovered « The Political Astrology Blog…

    A friend and reader of the Political Astrology Blog sent in a tip, directing us to an article that mentions former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s birth time….

  • This gives her a 4+ Virgo rising chart. Guess who has the Sun at 6+ Virgo? John McCain. 6 pm gives Palin 4+ Virgo Rising. Todd Palin has a stellium in Virgo, starting with Mercury at 5+ Virgo.

    This is nifty: Sarah Palin was offered the VP spot on 8/27/08 roughly around 10 am (definitely in the morning in Sedona, no earlier than around 8:45 am). Where was the Sun at that time? 4.46 Virgo. Look at it in sidereal (lahiri): her 6 pm ASC is 10.46 Leo. The transiting Sun was at 10.48 Leo in sidereal. That could suggest that she really is born right around 6 pm, but it’s just one nifty thing.

    The Virgo Rising would comport well with how she always seems to have her enemies and competitors, and how she was a local sports hero. That’s because all the Aquarius would be in the 6th house. 6th=enemies, competitors, and thus sometimes sports also. She always has issues getting along with even her allies in the Repub-party. 6th house commonly gives problems with co-workers and so on.

    I’m not necessarily convinced, but my first instinct is that the Virgo ASC makes sense, and this is one the ASCs I suspected before this. Her appearance is also neat, clinical, professional, wearing glasses, wearing her hair up. Her m.o. is to be this very critical (“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.”) humble, small-town girl, who is also very spunky and aggressive (all her Aquarius in the 6th house).

  • jo says:

    so i hear that a lot of women are repelled by sarah palin. anything stand out to you in the chart that might explain that?

  • […] – December 22, 2009: A more reliable birth time for Sarah Palin has been found. AKPC_IDS += “143,”; Related posts:Astrology of the 2008 Election – Birth Data […]

  • Amanda Adams says:

    Isn’t it interesting that not only is Obama’s natal Pluto at 6 Virgo 57 conjunct McCain’s Sun (and also sextile his natal Neptune) but also, if this is Sarah’s correct birth-time, his Pluto is conjunct her Ascendant.

  • Linda says:

    When I check up on the time that Sarah was born, another blog indicated that she was born at 4:20 pm in Standpoint, Idaho. THis to me made more sense because of the Leo Rising. the sun, mars and saturn was in the seventh house of relationships. She definitely has this charisma that Leo would definitely express.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    At this point I’m not terribly impressed by the statements I’ve heard for how Palin ‘comes off as’ Leo rising. I think many of the same characteristics that people are associating with Leo rising could also be ascribed to simply having a close Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius. The ascendant is close enough to the cusp that it could certainly go either way though.

  • Jazzy says:

    I usually like Leo risings and find them attractive. Palin is extremely unattractive to me. I don’t like her schoolmarm-ish, hypercritical sarcastic ways, either. The funny part is that she tries to exude competence yet comes off as a space cadet (too much air). During the campaign, she liked to chide Obama about not having enough “facts and figures” in his plans, but she can’t even remember her own talking points without writing notes on her hand.

    I’m veering towards a Virgo rising because of how she gets sarcastic and know-it-all-ish when she’s uncomfortable – classic Virgo rising defense mechanism. Also, her “best foot forward” makeover is as Miss Priss Librarian => Virgo rising.

    These people who are thinking she looks like a Leo rising are saying that because of so-called “charisma” and “good looks”. If she was a Leo rising, her hair would RARELY be up in a tidy bun. One thing I have noticed about Leo rising women is that they like BIG HAIR – even if they have to buy it to get it.

    I dated an Aquarius with Virgo rising and Venus in Aries…yeah. He’s the male version of Sarah.

  • Thanks so much for this!

    I think Virgo rising suits Palin quite well, the prissy, passive-aggressive bossiness, the “know it all” yet martyred attitude, as well as her chip-on-the-shoulder hyper-sensitivity to criticism. The snarkiness… Not to mention her control-freak ways. To me she doesnt have the effortless charm or graciousness of a Leo. Leos tend not to be so snarky and NEVER play the victim card. Also Leos exude confidence above all else, which is what Palin lacks above all else. Obama and Bill Clinton are both good examples of Leos, the types that exude authority without ever having you seem them work at it. Virgos are more the scrappy underdogs who keep chugging at it against the odds. Virgo McCain and his role as the Maverick outsider is quite Virgoan, and it would add to the synergy. Todd is another Virgo in her realm. (her pluto is conjunct his sun). A 6:00 or slightly later TOB would put both McCain and Todds Sun on her AC.

    My dream chart for palin would be at 6:25 to have Pluto and Uranus on the ascendant with Pluto in the 1st and Uranus in the 12th, because the woman does have her secrets and she has a way of keeping a lot of things out of the spotlight and springing them out in the open only after its too late to do anything (daughters pregnancy). The sheer number of hidden, kooky yet plausible rumours, including the birth of trig, would make uranus in the 12th plausible. Pluto and uranus conj asc would explain why some people see her as commanding and influential while others see her as a nutjob.

    Having all those planets conjunct in the 6th also makes a lot of sense. As much as I dislike her, I do think she is a bit of work horse, what she lacks in intellect or vision, she makes up for by just keeping her nose to the grindstone. She seems to take a lot of her identity from her work (Sun in 6th house). All her identity seems a crafted facade to promote her career goals, without her ambition she really is quite empty, as I dont think she has much else outside of her “job”. I do believe when she wants something nothing stands in her path, she just goes for it (Mars in the 6th) and she does build solid foundations in work (saturn), even without much experience, but just out of sheer will.

    I also like her Neptune in the 3rd trining Uranus and Pluto, which shows why she is so skilled at vague, groundless oratory that is a true opiate to the masses. Her words also skillfully mask her true quests for power (pluto/uranus in the 12th. In the end though, its her wordiness that keeps her from being taking seriously on the job (sq of saturn/ mars in the 6th)

    If placidus is used even 6 pm would put her Merc and Moon in the 5th house of children which would also make sense as she is obviously quite fecund. and she is quite strategic in the ways she uses her children. Venus in the 8th sextile merc and moon in 5th would show her ability to cloud mens minds ; )

  • I can only come from my perspective, being an aquarian woman myself (Sun) opposing Uranus in the ninth, and Pluto at the Leo Mid-heaven in Virgo. Her Virgo and Aquarius falls under the mortal-immortal enemy archetype. Her Virgo rising and Virgo planets in the first, dominates her political life with great strength as judge with Jupiter and Venus in Aries in the 8th – putting her in the ring of power.

    But the nature of her Aquarian Planets is the healing of the inconsistent ego and dominance of her male past life. She would meet all of her past life enemies with the fifth house south node which is fine for her immediate environment of the 6th and Neptune in the 3rd, but at the larger collective, which she is destined with the 11th house north node in Cancer can be successful if she softens her warrior.

    She is good looking, strong, smart, connected socially and visionary with that much aquarian. But if she expreses too much Aquarian Idealism, without her Virgo to ground it, a place like the white house is not the place to express it. But as a judge at the white house, yes, she can be as idealistic as she wants and use her visions to guide her for the collective.

  • I will say this. I’ve never got the chills from a chart like I did the first time I saw that 440p chart for Palin. It may not be an accurate time, but the thing vibrates and emits…eek…shall I say, a warning?

    Once I saw that chart, I put Planet Waves into overdrive and we did our little part to defeat Palin-McCain. I am understating things — several of us worked relentlessly for months, doing what we could.

    So, perhaps it’s the ‘wrong’ chart — tho has anyone read Geoff Cornelius’s chapter, “When the Wrong Chart Works”? It’s an excellent read, and we’ve all had it happen…

  • Hi Chris, I find your dialog on the Hellenistic track very interesting. Chris I thought you and your readers might be interested in my short synopsis of a Hellenistic rectification on the suggested 6:00pm Birth Time for Sarah Palin. I’ve also looked at the up-coming 2012 outlook.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Thanks Gregory! Is this the article you are talking about?

  • Yes Chris, hope you find it’s worth the read.

  • […] the story about a sourced time for Palin, albeit still an imprecise one, you can read all about it here. The 6 pm time comes from an article written by Marianne Love in which she references a birth […]

  • Diane says:

    I did Sarah’s chart for 5:30AM, per the 6:00AM news report. This chart suits her well as she has suffered Saturn through the 9th (the obama legal attacks against her as governor)and Pluto in the first conjuncting her south node. Whew! She came to a powerful place with long odds, eh? Jupiter hanging around the bottom of her chart, getting ready to go into the fourth, tells me she will move into her new Arizona home soon. Uranus on Venus through Election Day is an exciting aspect, too. A politically charged Capricorn female is never really loved by the public because she will say what needs to be said, factually. without emotion. The liberals hate her. *wink* the Pluto Uranus conjunction in her chart is generational and will result in bringing a higher level of reality to the world. I think she is grand! A risk she may take in May 2012 will cost her.

  • […] best documented source gives Palin a birth time of 6 p.m. on 11 February 1964 in Sandpoint, ID.   This time, reported in her hometown newspaper, may be an […]

  • Larry says:

    My ex was a Leo rising and I can say. No. The 4th house would be Scorpio suggesting adoptio or abuse at home
    in younger years. Cancer 10th would suggest problems
    with home. Family and mom. Doesn’t sound like Sarah.
    Virgo rising people always have some sort of drama with
    Trouble makers. Also they usually have a child with either a special need or gift. The 3rd house would be
    Scorpio suggesting speech and communication about
    things hidden. Sex. Life and death. This is much more
    Likely to be Sarah. A Virgo riser.