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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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President Barack Obama Launches Re-Election Campaign and the Race for 2012

Posted by on Monday, April 4 201113 Comments

President Barack Obama announced his bid for re-election through a short campaign video released in the early hours between April 3rd and April 4th. As I detailed in my last article “The Astrological Importance of Presidential Run Announcements for 2012“, we have to be vigilant in recording the time that presidential candidates announce their candidacies because they can be very revealing for what the themes and ultimate outcome of the election may be. Interestingly enough, I had singled out the range of dates April 4th-April 7th as interesting time for a candidate to announce because of the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter and opposition to Saturn. Obama announcing at this time marks him as the “Sun-Jupiter opposite Saturn” candidate in this race.

In many ways, this makes sense for Obama. If “Yes We Can” doesn’t embody the optimism of a Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries I’m not sure what does.  The opposition to Saturn though should not be overlooked. Obama’s first campaign for President was announced under the conjunction of Sun and Neptune in Aquarius opposite Saturn in Leo. Obama’s signature effort in office, his push for healthcare reform, was finally achieved while the Sun in Aries was opposite Saturn in Libra. And now his re-election campaign has started under Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. These were both characterized by perseverance over considerable opposition, and it is fairly certain that will also be the case for Obama’s re-election. Obama’s location of his campaign headquarters in Chicago indicates a desire to still be seen as an outsider even when as the President, he is the representative for the establishment in Washington. I see this tension represented by the Jupiter-Saturn opposition as well.

Other transits to note:

Moon applying to conjunction with retrograde Mercury in Aries. Obama’s positive history with Mercury retrogrades has been well-documented on this blog, and is certainly appropriate for a big announcement from an administration that also began under a Mercury retrograde. It likely suggests that the focus will be on commerce and markets (Mercury). Indeed, Obama’s chances for being re-elected are fairly good even at this early stage, especially if unemployment continues to go down. If we know anything about Mercury though, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries. This could relate to the humanitarian military intervention in Libya, or otherwise unexpected developments in war, as well as aggressive attacks against other candidates on a level that would be uncharacteristic for Obama. Otherwise, this is a fairly curious configuration to be present in this chart.

Can I see the chart?

UPDATE 5/25/2011: Wrong chart, scroll to the bottom for the corrected chart.

As for the precise time of Obama’s announcement, it is hard to say what that would be. Since the announcement was made via the video, it would stand to reason that the publication of the video to the internet would count as the time of the official announcement. The only problem is that we cannot be entirely sure of when and where the video was uploaded. At April 4th 2011, 7:15 am in Amherst, MA, I saw on YouTube that the video had been uploaded 8 hours before. On YouTube, below the video it indicates it was uploaded on April 3rd 2011. This is only a general count and not a specific count, so it was probably within the realm of 11:00 pm on April 3rd. Where was the video uploaded though? I think a good case could be made that it was uploaded from Chicago, IL, since that is where Obama’s re-election campaign headquarters are based. In this case, to adjust for the timezone difference between Massachusetts and Illinois, the video was uploaded sometime within the hour of 10 pm on April 3rd 2011 in Chicago, IL.

The problem with this however is that YouTube also says that the video was uploaded at 2:33:08 am on April 4th if you run a query through YouTube’s data API which reveals all kinds of data about YouTube videos. The result for the announcement video is here which clearly states that the video was published at “2011-04-04T02:33:08”. Perhaps there is a difference between a video being uploaded and published but the other thing we have to consider is that YouTube time is Pacific time because the company is based in California. If the video was “published” at 2:33:08 am according to California, then for Illinois it was actually “published” at 4:33:08 am on April 4th. So, presuming the video was uploaded and published in Chicago Illinois, the “true” announcement time is either 10:00-10:59:59 pm on April 3rd, or 4:33:08 am on April 4th.

I’m somewhat inclined to think that the re-election campaign staff would have set the video to private when uploading it so that it wasn’t immediately public, to double check for any spelling errors or any other things wrong with the video before making it public, which could account for the discrepancy between the times YouTube gives. It might have been “uploaded” late on the night of April 3rd but then “published” to the world early in the morning of April 4th. If this is the case then I tend toward considering 4:33:08 am on April 4th, Chicago, IL, as Obama’s official announcement, but as I’ve shown, this all rests on several assumptions.

The Elephant in the Room

Within hours of Obama’s announcement, Neptune ingressed into Pisces. Obama’s history with Neptune has been well-documented on this blog, and what it means for Obama’s re-election chances is not entirely clear. Since Obama not only kicked off his own re-election campaign with his announcement, but also inadvertently the 2012 election season itself, it is fair to say that this election season will be very descriptive of what Neptune in Pisces will be about.


UPDATE 5/25/2011:I made a big mistake in assuming YouTube’s API data was using Pacific time, it was actually using GMT, I explain this whole issue in a new post here. The ACTUAL time the video was uploaded was April 3rd, 9:33:08 pm, Chicago, Illinois. Here is the chart:

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Sonja Foxe says:

    in chicago here, the hq is just opening now … i’m taking publication time for DC … and really like 29AQ rising since it squares his natal MC w/Neptune smack on ascendant, as you noted for his February 10 07 entry — messina is campaign mgr this time … i don’t think he’s in chicago yet

    it isn’t so much the optics ‘as an outsider’ but chicago really is his source of power and political base … and with rahmbo, his willing tool, as mayor elect … those optics a minor consideration … there’s grumblings around town regarding HQ in Prudential Building critics saying he’s signaling he’s in bed with the insurance companies and other corporate interests

  • Patrick Watson says:

    If it was published in Washington DC, the time would be 5:33:08 am, which yields 11 Pisces for the Ascendant, with Venus rising, not 29 Aquarius with Neptune rising.

  • Jay says:

    It was also announced, I believe simultaneously, via email. So if you were on the mailing list — I’m not –, you could also look at the time stamp for when the email was sent and use that for the chart.

    Just a thought.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Thanks. It was announced by email but the email linked to the video which had to be posted prior to sending out the emails. The video was the main vehicle for the announcement, which is why I’m prioritizing the publication of the video to the internet as the time of the announcement. The other problem with using emails as the time is that the emails arrived at slightly different times, and we’re still not entirely sure where the emails would have originated. I received my email in Massachusetts 5 minutes after my friend in Colorado did.

  • Hi Patrick, great article thought you might like to see how I’ve understood this event.

    I’ve gone for another Time, the one posted on Facebook. I accept that I might be incorrect, but I do feel that this might just be the Event chart.

    Anyway if like you can find the brief synopsis @

    I have linked to your article as you have done a lot of research and should get acknowledgement for that. Hope you don’t mind me linking to your delineation and prognostication.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Hey Greg, thanks a lot! I don’t mind links.

    Using the time it was posted would still be a description of the announcement on Facebook, if not the launch of the campaign. Both the Facebook posting and the email that went out to supporters link to the video. On Obama’s website itself, the campaign video is hosted by YouTube. As soon as the video was published on YouTube it was able to be seen by the public, before the email and Facebook posts were made. (In fact the emails were sent out shortly before it was posted to Facebook.) The publication of the video was the first thing that had to happen before anyone was notified that he was running, either through email or on Facebook. So that’s why I’m sticking with the publication of the YouTube video as the time of the announcement. Though it is still an unknown whether it was published from Chicago or DC.

    Another thing we have to keep in mind, is while finding the exact time has its value, the general transits of the time are still extremely useful, so we shouldn’t get too bogged down in the details of when exactly the announcement was. We know that it was early on the morning of April 4th. Morning of Neptune ingress into Pisces, Sun-Jupiter opposite Saturn, this is what to take away from it, but that’s my opinion.

  • Thanks Patrick, yes you are correct the general transits are unavoidable moments in Time. Yep we can get pedantic with charts…..hey that’s what keeps my Mercury/Jupiter Adherence going…but from my experiences with mundane work, I do like the hour marker’s to be as close as possible. I get great results from working with the confine lords. I also take your point about the email, although I am inclined to go with 20 million who are the public audience on Barack’s site. While You Tube yes does has the same world wide audience, if not more viewing. I tent to go with who this was pitched at…the US people…and his supporters. Facebook is the new digital Media!
    Anyway this just one of many charts that will be looked at over the coming Time. I have also looked at Chris’s Take on Sarah Palin –re-rectification, and can you find that post on my site as well.
    Thanks for the dialog Patrick, healthy debate helps me anyway, to reflect on what I’m doing.
    That’s remembering to remember, today-tomorrow.
    I also reported on the current 2/8 houses problem in the US, on my US forecast last month.
    I also reported on the current 2/8 houses problem in the US, on my US forecast last month. Using the 1783 Paris Treaty as the US natal it’s not hard to see the monetary problem facing Obama!

  • […] In a recent post, I postulated that Obama’s announcement of his candidacy for re-election would be most characteristic of the expansionist and benevolent tendencies of Jupiter going up against the stern austerity of Saturn (Sun-Jupiter opposite Saturn). That is exactly how he has positioned himself against the Ryan proposal while stressing that his own deficit reduction plan cuts the deficit by $4 trillion in 12 years (a Jupiter cycle) through a combination of increased taxes on higher earners and spending cuts in other areas of the budget. Obama was born with Jupiter conjunct Saturn, the conjunction that occurred roughly 10 years before the Jupiter-Saturn opposition at Ryan’s birth. I also neglected to mention that Obama’s inauguration took place under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction, which makes his announcement for re-election at a Sun-Jupiter conjunction all the more timely. I knew the Jupiter-Saturn theme would reveal itself for the 2012 election, I just had no clue it would happen so soon. […]

  • […] The Ascendant of Gingrich’s announcement was 22 Virgo, while Gingrich himself has Neptune at 29 Virgo. What I find interesting about this is that the Ascendant for Obama’s announcement chart is 22 Aquarius, with Neptune at 29 Aquarius. […]

  • james says:

    April 4, 2011 is vedic new year very auspicious date and time

  • ApolloSpeaks says:

    April 4, 2011 was the 43rd anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Not an auspicious time for America’s first black president (number 44 corresponding to the date 4/4) to kick off a reelection campaign. Interesting enough it was the 804th day of Obama’s presidency giving us the month (August) and day (04) of his birth. Very peculiar. See more at my top, widely linked blog at

  • Wow, marvelous blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is excellent, let alone the content!

  • […] April 4, 2011, under Aquarius-Virgo-Aquarius-Leo, Obama officially kicked off his 2012 re-election campaign. This was the foreshadowing period to the triumphant release of his “long form” birth […]