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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Announces Run For President

Posted by on Thursday, April 21 20112 Comments

Gary Johnson announces his run for PresidentAt 9:08 am today on April 21, 2011 in Concord, New Hampshire, former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson announced his intention to run for President. What do the transits have to say?

At 9:08 am Gary Johnson  tweeted: “First time to say it. “I’m running for President”.” This was preceded by a tweet tweeted just 4 minutes before which said “Just a few moments away” including a twitpic of Gary Johnson at the event of his public announcement. It appears an aide was likely updating the Twitter feed in realtime as Gary Johnson was making his announcement, so it actually happened sometime in between 9:04 and 9:08, and probably closer to 9:08. The news footage of Gary Johnson’s announcement did not have a timestamp, so the Tweet timestamps are our best bet for an accurate time. 9:08 am is corroborated by the time of the Facebook page for the event which says 9-9:30 am.

The Chart of the Announcement

Gary Johnson's announcement to run for President, April 21, 2011, 9:08 am, Concord, NH

As we’ve stated before in this blog, the time of the announcement can give us clues as to what the campaign will be like, and even if the candidates may be successful.  The most outstanding feature of this chart is the conjunction between retrograde Mercury and Mars in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. This is generally considered to be an unfortunate configuration as Mars and Saturn are considered to be malefic planets, and Mercury’s involvement with them would tend to make Mercury act like a malefic as well. Plausible astrological interpretations able to be derived from this configuration might include strenuous difficulty in fundraising, scandal caused by ill-advised comments, particularly those motivated by anger.

More broadly, if the race in general is characterized by Jupiter opposite Saturn, then it appears he may encounter conservative opposition (Saturn) to his bold ideas (Mercury-Mars). Interestingly enough, Gary Johnson is libertarian fiscally and socially. His record for slashing budgets may be popular with conservatives but his support for abortion rights, gay rights, and legalizing marijuana may not be. It is not all bad news for him though, since the Moon is applying to Jupiter, which may engender some feelings of goodwill from the public. He may come off as not such a bad guy, even if it might not be enough to offset the conspicuously inauspicious Mercury-Mars conjunction opposite Saturn. The other interesting thing to point out is that Neptune is culminating on his midheaven, which may highlight his use of social media to get his message across, but this isn’t all there is to the story, so read on.

Gary Johnson’s Birth Chart

What about Johnson’s birth chart? No birth time is currently available, but his birthdate from Wikipedia states that he was born on January 1st, 1953 in Minot, North Dakota. Here is the status of North Dakota birth times from’s AstroDataBank: “Vital Records Program, ND State Dept of Health. Records kept from July 1, 1893, but may be incomplete. Time may or may not be recorded. Access possible.” If we have any North Dakota readers who might be interested in checking out Johnson’s birth time for us, please do!

Inner wheel: Gary Johnson, January 1, 1953, unknown time, Minot, ND, Outer wheel: Transits of announcement, April 21, 2011, 9:08 am, Concord, NH

Still, even without a birth time we can try to see if his general natal patterns correspond in any way to the transits of the 2012 campaign. If Jupiter-Saturn is the theme of the campaign then we might expect more of the GOP candidates to resonate with Saturn in a notable way, as the Sun’s conjunction with Jupiter was for Obama as the Democratic candidate. As it turns out, transiting Saturn in Libra is making a square to his natal Sun in Capricorn. Remember Neptune was culminating at the midheaven at the time of his announcement? Well, Johnson was born with Mars at 0 Pisces, where Neptune is currently transiting. If Neptune represents idealism, then it is clear with its conjunction to Johnson’s Mars that he is inspired to act on and fight for his beliefs.

The other thing that really pops out at me is the fact that he was born at a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra. This is notable for 2 reasons: 1) Saturn will be trine Neptune over the course of the 2012 campaign, which suggests that he may carry on the Saturn-Neptune theme from the 2008 election. Furthermore, Johnson endorsed Ron Paul in 2008 while Saturn was opposite Neptune. Ron Paul was born with Saturn opposite Neptune. 2) Johnson will not be just resonating with the Saturn-Neptune trine transit via his conjunction, but he will also experience his Saturn return during the 2012 campaign, once in December 2011, again in April 2012, and one final time in September 2012. (The return sometimes happens 3 times due to the retrogradation of Saturn).

Saturn returns can alternately be times of professional accomplishment or downfall. There is a sense that one reaps what one sows with Saturn transits. For example, although George W. Bush experienced his second Saturn Return right before the 2004 election in which he won, retrospectively it could also have been viewed as a sentencing to the harsh 2nd term that it was, which resulted in the lowest approval ratings ever recorded for a sitting President. Hillary Clinton made her announcement to run for President as a frontrunner in the 2008 race right at her second Saturn return, inaugurating a campaign in which she learned the hardest of Saturn’s lessons. For an even more relevant example, all-but-confirmed GOP contender Mitt Romney passed universal healthcare in Massachusetts at his second Saturn return in 2006. A brilliant achievement as a governor but a major liability as a Republican presidential candidate, which we will shortly see play out in the 2012 campaign! So to understand how this transit may turn out for Johnson, we will have to understand the rest of his chronology, and especially what happened at his last Saturn in return in November 1982, (as well as get his birth time!). We will have to do similar analyses for all the candidates, so get to researching because a lot more announcements will be on the way!

Credits to Nick Dagan Best for graphics assistance!

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