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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Governor Bobby Jindal’s Birth Time Revealed

Posted by on Monday, May 9 20113 Comments

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal released his birth certificate. It indicates that he was born at 12:27 pm on June 10, 1971, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Why did he release it? Last time a “birther” bill got to a governor to sign into law, it was vetoed. Jindal has indicated if such a bill reached his desk that he would sign it. This in turn prompted probing questions about the hypocrisy of Jindal being interested in the birthplaces of public servants when his own citizenship status could be in doubt. Jindal’s parents are both Indian, and while he was conceived in India he was born in the United States. Depending on your outlook/level of intelligence this makes him a natural-born citizen or a so-called “anchor baby”. Jindal, now perhaps knowing how Obama must have felt, decided to release his birth certificate to silence the doubters. Good luck with that one. Again, astrologers must begrudgingly thank the gods for this “birther” idiocy. Luckily for us, we now have a chart for this potential presidential candidate and have a chance to verify it. Let’s take a look.

His Ascendant is at 11 degrees and 49 minutes of the nerdy sign of Virgo, ruled by a powerful Mercury in its home of Gemini in the 10th whole sign place. This is a policy wonk par excellence. So far, so good. Something useful to consider when trying to verify a birth time is by considering sect analysis. Specifically, by focusing on whether the transits of Mars or Saturn tend to be more difficult for the native. According to sect theory, if Jindal was born during the day, this would make Mars the more problematic malefic in his chart. In Jindal’s chart, Mars is conspicuously conjunct the North Node. While I do not have a specific interpretation for this position, Mars’ involvement with the Nodes appears to figure in interestingly with the following transits that appear to corroborate the birth time indicated on his birth certificate. This is by no means intended to be a comprehensive vetting of the birth time, but I believe what makes these examples worth considering is that Governor Jindal is a very accomplished man, and has rarely suffered defeat or serious scandal. This is what makes the following events stand out in his career as times of public losses and embarrassments.

November 15, 2003, Jindal Loses Louisiana Gubernatorial Election

Jindal had been doing well in the polls until the last leg of the campaign. Due to intense attack ads and the possibility of racist attitudes towards the potential first Indian American governor, Jindal lost by a narrow margin. Mars is interestingly positioned at 13 Pisces, very close to his Descendant. Additionally, the Nodes across 20 Taurus-Scorpio are just about square his natal Mars at 16 Aquarius. The degrees spanning 20 Taurus-Scorpio also happen to be the Nodes of Mars. While it was a loss for him, it didn’t completely derail his political career, in fact it kind of kicked it off. This blessing in disguise is perhaps indicated by Jupiter transiting around the degree of his Ascendant.

July 23, 2008, Jindal Not Selected as McCain’s Running Mate

Since his election loss in 2003, Jindal did very well for himself, winning election to the House of Representatives, and was finally elected Governor. In the 2008 presidential campaign, Jindal’s name frequently came up as a possible vice presidential candidate. He was among McCain’s top picks, but on July 23rd, he announced that he had not been picked. On that day, Mars is found at 13 Virgo, opposite the degree of his election loss in 2003, very close to Jindal’s Ascendant. Weirdly enough, the Nodes spanned across 18 Aquarius-Leo, fairly close to his own natal Nodes across 15 Aquarius-Leo, and square the position of the Nodes from his election defeat in 2003.

February 24, 2009, Jindal Gives Crappy Republican Response to Obama’s Address to Congress

Although this transit does not necessarily need the birth time to be understood, it now makes more sense in light of the other two events in Jindal’s life. Jindal was selected to give the Republican response to the President’s address to a joint session of Congress about the stimulus bill. It was a big opportunity for Jindal to cement a national reputation. At precisely 10:09 pm from the Governor’s mansion in Baton Rouge, he started speaking and started bombing.  It turned out to be a disaster, as his stilted, awkward delivery was mocked and criticized all over the news. Mars was at 15 Aquarius, very close to his Mars return. Just a week before the speech, Mars conjoined the North Node at 9 Aquarius, a recurrence of his natal Mars-North Node conjunction in Aquarius.

The involvement of the Nodes with Mars seemed to bring a public dimension to his misfortunes. Indeed, Jindal experiences any given type of Mars transit once every 2 years, but they only became news headlines once the Nodes were involved, and all because of his natal Mars-North Node conjunction. Thanks for the birth certificate Bobby, I think this is legit! Hopefully this starts a trend for all candidates for public office to publish their birth certificates, it would make all our lives easier.

Credits to Nick Dagan Best for graphics assistance.

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Axel says:

    I know nothing about Louisiana politics but would take a natal Mars-Node conjunction as a troublesome factor for any politician, the Nodes being imo universal significators of connection at all level (from the most intimate to the broadly political). Thus I would suspect a very complicated relationship between Jindal and his own local Republican organization.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    There could be some truth to that. Jindal wouldn’t outright endorse Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter because of his dalliances with prostitutes. He also received criticism from Republicans no less energetically than Democrats over his wooden delivery of the Republican response to Obama’s address to Congress in 2009.

    I think I can buy an interpretation of the Nodes like that. If they are the transiting points of intersection between the Sun and the Moon, then I’d imagine the meaning of the Nodes to have some kind of solar-lunar basis. Hellenistic ideas of the sun as the soul and the moon as the body are sort of intriguing because an eclipse would sort of be the incarnation of the character for the times for at least 6 months, a spirit made into a form, a zeitgeist if you will. It nearly makes me wonder if eclipses somehow form the basis for the theory of Lots, especially that of Fortune and Spirit. Still, what’s the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse? What’s the difference between an eclipse happening on the ascending node or the descending node? Should there be a difference? I mean generally the North Node is known to be more positive while the South Node is not, but I think the relationship between them would be more subtle and complementary rather than clear opposites like good/bad. For now, until I have a better idea on the answers to these questions, I essentially look at eclipses as “stations” of the Sun and the Moon, to be noted. Not only are there curiously logical connections between eclipses, but story-lines started at eclipses can also come to a head at the lunation midway between eclipses, the lunation generally square the Nodes.

  • vrajavala says:

    Supreme court defined “natural born citizen” and it is legally biding precedent in Minor v. Happersett (1875) as one who is born of two American parents and born on American soil.

    That excludes Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley