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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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The Astrology of Rick Santorum’s “Google Problem”

Posted by on Monday, June 6 20113 Comments

Now that Rick Santorum is running for President, what will inevitably become more prominent in the news is Santorum’s long-standing “Google problem”. I figured I would pre-empt all the chatter about it that might occur in the comments of this blog by providing some astrological points of interest about this story. If you have no idea what I am talking about, be prepared to lose your innocence and google “Santorum”. Look at the first search result. Good. Now you’re ready to read this article.

It all started with controversial comments then-Senator Santorum made in an AP interview about his conservative views on homosexuality, which was published on April 20th 2003. Santorum was widely criticized for his remarks, replete with calls for him to step down. It was a major controversy for Santorum. It was appropriate then that he was at his Saturn half-return, the planet of hardships and criticism. Someone who took particular exception to Santorum was sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who is himself gay. He held a contest on his blog for his readers to come up with a new definition for ‘santorum’ as a noun, specifically one that was associated with something sexual, the grosser the better. On June 12th 2003, the winning definition was announced. It is interesting that nearly 8 years to the day (a Venus cycle), Santorum has announced his presidential run.

It wouldn’t be until a few months later that Savage created the website ‘’ which would become the source of Santorum’s Google problem. That website was created on November 11th 2003. Savage called on other bloggers to link to the site to increase traffic, and by January 2004, his site was the first search result on Google, and has been there ever since. On the day the website was launched, the transiting Sun was conjunct the South Node, aligned with Santorum’s Sun, where a lunar eclipse had just occurred 5 days before. Additionally, it was created when Mars was near the same degree as Santorum’s, which is appropriate for the attack on Santorum it represented. Even more strangely, Google itself was started on September 15th 1997, where Mars is found at 20 Scorpio, opposed to Santorum’s Sun, as well as conjunct the website’s Sun. And now, on the day Santorum announces his presidential run, Mars is with Santorum’s Sun at 19 Taurus.

I think it’s interesting that at the time he got into the controversy over the remarks as well as the time the site was launched coincide with transits involving Saturn and Mars, as they are supposed to be the malefic planets which cause problems for people. A Google problem indeed!

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • […] The most notable transit Rick Santorum is having on the day of the announcement is Mars transiting on the degree of his Sun. Not only that, but even at the time he spoke the magic words, Mars was culminating, putting extra emphasis on Mars. Also, unlike a lot of the other candidates, there are not many Node connections. The upcoming lunar eclipse at 24 Sagittarius is happening smackdab on his Saturn though. This all doesn’t look too fortunate. I figured out what it might be about, as the big story about Santorum is something that he only made an ambiguous reference to in his announcement speech as “shots” taken at him, but it really deserves its own article, and here it is. […]

  • cinderalla says:

    A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. Therefore for some reasons in life Astrology plays an important role.

  • Astrology says:

    your explanation is good on risk of santorum ……its too deeply its not compleatly correct but hope and we will see what happend


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