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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Michele Bachmann Announces Run for President

Posted by on Monday, June 27 20114 Comments

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann formally announced her run for President at 9:14 am on June 27th 2011 in Waterloo, Iowa. In yet another challenge for astrologers, her “formal” announcement was not her first announcement at 8:11 pm on June 13th 2011 in Goffstown, New Hampshire at the Republican presidential debate. For the status on Michele Bachmann’s birth time, check out the updates on Bachmann’s section in the Status of the 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Birth Times article. Here are her two announcement charts for your consideration:

Bachman Officially a Candidate: Mercury Superior Conjunction

At the June 13th Republican presidential debate, people were wondering what the deal was with Bachmann, since she was still an undeclared candidate participating in a presidential debate. At 8:11 pm, she revealed that she had filed the necessary paperwork that day and that she was officially a candidate for President, but she said she would have a formal announcement of her candidacy soon. ???  Don’t quite know what to make of this informal announcement in which she is clearly a real candidate – at a presidential debate! I do know that the transits for her are pretty interesting. While we may not have her birth time (yet), we do know that she was having a Sun-Mercury recurrence – she was born at a Mercury superior conjunction, and the day of her paperwork filing to become a candidate and her participation in the Republican debate also happened at a Mercury superior conjunction. On this basis, at the time in this article I said ” To me this indicates that she will be in her element, as the phase of Mercury in the sky is the same as it was at the time she was born.” She certainly was in her element, as her uncharacteristically strong performance in the debate catapulted her to near-frontrunner status, nipping at Mitt Romney’s heels. Mercury is after all, the talker. This was no ordinary Sun-Mercury recurrence for her, since it was conjunct the Nodes, and thus involves the drama and significance of eclipses. (Check out the solar eclipse of May 2012 at 0 Gemini, lands right on her Venus and Romney’s Ascendant.) Not only was the Sun-Mercury conjunction conjunct the Nodes, but just like the announcements of Newt Gingrich, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney, she announced when the Nodes were angular.

Bachmann “Formally” Announces Candidacy: Mercury Heliacally Rises

Now…what to do about her “formal” announcement. I don’t really know…without the birth time it’s hard to tell if she is having important transits, whereas it was very obvious even without birth times that she was having an important transit that night. In some ways it just represents the next step for Bachmann since the debate at the superior conjunction. The next phase Mercury makes after a superior conjunction with the Sun is that it emerges from the beams of the Sun, making a heliacal rising. It was just yesterday after sunset on June 26th 2011 that Mercury could be seen for the first time since  it disappeared on April 2nd 2011. I know this from an extremely useful piece of software developed by Alcyone simply called “Planetary Lunar and Stellar Visibility” which you can download for free from their site. (Thanks Alcyone!) You can’t see if a planet is heliacally rising or setting just by looking at a chart, although a traditional figure, a not-bad-but-still-imprecise average of 15 degrees of separation from the Sun is used, which is why it helps to have the program. Traditionally, heliacal risings and settings of planets would be expected to coincide with the emergence and disappearance of certain topics. Mercury is a planet pretty closely associated with the activities of elections and politics, but it appears to be personal for Bachmann since she was born at the superior conjunction. It’s kind of interesting then that her candidacy was in essence “conceived” at the Mercury superior conjunction, while it was “born” at Mercury’s heliacal rising, it’s emergence from the beams of the Sun.  To see how heliacal risings work with other planets, read this great article by Gary Caton here. The only other notes I have about her formal announcement time is that its kind of interesting that the Ascendant of the announcement occurred close to the degree of her Jupiter, while transiting Jupiter had just been crossed by the Midheaven. Jupiter might be bringing in a lot of cash and goodwill for her, and perhaps a bit of luck. She’ll probably need it though, as Saturn will oppose her Sun-Mercury conjunction in September-October 2011, which will probably be a difficult and challenging period for her.

Bachmann is a serious contender now, and something tells me we’d better keep an eye on Mercury throughout this process, especially for her.

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Written by

Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Curtis Burns says:

    Gaffs notwithstanding, lol. She’ll definitely have to keep her facts and figures straight, especially mixing up John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Haha, definitely

  • Hey Patrick, thanks for updates…Now Michele Marie Amble, no time makes it difficult….Patrick I use the Paris treaty chart for my US forecast’s as I think I’ve mentioned before….when the 27 June announcement is bi-wheeled with the PT chart we get transit Moon over natal Chiron in the 9th, which is very interesting aspect.

    I say the exalted Taurus Moon is her + Public announcement…confines of Jupiter…Mars on the PT MC…Lots more to hear…and Moon sextile Mercury ruler of the PT MC.

    Mercury in Jupiter’s confines…so all up she going to be heard….transit Mercury trine PT natal Moon…and the announcement Moon is moving to opposition PT natal Moon.

    Transiting Jupiter trine PT natal RX Saturn…5th House Senate…transiting Pluto is also in the picture…with transiting Chiron midpoint on PT natal Dsc. Transiting Sun opposition PT natal Saturn!!!

    Now the biggest aspects I can see here and links in with what you have said…transiting South Node exact trine to PT natal Mercury….
    Furthermore as mentioned if we can get her birth Time it will be of great use as just with her day/year she has some very interesting aspect to this chart…

    Her natal Venus/Saturn co-joins exactly PT natal MC/IC…one thing that goes along with your analysis is that her Sun/Mercury aspect is protected by Mercury’s confines…Chariot…and is at the exaltation of the Sun…Very interesting player in this Run

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Interesting stuff! Yeah, our only remaining option is to get an answer from her directly.

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