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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Mitt Romney and a History of Saturn: Part I

Posted by on Thursday, June 30 20115 Comments

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the current frontrunner in the Republican presidential nomination contest. How did he get to where he is, and what might his past say about his future? I propose a key planet to understanding Mitt Romney’s life is through the transits of Saturn. Saturn makes one full return every 29-30 years, a half return every 14-15 years, and a quarter return about every 7 years. In this first part, I will be solely concentrating on the Saturn transits to the position of his natal Saturn from his birth to the present day. In the second part, I will be showing other assorted Saturn transits in Mitt Romney’s life that speak to other aspects of his career, and hopefully will confirm, augment and complement the findings here.

Saturn 2 Leo 1947: “Miracle Baby”

Mitt Romney was born at 9:51 am on March 12th 1947 in Detroit, Michigan to George and Lenore Romney. George Romney was a rising star in the automotive industry at the time who would later go on into politics and even run for President. George Romney sensed something special about the child, as his wife Lenore had been told by doctors a few years before that she would not be able to have any more children, but she had faith. Up until the time of birth the health of the mother was in doubt, but mother and child ended up fine. In his proud announcement to his employees. George and Lenore would refer to their new son as their “miracle baby”. Romney was born with Saturn at 2 Leo, while it was anti-culminating on the IC. Saturn is the planet of ambition, struggle, responsibility and interestingly enough, father figures. The IC is a point of focus for the family and homelife. Saturn also rules the opposite end of the IC, the Midheaven, which is a point of focus for one’s career and reputation. As we will see, Mitt Romney’s career has been inextricably linked to his father and his family, something which Mitt Romney himself has always talked about.

Saturn Waxing Square 1954: Father Becomes CEO of AMC

Mitt Romney idolized his father. From a multi-part profile by the Boston Globe:

Throughout his childhood, Mitt logged lots of time sitting on his father’s lap, watching him read the paper. As George flipped through the pages, the passing headlines prompted him to share with his son his insights about the wider world. Cars were George’s focus, so naturally they were Mitt’s as well. Mitt was quite close with his mother, and he inherited her tact and even temper — qualities that were often absent in her blunt, intense husband. Still, Mitt idolized his force-of-nature father, and their relationship would form the central axis in his life. –Boston Globe

Even at 7 years old then, Mitt might have been impressed when his father became the Vice President of the newly formed largest car company, AMC. From the period of time the newly merged company formed on May 1st 1954 to the time his father became the CEO of the new company on October 12th 1954, Mitt experienced Saturn square his natal Saturn.

Saturn Opposition 1962: Father Runs for Governor

George Romney announced his run for Governor of Michigan on February 10th 1962. Mitt Romney was only 15 when he had his first experience working on a political campaign for his father. This surely had to be a huge influence on young Mitt, and he was very proud when his father won the general election on November 6th 1962. Not only had Saturn passed the opposition to his Saturn in this time period, but it culminated on his Midheaven, perhaps a sign of things to come in Mitt’s own career.

Saturn Waning Square 1970:  Mother Runs for Senate

On February 23rd, 1970, Mitt Romney’s mother Lenore Romney announced her run for US Senator of Michigan. 22-year old Mitt Romney took time off from college in order to help her with campaign and was even featured in the newspaper as one of her highest profile surrogates. While his mother aspired to political office, the next month his own wife Ann became a mother when she gave birth to their first son Taggart.

Saturn Return 1975-6: Begins Career in Finance

On June 12th 1975, Romney graduated near the top of his class from both the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Law School in the newly created joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration program. He was hotly sought after by consulting firms and investment banks, and by the time of his Saturn return he was hired later that year by Boston Consulting Group, one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world. Romney was originally just going to get an MBA to go into business, but his father strongly suggested getting a law degree. So Mitt just got both at the same time. Within 2 years though, Romney broke away from BCG to join a new firm: Bain & Company.

At Bain & Company, Romney quickly rose through the ranks to Vice President. He was adept at analyzing companies from every possible angle, culling and analyzing swaths of data from every single facet of an industry to be able to give companies sterling recommendations on how to expand profits. It was even said that he examined a pharmaceutical company so thoroughly it sounded as if he had gone to school for chemistry rather than business or law. At Bain & Company, his dual disciplines in law and business fit perfectly with the “Bain Way”: to collect as much data as possible, debate all possible sides of every issue, and only proceed with unanimous votes. The method was defined by caution and wealth of information to eliminate risk. This sounds sort of like a democracy to us, but in the burgeoning world of financial consulting, this was groundbreaking. Romney grew tired of just giving consultations to other companies and was itching to run a business of his own. Bill Bain noticed.

Saturn Waxing Square 1982-3: Starts Bain Capital

On a day in March 1983, Bill Bain sat Romney down and propositioned him to be the founder of his own venture capitalist firm. Romney initially was hesitant, but after a complex partnership structure was established, Romney became the CEO of Bain Capital. Bain Capital is a completely different company from Bain & Company, even though the companies had offices in the same building, and used the same cafeteria, and had the same name, etc. What Bain Capital did is it gave Romney a chance to be his own boss, to not just consult businesses on what they should do for themselves, but to invest cash in the businesses he thought would do well, and to actually help manage the companies they took on. Although Romney was so risk-averse it took a while for Bain Capital to make any investments, Romney figured out the true cost of office supplies for all companies and realized where to put his money. They finally did have a smashing success in starting up what would become the global office supply chain Staples. Let’s just say the investment paid off big time.

Bain Capital started to move away from investments and helping manage companies into leveraged buyouts, which is basically where they would buy up a flagging company, fix it up a bit, and pass the job of managing it onto someone else by selling it for a higher price than they bought it. It was easier to do and the money was good. This is where some of Romney’s business practices would later come under fire, as the “fixing up” of a company would often include layoffs. Romney has since explained the layoffs by saying the best security for a family is a strong business. It shows one way in which his business acumen and the dispassionate number-crunching of the “Bain Way” falls apart when political considerations have to be factored into the equation.

Saturn Opposition 1991: Rescues Bain & Company

While Bain Capital was doing wonderfully, next door Bain & Company was circling the toilet, and the flush of bankruptcy was near. Romney was selected/volunteered to apply the “Bain Way” to Bill Bain’s own company. Just a month away from Saturn reaching 2 Aquarius, on January 29th 1991, Romney was named the new CEO of Bain & Company, drawing a symbolic salary of one dollar. He toured around Bain’s offices around the world to rally employees, and set about restructuring the business top to bottom, rooting out inefficiencies and made the firm’s finances transparent to its employees, and yes, made some layoffs. By December of 1992, Romney had completely turned the company around from near-bankruptcy to profitability and went back to work at Bain Capital. The experience changed him. He had seen that he could act as a CEO of a very large company and make it successful. He knew that eventually he could pursue his second passion: politics. We’ll get to the 1994 election defeat in the second part.

Saturn Waning Square 1998-9:  Leaves Bain Capital, Saves the Winter Olympics

After Romney lost against Kennedy in the 1994 elections, Romney went back to work at Bain Capital but he still felt like something was missing. Just endlessly making more money was losing its appeal, and he needed some way back in the game, to show off his managerial abilities. The opportunity came in the fall of 1998 when he received a call offering him to manage the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, which was tainted by a corruption scandal. From September to November 1998, Saturn could mostly be found between 0 and 3 Taurus, square Romney’s own Saturn. It was also completely out of the blue, and Romney was being handed this amazing opportunity as Uranus came to his Midheaven and Jupiter to his Sun. He left his job at Bain Capital after having worked there for a half-Saturn cycle and on January 29th 1999, Romney became the CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Employing his management experience, the “Bain Way”, his private sector connections, and political wisdom from his failed 1994 Senate bid, the 2002 Winter Olympics were a giant success. Those around Romney suspected that he had his sights set on bigger things than just the Olympics, as they claim he exaggerated his successes and took credit for the work of others. Romney clearly saw this as the springboard he needed back into a life in politics. Within months after the Winter Olympics finished, Romney was elected Governor of Massachusetts on November 5th 2002, when Neptune was transiting over his Midheaven.

Saturn Return 2005-6: Develops Presidential Ambitions, Signs Universal Health Care in Massachusetts

Romney’s second Saturn return occurred on August 3rd 2005. In that time period came the first reports that Romney might be laying the groundwork down for a presidential run after several trips to various other states.  On December 14th 2005, Romney announced he would not seek re-election as governor, which anyone who read between the lines could tell was a declaration that he had his sights set on bigger things. On April 12th 2006, Romney signed the bill enacting a universal healthcare plan in Massachusetts. It was his crowning achievement, and achieved through the “Bain Way” as applied to a political and economic problem. He couldn’t have guessed how this accomplishment would turn against him later.

Saturn Waxing Square 2012: 2012 Election

I should note, that even after all I’ve told you, Saturn is not the only operative planet in Romney’s chart, but it is one that appears to have a particular degree of importance concerning his career, and its position suggests that his ambitions are intertwined with family, especially the father. Saturn reaches 2 Scorpio in late October 2012, right before the election on November 6th 2012. What’s remarkable about this is that it would seem to suggest that Romney becomes the Republican nominee, or is at least a vice presidential candidate. We could look back at the 2 previous times Romney has experienced this phase of Saturn: when he was impressed as a child at his father becoming the CEO of AMC, and when he himself became the CEO of Bain Capital- so will Mitt Romney become the CEO of the USA? I think this would be an incomplete way to look at it, as both of those events bear relation less to each other, and more to the preceding Saturn event. Romney’s first Saturn square was an outgrowth from his birth to his political and business-minded parents, whereas the next Saturn square was an outgrowth of the beginning of his business career.

The interesting thing about Saturn transits is how alternately rewarding or punishing they can be based on your past actions. It’s interesting that at his last Saturn return he passed universal healthcare in Massachusetts. What should have been one of his greatest achievements as a governor has now become his signature political liability (for conservatives). Although the comparisons are unfair, they will always be drawn: between Mitt Romney and his father, George Romney. Mitt Romney is in many ways George Romney 2.0, with vast improvements, but with one difference. As you will see in the second part, the crucial difference between them is really about steadfastness versus adaptability. Both are as crucial as they can be deadly to political aspirations. Regardless of the outcome of the 2012 election (and we will eventually have a solid prediction on it once we’ve examined all the charts), the more important question for Mitt Romney on a level where the personal and political intersect is: Can he bear responsibility for what he truly believes, regardless of what others say, just as his father would advise him to? Whether it’s abortion, his healthcare law, or his Mormonism? Will that be more important to him than winning? If he can answer that question truthfully, he will be able to live with himself when the winner is announced.

Read Part II here.

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • R. Thake says:

    Let me start by saying, I’m only the most amateur of amateur astrologers. Also, I’ve only ever studied Hindu (Vedic) astrology. There’s a concept in Vedic Astrology that bind Venus and Saturn in a person’s horoscope in a very special way… If the person has Taurus or Libra Ascendant, then Saturn becomes the planet most responsible for their success (it makes Sat lord of 9th/10th or 4th/5th respectively) . If a person has Aquarius or Capricorn as the ascendent, then Venus is lord of 4th/9th or 5th/10th. In Vedic astrology, the 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th house are all houses involved in happiness, career, recognition, ect. In Romney’s case: Taurus ascending makes Saturn lord of the 9th and 10th: houses of destiny(9) and career(10). A strong period of Saturn might propel him forward, or a weak one might hold him back.

    But after reading your 2012 Prediction I’m inclined to think he won’t win.

  • Sol says:

    Very interesting…And maybe especially so because it is an angular saturn in a fixed sign (and in a chart with highlighted angles), but with a sun in fluid pisces…Goes to show what the angles really does to a chart, they simply run away with the show…

    great analysis..

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