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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Michele Bachmann’s Birth Time Revealed…Sort Of

Posted by on Wednesday, July 13 201121 Comments

Michele Bachmann herself has revealed her birth time in an interview…sort of. In the Status of the 2012 Presidential Candidates’ Birth Times post you can see the updates regarding Michele Bachmann’s birth time. At first it seemed it would be impossible to get Bachmann’s birth time as the time was not printed on the certificate. However, thanks to a tip from Robert Blumberg, I was led to this article which refers to a now-defunct article from the Des Moines Register in which the following exchange occurs between Bachmann and an unknown interviewer:

Q. We went to the Black Hawk County courthouse and asked for a genealogical copy of your birth certificate, not an official, certified copy, just a genealogical copy, but they declined to release it. Would you be willing to give us a copy?

A. “Of course, you can have my birth certificate! As a matter of fact I brought it with me the last time I went to Iowa in case anyone asked. I was born at Allen Memorial Hospital in Waterloo, and I was born at 12:08 on April 6. My dad was actually in college at the time at what was called the state teachers’ college which is of course now UNI, and that’s where I was born.

As you might have noticed, one crucial detail is missing: whether her birth time is 12:08 AM or PM. Either way, though, this is extremely promising that Bachmann would be very open to providing this crucial detail if she were asked. It is kind of annoying that the original article that all of this came from in the Des Moines Register is now broken, and is not available through the Internet Wayback Machine either. So the original source is a bit in doubt, which is annoying, but I am willing to bet that the original article did exist, as several other websites have picked up the quote as well, though not necessarily for the birth time.

We here at the PAB will try to suss out which chart may be the real one, and try to get Bachmann to clarify if she meant 12:08 am or pm. In the meantime, here are both charts, which one do you think is Michele Bachmann’s?

12:08 AM, April 6th, 1956, Waterloo, Iowa

12:08 PM, April 6th, 1956, Waterloo, Iowa

I say this purely speculatively as I have not thoroughly examined these charts yet, but my first impression is that it would be very interesting if Bachmann were born at 12:08 am, as her Descendant would be at 21 Gemini, the degree where she had her Sun-Mercury recurrence transit on the day she filed her papers to run for President and participated in the debate that launched her to the first tier, which we talked about here. Let us know what you think!

Thanks to reader Robert Blumberg for the tip!

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Protonrick says:

    I vote Sag rising. Outspoken bigmouth who speaks without thinking.


  • Twilight says:

    I tend to agree with Protonrick. In the PM chart Uranus on the ascendant would indicate somebody on the avant garde not supporting her type of regressive politics. Uranus is on the 12th house side of the ascendant though – maybe she’s a closet revolutionary! The rest of the PM chart could fit. Leo rising Aries midheaven, signs of a would-be leader.

    It’ll have to remain either/or for now, I think.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    I also tend to think it’s the 21 Sagittarius rising because the lunar eclipse that happened on June 15th was at 23 Sagittarius, two days after when she filed her papers to run, and participated in the debate where she made an impressive enough performance to launch her to a near-frontrunner. I still have a few more things to check out.

  • steven davis says:

    Since most of the google entries for Bachmann have the word “crazy” in them, my guess is the PM chart (the second one)
    It is people like this (and Palin and Beck etc.) that will make the otherwise snoozy election rather interesting. I say give her a microphone and a drink!

  • […] contender for the 2012 election, suffers from migraines I am eager to profile her.  I found this great article from Patrick Watson in which Bachmann reports on the time of her birth, but not whether it was morning or afternoon: Q. […]

  • […] contender for the 2012 election, suffers from migraines I am eager to profile her.  I found this great article from Patrick Watson in which Bachmann reports on the time of her birth, but not whether it was morning or afternoon: Q. […]

  • Kristina says:

    I would lean more toward the am chart because she has 5 children and has been a foster parent to some 23 teenage girls. That seems to fit Sun, Merc, and especially IC in the fifth house better than Saturn in the fifth, although the ruler of the fifth is stronger in the pm chart. Tough call.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Well spotted, I wrote the same thing on Lynn Hayes’ BeliefNet blog. It’s going to take more than this kind of analysis to crack this one.

  • Adam says:

    This post focuses on the implications of the nodal axis and the involvement of Saturn and Venus with that axis. The following is a reading of the 12:08 pm chart. I draw from Martin Schulman’s Karmic Astrology, Mohan Koparkar Lunar Nodes and Robert Pelletier Planets in Aspect.

    The North Node in Sagittarius in H5 conveys a karmic opportunity for creating one’s own destiny and is working with the theme of putting dreams into action. The native with this placement desires to speak from a higher truth. With Saturn conjunct the North Node, the higher truth may be read as “traditional values”. The conjunction of Saturn on the North Node also suggests strong will power with law and government as a vehicle for self-expression. Also, Saturn in H5 can bring responsibility for other people’s children, an apt reading for her role as foster mom. Saturn’s position on North Node indicates a lifelong theme of submitting to authority, whether parents, husband or tradition- and working to promote those values.

    The conjunction of Venus on the South Node in Gemini in H11 conveys difficulty in understanding love emotions and feelings and a longing for a return to an idealized past. The path is likely to involve sublimating sexual energy into a higher consciousness as a means of balancing past lives of over-indulgence.

    The overlay of Venus opposite Saturn on the Nodal Axis suggests a tendency to underestimate self-worth in early years, and a real need to find self-esteem through participating in a competitive environment. This opposition also conveys that intimacy is difficult and pleasure takes a back seat to duty.

    My vote is for the 12:08pm birth chart.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    That’s a good point about Saturn in the 5th, it is indeed specifically mentioned as an indicator that one would care for another’s child. But the other problem with that is that Saturn is not exactly known as a fertile planet and that would seem to inhibit matters of the 5th, and not only has she been a foster parent for many children she also had (I think 5?) children of her own, although the ruler of the 5th is quite strong (Jupiter), as Kristina mentioned. This is tricky. Luckily the Ascendants are not just opposites of each other (as usually happens with am-pm conflicts) so it is ripe for testing once we examine her chronology. (A daunting task…)

  • Katie says:

    I vote PM. Yes, Uranus is conj. the ascendant, but it’s tucked away in the 12th. And it’s in Cancer intercepted. Also, I could totally see someone with Saturn in the 5th conjunct the North Node in Sag (ruler conjunct Pluto and Jupiter) to have a big family. Uranus on the 7th? We all know her husband is a bit weird.

    Maybe because I have Sag rising with Libra on the MC, but I find it hard to believe that someone like Michelle Bachmann would have her biggest ambition to be that of cooperation (Libra on the 10th). Aries conjunct Mercury in the 10th in the PM chart seems more like it. Wide trine to Pluto? Square to Mars in the 6th? Girlfriend is ambitious and dominating.

    Also worth noting that the PM time has her moon at 24 Aquarius, which would put it almost conjunct with the US Moon (Sibley).

  • […] Born: April 6th, 1956, Waterloo, Iowa, (Blackhawk county), unknown time, ADB rating: X Update 7/13/11: Bachmann’s birth time is 12:08 but it is unknown whether it is am or pm, see here. […]

  • Starlight says:

    My guess is 12:08am, because of the Sag rising; and Jupiter Pluto in ninth house, ruled by Sag and her studies in law and higher education. It also places Saturn in 12th and that really points to her rigid and extreme conservative/religious views. Interesting it’s conjunct her northnode, as if she has a lot of exploring to do in this area; and her south node in the sixth, as if she’s using her religious/institutionalized beliefs in the name of service only – she still has to truly internalize it and it’s a life long journey. Uranus in the 7th, yup, she does have a pretty eccentric mate!

  • Ryhan says:

    I’m going with the PM chart. She really does look like a Leo Ascendant character, the eyes, the hair (though, admittedly she could just choose to style in that way), I can see that.

    Mostly, though, I would hate to think that someone with a cazimi Mercury could make that many verbal gaffes and answer tough questions with rehearsed lines and glazed looks. 🙂

  • Have you had a chance to look at her Fortune and Spirit aphesis?

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Not yet Doug! I need to sit down and create a chronology first. I wish someone could just ask her really quickly.

  • Ruby says:

    I vote for the pm time. I think the Sag rising would have more of a commitment to the truth. With the Leo asc we have Neptune square the asc and she is just masterful at evading the real questions.Plus the am time as someone else mentioned gives the libra MC, a real stretch to imagine with her level of assertiveness and inability to cooperate. I also think that the Uranus asc conj is often not liberal at all, just very opinionated and Mars opp the uranus makes the opinions HERS and she is fearless in that dangerous kinda way. I think the 5h jupiter rulership makes the most sense with the # of kids. I think the rulership trumps the sat in h5

  • Lynn Bootes says:

    Hi, I ran these birth times using Vedic astrology. Based on these charts, I vote for 12:08 pm. Vedic astrology uses a whole sign house system and sidereal zodiac – the version I use is the Vimshottari for anyone who wishes to know.

    12:08 pm gives sidereal Cancer rising with Jupiter in the Ascendant, which certainly fits her apparently extroverted personality and her concern with moral and religious issues. Mars is in the 7th house, on an angle, and Mars is also the ruler of Aries, the 10th house. She is an attorney and generally does not mind provoking argument! Saturn is conjunct the North Node in the 5th house in Scorpio, reflecting her role as a strict parent and her desire to work as a foster parent. Venus and the South Node are in Taurus in the 11th house, the house of gains. She can put on the charm.

    The 12:08 am chart has Scorpio rising with Saturn and North Node in the Ascendant. The 7th house has Venus and the South Node in Taurus. With this chart I would expect someone a lot less extroverted and with some significant marital problems. The emphasis of the chart would be more to the 4th house Moon – and 5th house Sun – home and family and not a public career.

    Even more telling are the dashas for the two charts. The dasha system has many similarities to Hellenistic profections and timing techniques. In any case, I referred to the short biography on Wikipedia for the following dates: parents divorced at age 13 – 1969. Developed her political identity as a Republican pro-lifer in 1973 and 1976. Married 1978. Quit her IRS job to stay home with children 1973. Her first subsequent public role on the board of a charter school with Christian values, 1993. First political campaign 1999 (lost). First elected to office 2000. Declared her candidacy for President June 13, 2011.

    Her parents’ divorce most certainly was a traumatic event. In the noon chart, the dasha was Rahu/Ketu (North Node major cycle, South Node minor cycle.) Ketu subcycles are often associated with loss. Her formative experiences in 1973 and 1976 occurred during other phases of the Rahu major cycle.

    She married in 1978, a few months after entering the next major cycle, Jupiter. This is the sort of thing one sees frequently in Vedic astrology – a marriage when Venus or Jupiter are at their strongest. The Jupiter cycle lasts 16 years and is often favorable, especially so for her with Jupiter exalted in the Ascendant. In 1993, when she quit her job, she was in the Ketu(South Node) subcycle of Jupiter – again a loss of sorts.

    In 1993, she entered her Saturn major dasha which lasts 19 years. Saturn is in the 5th house with the North Node in Scorpio, in mutual reception to her 7th house Mars. She was on the board of a charter school, but within 6 months resigned because of parent objections about the overt Christian philosophy of this public school. In 1999 she was in a Venus subcycle of Saturn when she first ran for office – the local school board – and lost. A year later, under the same subcycle, she won her first election. Her first election to congress, in November, 2006, took place in the Saturn/Rahu subcycle. Rahu is often associated with obsession or ambition. As she entered Saturn/Jupiter in July 2009 she became increasingly vocal in her opposition to Obama and his policies just as the Tea Party movement gained momentum. Her Congressional activism and presidential campaign have all taken place during this subcycle.

    Ironically, if this birth time is correct, she will be done with her Saturn cycle in January, 2012. She will enter Mercury. Her natal Mercury in Pisces is in detriment and is extremely weak in strength, a fact which goes along with the verbal flubs mentioned by other bloggers.

    If the midnight time is correct, the timing of the dashas would change several years later and would not coincide so well with the life events listed.

    I also follow Western astrology but I wanted to put in my two cents on this birth time question. Hopefully her real birth time will soon emerge.

    Lynn Bootes Circle of LIght Vedic Consulting

  • Lynn Bootes says:

    One correction. She quit her job as an attorney in 1993 not 1983, when entering the Saturn Mahadasha.

  • Carolyn says:

    My intuition told me PM, and I stand by that after looking at the charts. She seems like a Leo rising to me, I agree that a Sag asc would be more concerned with the TRUTH of the country.

    ps- RON PAUL 2012!

  • Jadega says:

    I would suggest doing a birth chart rectification with past events lined up, before doing any sort of prediction for this birth chart.

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