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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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A Clue to Rectify Herman Cain’s Chart?

Posted by on Monday, October 24 201112 Comments

Through a very interesting turn of events, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain is now in the top-tier if not a front-runner among the Republican presidential candidates. I’ve personally inquired about his birth time, but unfortunately it has not been recorded on his birth certificate so our only chance of getting a time is from him or someone else in his family. However, another method by which an astrologer can determine a birth time by is “reverse-engineering” it from the events in their life, a process known as rectification. This requires compiling large amounts of data about a person’s life, as precisely timed as possible. While we do not have enough information to do a proper rectification for Herman Cain, I’ve noticed something that may be helpful.

First of all, Herman Cain was born on December 13th 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee, but that is all we know at the moment. You can find Cain’s noontime chart for reference here. A story not many are familiar with is that Cain’s first arrival on the political scene was a debate with President Bill Clinton! On April 7th 1994, Bill Clinton was holding a televised townhall in Kansas City to promote his health care reform plans. Cain charged that Clinton’s plan would force him and other small business owners to cut jobs as a result of having to cover health insurance costs for employees. What followed was an impressive flurry of off-the-cuff number-crunching between the two men. Although  Clinton performed well, he was clearly on the defensive from the well-prepared Cain. Conservative commentators have said in hindsight that Cain’s encounter with Clinton spelled the beginning of the end for Clinton’s health care reform effort, and Republicans, including then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich took notice of him. There were several interesting transits that night, but I would like to point out Venus’s position at 7 Taurus which seems to be a relevant point for his career aspirations.

  • The next big political moment for Cain was on May 24th 1995, when Newt Gingrich appointed him to a Republican tax reform commission. It was specifically designed to study the effects of a flat tax rate for all Americans, the basic principle of which some people may recognize as Cain’s so-called “9-9-9” tax plan. Venus was at 9 Taurus.
  • 8 years later, a Venus synodic cycle, on May 21st 2003, Cain announced his run for Senate in Georgia for the 2004 elections. He was an unknown going up against a popular incumbent in the primaries. He lost the primary election, but he had put up more of a fight than anyone had expected and very nearly forced a run-off vote. Venus was at 6 Taurus on the day he announced his run for Senate.
  • Exactly 8 years later, another Venus synodic cycle, on May 21st 2011, Cain announced his run for President in the 2012 elections. Venus was at 7 Taurus, conjunct with Mars at 7 Taurus and Mercury at 8 Taurus.
What’s interesting is that Cain himself seems to notice the 8-year Venus pattern related to his experience with leadership and elections that extends even further back into his life. In his new memoir This is Herman Cain!: My Journey to the White House he writes:
I gave my first speech at our church. I was eight years old and I can still recall my first words: “I wish my parents would stop talking about who I look like.” I lost my first election in the seventh grade. It was for class president. Five years later, as a high school senior, I ran a second time, having been urged to do so by some of my classmates who recognized leadership qualities in me before I did.
There is a latter day parallel of sorts: In 2004, I ran in Georgia for a Senate seat but lost that election. Now, seven years later, I’m out there campaigning for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination! There’s a message in that time-frame between defeat and success!
A message in time-frames. If you only knew, Herman Cain, if you only knew.

It’s probably worth mentioning he had flirted with running for President before for the 2000 elections, to the point of filing a presidential exploratory committee with the FEC. His campaign quickly petered out as the Republican Party began to coalesce around George W. Bush, Cain joined the campaign of flat-tax champion Steve Forbes. I don’t have exact dates, but it appears his campaign was active between March 1999 and July 1999, during which time Saturn had transited across 7-9 Taurus.

He was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer sometime in March 2006. What this means is that he had had it long enough for it to spread to his liver. I couldn’t help noticing that only a short while before the diagnosis, Mars had stationed direct at 8 Taurus, very close to his solar return on December 9th 2005. This was in fact the same part of the Mars retrograde cycle that Cain himself was born in (he was born 10 days after Mars stationed retrograde), since Mars runs on a rough 15-year synodic cycle. The only other time in Cain’s life when Mars had been retrograde at this degree was in September of 1973. It would be interesting to see if that had been another time coincident with a health problem.

Now the interesting thing about this point, 7-9 Taurus, is that it makes virtually no aspects to any of the general placements of the planets on the day he was born, except for a loose-ish square to his Pluto at 11 Leo. I don’t think we would see this level of recurrence and importance for someone just because it’s a square to Pluto. This makes me suspect that one of the angles in his chart is 7-9 Taurus. If he was born with 8 Taurus on the Descendant, he was born close to 3:37 am with 8 Scorpio rising. If he was born with 8 Taurus on the IC, he was born close to 8:56 am with 18 Capricorn rising. If he was born with 8 Taurus on the Ascendant, he was born close to 2:13 pm with, duh, 8 Taurus rising. If he was born with 8 Taurus on the Midheaven, he was born close to 8:53 pm with 15 Leo rising.

I’m tempted to consider one of these times, but the bottom line is we need a lot more precise dates in his chronology, and more to the point, we need to get a quote from Herman Cain to see if he knows his own birth time!

UPDATE: Almost exactly 8 years (Venus) before his confrontation with Clinton, on April 1st 1986, he became the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Venus was close but not really at 7-9 Taurus, at 29 Aries. However, it was 1 day before Jupiter perfected it’s square with Saturn though, a recurrence transit of Cain’s natal Jupiter-Saturn square. Uranus was also on his Sun. Click to enlarge.

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Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Carole Lalonde says:

    Would you kindly submit this second comment as I confused authors in the first draft.

    Hello Patrick,

    Your article is interesting.I know the work involved, as I have rectified charts myself. One comment on the possibility that Venus might be conjunct one of the angles: Venus might also be ruler of Taurus or Libra lst house, a powerful placement.

    I personally have followed up on Zip Dobyn’s suggestion of using the Secondary progressed Moon. In her book, Progressions, Directions and Rectification, she recounts helping to solve the murder case of a 7 year old, whose father thought he was born “early morning”. When the birth certificate was obtained, it confirmed Ms Dobyn’s detective work with the progressed Moon, i.e.: he was born between 6 and 8 p.m.!

    I hope this comment will be helpful!


  • Patrick Watson says:

    Hi Carole,

    That’s a danger with rectifications, if a planet is conjunct one of the angles it can be harder to isolate transits to the planet versus the angle. I considered that Venus might be conjunct one of the angles but then that wouldn’t explain why 7-9 Taurus might be important. I checked all of the times Cain’s Venus could have been on an angle, and 7-9 Taurus is still unoccupied by an angle or anything else, and otherwise nothing occupies it. 7-9 Taurus is not a planetary midpoint either.

    Still, I think Venus appears to be playing an important role in Herman Cain’s chart, I think this is also reflected in his musical abilities. He even released a gospel album in 1996 (but we need the release date and recording dates, I can’t find them. He also organized mixed race choirs and used proceeds from their concerts to go towards youth outreach centers, which is all pretty Venus-y. Honestly, if we go with the conventional interpretations of the angles, I’m nearly thinking 7-9 Taurus could be the Midheaven. There are a few synastric and transit things involving his parents that have to do with 7-9 Scorpio, which would be the degree of his IC. Herman Cain gives a lot of dates for things in his new memoir, I’ve been reading excerpts online, but I may have to buy the thing to get some more specifics.

    So how do you use the secondary progressed Moon for rectification?


  • Carole Lalonde says:

    Hi Patrick,

    The best explanation may be found in Ms Dobyn’s book. However, the technique is quite simple. Take a give year and month in which an important event occurred. As the birth hour is not known, the natal Moon will vary between 11 and 15 degrees, depending on its motion. For an average motion of 12-13 degrees, the progressed Moon moves ahead one degree per month. See the progressed Moon’s range during the month of the event. As we know, the progressed Moon triggers the changes, therefore, it ought to conjunct or aspect some meaningful planet. At first, you will be dealing with a range of 11-15 degrees for the progressed Moon at the time of the event. But if you try with 3 or 4 significant events, the range should quickly narrow down. I hope my explanations are clear enough. Good luck with your research.


  • DINESHA says:

    Greetings….i enjoy reading your blogs…i have a personal question that i hope you can help me with. I want to know if being born on 9-11-1979 in New Orleans, La @6:40am. I was introduced to astrology in 1999. If you could give me a clue into what my birthday means for me, I would appreciate it. thanks!

  • Carole Lalonde says:

    Hi Dinesha,

    I’ll be happy to analyse your birth chart and solar return. If you wish to inquire about my fees, please contact me personally thru my e-mail.

    Carole Lalonde

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Carole- I understand 2P’s, but I’m curious what kind of events people expect to happen from applications of the 2P Moon.

    Dinesha- Thanks so much for reading! I don’t really advertise that I read people’s charts, I won’t charge a price, but I will accept a donation for what you think the reading is worth. Learning astrology is free though, I’m sure you’re aware of Here are some other good tips for learning more about astrology!


  • Carole Lalonde says:

    Hello Patrick,

    In fact, the keyword for the progressed Moon is change. Anything it highlights, either thru a conjunction, an aspect, ingress into a new sign or new house, inevitably brings change. The highlighted factor indicates the nature of the change. Ms Dobyn’s book tells it all.


  • DINESHA says:

    @Patrick…..yes, I am aware of…..i love that site! I have been collecting birthtimes since 1999. My idea was to collect more birthtimes of children born in the 1990’s-today. I feel that this generation will give us an insight to this consciousness of this new generation….maybe….but if you will…trying to read my own chart gets a bit confusing because its like trying to judge myself. and you know ‘us’ virgos are “perfect”…lol…but i would like another’s point of view…i was thinking of getting my palms read….so when u have time….My name is Dinesha Carter(middle child w/o middle name), born at 6:40am…in New Orleans La….on 9/11/1979….I do know that 9-11 has many, many interesting “happenings”. What does my birthday mean for me?

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Dinesha, my email is, send me an email so I can send you my impressions of your chart.

  • Ms. Poppy says:

    Hello again Patrick,

    Thank you for sharing so much work and detail on your piece. Fascinating! This confirmed by own thoughts, somewhat different but similar. I am leaning to a late Aries, Taurus rising. I do not have degrees thought out exactly yet, however.

    Ms. Poppy

  • Hi Patrick,

    Been really interested in your site over the past months. I am impressed with the detail you get into. With herman Cain, I like the 14.13 birthtime very much, although 14.14 is better placing Saturn in the 3rd house.

    On this 14.14 birthtime did you notice –

    1st Apr 1986 – transiting Pluto on Descendant as he took charge of the Goodfellas pizza

    7th April 94, as Venus at Asc Neptune is bang on the MC symbolising his TV appearance gaining him public awareness.

    In 2006 did you also notice that the transiting South Node connected with his natal Neptune which with a 14.14 birth time would have been in the 6th house of personal health, transiting Saturn being quindecile natal Neptune at the same time, increasing the effect on the natal 6th house Neptune. Mars stationary certainly would not have helped, especiially as it’s natal position had been hit just before by transitng Saturn.

    Moving to today, the transiting South Node is on natal Uranus, nasty bizarre allegations coming out of the blue. Transiting Uranus is also conjunct the progressed MC & square the natal Nodal Axis which very conveniently sits across the 2nd/8th house axis. North Node in house of finance and self worth, South Node in 8th house of change, big business and of course sex and underground acts. The 14.14 birthtime would also place that natal Venus in this 8th house too.

    A couple of other things – 14.14 puts Sun in 8th house, very appropriate for someone involved in big business and banking.Saturn in the 3rd and we know he was a chauffeur to the president of Coca Cola. This also puts Capricorn on the cusp of the 9th and 10th and he is well known as a baptist minister.

    I like you would love to find out his birthtime, but of all the possibilities you mentioned, the one with Taurus rising seems to me by far the best fit I have seen so far.