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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Mars Retrograde in Virgo and the 2012 Primary Elections

Posted by on Tuesday, January 3 201210 Comments

Mars is about to go retrograde right in the middle of the 2012 primary election season. Mars retrogrades happen approximately every 2 years, as Mars, the Earth and the Sun align in that order. Due to the relative motion of the Earth, Mars appears to make a loop in the sky, and it becomes brightest at its opposition with the Sun. There are 7 distinct areas of the zodiac where Mars goes retrograde, and about every 15 years, a Mars retrograde will happen in the same part of the zodiac, gradually shifting backward through the signs. In astrology, Mars is a malefic destructive planet, signifying aggression and conflict, as well as boldness and courage. Mars retrogrades are known for signifying notable conflicts, unusual victories and losses. Virtually all of the 2012 presidential candidates have natal placements that connect to the upcoming Mars retrograde which leads me to believe the early primary season will be especially interesting to watch.

Here’s a rundown of the upcoming Mars retrograde cycle:

  • Pre-retrograde shadow period begins: December 3rd 2011, Mars at 3 Virgo.
  • Retrograde station: January 23rd 2012, Mars at 23 Virgo.
  • Opposition with the Sun: March 3rd 2012, Mars at 13 Virgo.
  • Direct station: April 13th 2012, Mars at 3 Virgo.
  • Post-retrograde shadow period ends:  June 20th 2012, Mars at 23 Virgo.

As the 2012 GOP candidates trickled into the race, I began to notice a common feature for nearly all of them: they were about to experience hard transits from the lunar nodes transiting across mid-to-late Gemini-Sagittarius, and the lunar nodes were angular at the specific times of their announcements. Their first debate took place right at a Sun-Mercury conjunction at 21 Gemini and right before a lunar eclipse at 23 Sagittarius, which all of their charts connected with, seemingly locking them in to the contest. This also puts them all in the line of fire of the Mars retrograde from 23-3 Virgo early next year in the middle of the primaries.

  • Mitt RomneySun at 21 Pisces, Mercury conjunct Mars at 13 Pisces
  • Ron PaulVenus at 22 Virgo, Mercury at 7 Virgo opposite Saturn at 7 Pisces, Neptune at 14 Virgo
  • Newt GingrichSun at 26 Gemini opposite Moon at 25 Sagittarius, Saturn at 17 Gemini
  • Rick SantorumSaturn at 24 Sagittarius, Mars at 10 Pisces
  • Rick PerrySun at 13 Pisces opposite Moon and Saturn at 16 Virgo
  • Jon HuntsmanMercury at 12 Pisces, Venus at 13 Pisces
  • Michele Bachmann: She is the only one without a planet affected by the Mars retrograde, although if she was born at 12:06 am, then the Mars retrograde station would be at her zenith.

And finally…

  • Barack Obama: Mars at 22 Virgo, Moon at 3 Gemini square Pluto at 6 Virgo

Yes, Obama has Mars just one degree away from where Mars will station retrograde. His Moon is also square the degree at which Mars will station direct. For a lot of factors, it’s hard to spin this one positively. 15 years ago, Mars went retrograde over Obama’s Mars in a very different part of his career. He had just been sworn in as a new Illinois state senator, a true political naivete. On March 13th, 1997, he introduced one of his first pieces of legislation- a bill to make a directory of community college graduates to be available to local employers looking to hire. Obama was going to learn the hard way what it really took to make a bill pass through Illinois politics, as evidenced by the response Obama received from Rickey Hendon, a fellow Democratic senator.

HENDON: Senator, could you correctly pronounce your name for me? I’m having a little trouble with it.
OBAMA: Obama.
HENDON: Is that Irish?
OBAMA: It will be when I run countywide.
HENDON: That was a good joke, but this bill’s still going to die. This directory, would that have those 1-800 sex line numbers in this directory?
OBAMA: I apologize. I wasn’t paying Senator Hendon any attention.
HENDON: Well, clearly, as poorly as this legislation is drafted, you didn’t pay it much attention either. My question was: Are the 1-800 sex line numbers going to be in this directory?
OBAMA: Not—not—basically this idea comes out of the South Side community colleges. I don’t know what you’re doing on the West Side community colleges. But we probably won’t be including that in our directory for the students.
HENDON: . . . Let me just say this, and to the bill: I seem to remember a very lovely Senator by the name of Palmer—much easier to pronounce than Obama—and she always had cookies and nice things to say, and you don’t have anything to give us around your desk. How do you expect to get votes? And—and you don’t even wear nice perfume like Senator Palmer did. . . . I’m missing Senator Palmer because of these weak replacements with these tired bills that makes absolutely no sense. I . . . I definitely urge a No vote. Whatever your name is.


Freshman hazing apparently doesn’t end in college. However, the tension between the two was real, culminating in a shoving match where the two had to be physically separated, on June 11th 2002. (It was a Sun-Saturn conjunction square Obama’s Mars). What’s harder to figure out is what the return of this part of the Mars cycle might mean for Obama during the 2012 primaries. I’m tempted to think that during the 1997 Mars retrograde transit was about Obama’s first encounters with real enemies, wanton opposition, in a political context.  In some way, the primary season will be a return to Obama’s first months as an elected official.

‘Why should we care so much about this Mars retrograde?’ you might ask. Well, where do you think Mars will be on the date of the 2012 elections, November 6th, 2012? 22 Sagittarius.

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Written by

Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • And all these placements align with the USA’s Mars-Neptune square.

  • Margaret Sipple says:

    Mars patterns notwithstanding
    Liked the Mars conjunct Mars (trine Jupiter/Saturn recess appts
    11/7/12 Obama’s north node is near the zenith and Chiron return I’m the First
    I think he wins big for us all

  • ZA says:

    You do know the history with Palmer don’t you? She was Obama’s mentor. She helped him get started and advocated for him. She ran for another office (US congress) then, when she lost, decided to run again for her state senate seat. Obama had her disqualified via manipulating the rules. That is Illinois politics – dirty, dirty and dirty (how many of their governors have gone to jail? 4 or 5 or 6?). But it was a very notable betrayal. Some felt it ruined her career and she was a very successful and loved senator (she was a black woman representing her native community, the south side of Chicago, and he had recently moved to Chicago and wanted to be politically upwardly mobile, but did not have roots there). In any case, she never got over it and he never apologized or made amends. Seems to me that Hendon knew all about his colleague getting betrayed and was letting Obama know there are consequences to his destructive actions. Fits with the astrology. Obama seems to be telling him he just does not give a ****.

  • This Mars station is the closest station on my natal Mars that I’ve had in my 50 years on this planet. Obama being just a few hours older than I am, this is sure to be true for him as well. I checked all other Mars stations since 1961 and this one is the closest by far (to the degree).

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Yeah I have read about the Palmer saga, are you saying that it has relevance for this Mars retrograde or…?

  • ZA says:

    Yes, obviously I’m saying it is relevant to the transit in general. If a person betrays another by intentionally doing damage to them (mars direct) then in the retrograde phase the reaction happens. This is relevant to the last mars retrograde. Not sure what will be relevant to the upcoming one of course. He is a politician and a good one at that. I hope you are not thinking he is some god-like ‘light bringer’ who is not subject to transits. Also, he was not a “true political naivete” – that is silly. He was and is a great campaigner and a forceful politician. No truly “naivete” could create such a “saga” and then play the political field to compete for the presidency.

  • Patrick Watson says:


    Ah, I thought you were saying Obama strong-arming Palmer off the ballot happened during the retrograde in 1997, which I was confused by because it all happened in December 1995.

    “If a person betrays another by intentionally doing damage to them (mars direct) then in the retrograde phase the reaction happens.”

    That’s very interesting you say that. Normally I restrict connections between consecutive Mars phases to just the conjunction and opposition/retrograde. So Obama’s troubles upon first getting into office during the Mars retrograde in early 1997 I would say is directly related to the events of the previous conjunction, which happened in March 1996, which is quite a bit after the Palmer events. On March 19th 1996, under the Sun-Mars conjunction, Obama won the Democratic primary, unopposed. So there’s a clear connection to the time he won the primary versus serving as an elected official. However, certainly part of his problems in office were due to lingering anger over his muscling Palmer off the ballot, clearly evident in Rickey Hendon’s remarks to Obama. What’s interesting is that it was December 18th 1995 that Palmer decided at the last minute she would run for Senate anyway, and it was on December 26th that Obama challenged her petition signatures. According to my program, it was on December 21st 1995 that Mars made its heliacal setting, the last phase before the conjunction, the primary. So I would say maybe it’s not just that whatever happens when Mars is direct that comes to judgment under the retrograde, but rather when it is at specific synodic phases.

    “He is a politician and a good one at that. I hope you are not thinking he is some god-like ‘light bringer’ who is not subject to transits. Also, he was not a “true political naivete” – that is silly. He was and is a great campaigner and a forceful politician. No truly “naivete” could create such a “saga” and then play the political field to compete for the presidency.”

    I think we’ve hashed out our opinions on Obama before and needn’t go through it again. Of course, the answer to whether I think he is some “god-like ‘light bringer'” and immune to transits is obviously no, and I’m bewildered why you might even make the suggestion that I do. 1. Obama is only human. 2. This is an astrology blog, so it sort of goes without saying I think transits are important. 3. I would never, ever use a phrase like “light bringer” with any sincerity. You clearly do not know me.

    Maybe it would benefit you to read a little more carefully. The context for the mention of Obama being a “naivete” was this: “He had just been sworn in as a new Illinois state senator, a true political naivete.” It was stating the obvious, this was Obama’s first political office ever. It was also a reference to the prominent criticism of Obama in the 2008 election, that he was too inexperienced and naiive. How much more naiive could he be if not in his very first experience in public office? I mean, yes, he certainly showed some chutzpah in using the rules to his advantage in keeping Palmer off the ballot, but at the same time he seemed to genuinely expect that legislative debates would be like the collegial kind he had at Harvard, and he was mistaken.

  • ZA says:

    Well, I don’t know astrology nearly as much as you do. But it has been my general observation that with mars energy – which is active, energetic, sexual, destructive etc – that energy returns during a retrograde. Apparently it did to Obama when he was a state senator. It certainly didn’t hurt him. You can’t know what he expected as a freshman state senator, tho. Not many truly naive people betray their mentor and waltz into the position of state senator – which is a very powerful position. His dismissal of fellow democrat Hendon by saying “I wasn’t paying Senator Hendon any attention” reads much more jaded to me. Whatever. In any case Obama blew him off, he blew his advocate Palmer off, and the retrograde did not harm his political ambitions. I doubt it will this time either. I think he will sail to another political victory. He’s got my vote too.

  • D. says:

    Obama lost primary elections on 21 March 2000 as transit Taurus Saturn square his natal Leo Sun. Transit Saturn Scorpio will again square his natal Leo Sun on 4 November 2012, as transit Mars conjunt transit Pluto antiscia square his natal Mars ruler of 10th. Very different than 2008 as transit Saturn conjunct his natal Mars trine his natal Jupiter-Saturn which offset his hard secondary progressions even more tight now (i.e. Mars-Mercure square Saturn). Of course, it depends also on many other factors, and considering his popularity, Obama will probably be re-elected. The bad transits could be explained by the fact that the country could then be ongoing a war at that time with Iran or Syria at that time. Prediction is very difficult as trouble often comes from unexpected places.

  • D. says:

    It would be better for a country to elect a person who has good progressions and transits, as it could change favorably the fate of this country, but of course, astrology cannot have such an impact on a voting population. If Titanic’s Captain Smith has been changed for another captain having better progressions and transits, probably Titanic would not have hit the iceberg. Everytime, I look at good and bad events, the person in charge’s chart is what we should look at (when available of course).