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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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The Astrology of Robert Bales and the Kandahar Massacre

Posted by on Saturday, March 17 201211 Comments

US Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales has been named as a suspect in a shooting spree which killed sixteen civilians (three women, four men, and nine children) in Punjwai, Afghanistan. It took place in between 3 and 4 am on March 11th 2012 near Kandahar. The attack was unauthorized, and the motive remains unclear for now. The crime has shocked the international community, and has escalated tensions between the US and Afghanistan over where the suspect should be tried. Investigations are still ongoing to determine who else might be responsible for the attack. Luckily, the PAB has been able to obtain Robert Bales’ birthdate, so now we can get somewhat of a glimpse into what was going on astrologically.

Robert Bales was born on June 30th, 1973 in Norwood, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati, in Hamilton County), (no birth time yet, as usual).*** What jumps out at me about  the position of the planets at his birth is that he was born on the day of a solar eclipse which was square Mars, and even loosely square Pluto.  (You know when an eclipse has occurred when a new or full moon occurs within 15 degrees of a Node.) This would suggest to me for people born around that time that the themes and manifestations of anger, conflict,  destruction, violence, war would be tightly bound with this person’s personality, life and purpose, in a particularly dramatic way because of the eclipse and possible entanglement with Pluto. And all of this just happens to be very appropriate for a soldier who allegedly perpetrated these crimes.

Weirdly, Bales was born while Mars was square the Nodes, and on the night of the massacre, Mars was retrograde square the Nodes. So it was a recurrence of his natal position, but probably more remarkable than previous recurrences because Mars was bright and retrograde in the sky, as well as being a possible transit to his angles which we don’t know about without a birth time. And of course, Mars is an appropriate planet to be involved, considering what happened. Another unmistakable transit he is having is Pluto opposing his Sun (and possibly his Moon as well depending on the time of birth). This is likely descriptive of the harsh international spotlight which shines on him now, for the allegations of horrific deeds that may endanger soldiers on the ground, inflame anti-American sentiment, putting some people on the path to becoming someone like Osama bin Laden. Later on this year, Pluto will go retrograde and Uranus will move up so that the Uranus-Pluto square aligns with Bales’ natal Sun-Mars square. This could be a trial worth keeping track of.

I noted in a previous article “Obama’s Afghanistan War Plans: Mars Retrograde in Leo” that Obama was ramping up the war against Al Quaeda in Afghanistan in the same part of the Mars cycle as other notoriously difficult conflicts were planned. Interestingly enough, we are now in the next Mars retrograde period since that time (Mars retrogrades happen every 2 years) and now the alleged crimes of an American soldier will almost certainly cause the value of an American presence in Afghanistan to come under much harsher scrutiny. What we’re seeing is the development of an initiative during one Mars retrograde coming to the forefront again during the next Mars retrograde, especially in the form of a problem.

***I arrived at his birth date through several inferences and deductions. Ultimately I received final corroboration from a background check service called Intelius that I would not recommend using without caution, or hell, even with caution. Countless people have complained in website review sites that Intelius and many other seemingly-promising background check services are scams which keep taking money out after one purchase. I made sure to cancel my account right after purchasing the report to avoid being charged extra , which included calling their customer service center, letting them know that I was recording the conversation and confirming on tape that I would not be charged anything extra and that my account was deleted. I took the risk to possibly get confirmation on the birthdate, and luckily it paid off.

Innumerable news reports have stated he is 38 years old, which means he was either born in 1973 or 1974. Additionally, it was reported that his family lived in Lake Tapps, WA, and that he himself was born and then grew up in Norwood, Ohio.  The media has also quoted excerpts from the blog of Robert Bales’ wife, Karilyn. (The blog is now invite-only, and the Wayback Machine’s copy of it is limited.) The Intelius report revealed a man named Robert Bales born on June 30th 1973 (making him 38), associated with a person named Karilyn Bales, with addresses in Ohio and in Washington state in the Lake Tapps area. There was a photograph in the New York Times showing journalists posted outside the now-vacated home in Lake Tapps, WA. Using the Street View on Google Maps, I was able to see that the Washington address from the Intelius report was the same house photographed in the New York Times. Other people related to the Robert Bales in the report have addresses in Ohio, and the news reports that the rest of his family live in Ohio. A neighbor of the Bales was interviewed, and her address is on the same street as the Washington address on the Intelius report.  I think this constitutes enough corroborating evidence that June 30th 1973 is in fact the birth date of Robert Bales. Just in the interest of backing up my claim, you can see the Intelius report I received here, but I’ve blacked out any sensitive information that hasn’t already been made public, and I’ve circled in red the corroborating bits of information.

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Written by

Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Lorenzo dello Smerillo says:

    I was wondering if you have any information about the solar eclipse of 30 June 1992 at 12.10.25 UT at ecliptic measurement 98.56, whereas the one you have studied is at 98.32;

    Similarly with the Solar eclipse of 1 July 2011 at 08.38.30 UT at 99.12, when MA was at 76.01; and specifically what effect this had upon the Bales soldier and/or upon the villages (I believe they are called Balandi and Alokzai and are about 40 miles from Kandahar)?

    All the nodal positions would have been very close to the same. How does this information affect your theory?

    Retrograde, so-called, motion is when a planet is closest to the Earth. Some hold this intensifies its physical influence, but we fail to see how or by what means.

    There are two settlements in Ohio called Norwood. It is a pity you do not have any exact times or locations for these charts as the specific and exact angles will tell the tale of the eclipses and events.

    This area of Afganistan is the fons et origio of the Talibani. It is a very nasty place.

    Lorenzo dello Smerillo +

  • Patrick Watson says:

    Yeah, we don’t have a whole lot of specific data on him that far back. He would have recently graduated from college in June 1992. All I felt comfortable observing in the absence of a birth time were the main transits, specifically the Mars-Nodes square recurrence and the Pluto opposition.

    Retrograde motion for the exterior planets increases its visibility, so I think a planet would display its significations in an exaggerated noticeable way, in the same way that the planet has become more noticeable. It’s the difference between looking at planets as causes or signs. If the planet is a cause, there is a mechanism we are currently unaware of but would also have to be one that accounts for what astrology can demonstrate. If the planet is a sign, the universe operates by completely different rules than a purely scientific/mechanistic view of the universe can allow.

    It is indeed a pity we do not have more exact information, but the birthdate is something that took quite a bit of effort to find, so at least we have that.

  • Lorenzo dello Smerillo says:

    If the spacial-temporal placement of planet and its amplitude of relation to another or many other planets of the solar system or to an angular vector are “signs” then one can close shop and declare ‘astrology’ a charlatan’s folly. Ptolemy is quite convinced that astrology is based on causative and physical ‘dynamoi’. Anything less would be a pseudo-religion of no importance.

    Visibility is very far from being a consideration when dealing with the planets of the solar system. One cannot naked-eye Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, and still less those bits of space-junk known as asteroids.


  • Patrick Watson says:

    “If the spacial-temporal placement of planet and its amplitude of relation to another or many other planets of the solar system or to an angular vector are “signs” then one can close shop and declare ‘astrology’ a charlatan’s folly. Ptolemy is quite convinced that astrology is based on causative and physical ‘dynamoi’. Anything less would be a pseudo-religion of no importance.”

    Ptolemy is just one guy. The pull between planets as causes vs significators has been going on for a long time, with different astrologers falling on different points in the spectrum. There seem to be elements of astrology which are natural, in that geometric relationships and returns seem to be almost supreme in their astrological relevance. The only scientific field that seems promising for a causal astrology is quantum entanglement, but I still struggle with the idea that one force could account for all that astrology can do. Also, astrology suggests determination and purpose, but a natural clockwork astrology might be about as meaningful as the hydrologic cycle or the digestive system. Planets as significators has very exciting but also very worrying implications. While I am very sympathetic to atheist viewpoints, I find it hard to agree with their final conclusion in this light.

    Visibility has been a principal consideration astrologers have been making about planets for thousands of years. I don’t think it’s much of an accident that the discovery of Uranus was achieved with a telescope, a result of a broader development in technological and scientific progress in that time that Uranus has now come to be associated with- the Enlightenment perhaps.

    Neptune’s discovery is also quite telling, that it’s discovery started as the mystery of the perturbations of Uranus’ orbit, and whose position was calculated before finally being spotted by telescope. It’s discovery was coincident with the emergence of Romanticism, which was in itself a revolt against the Enlightenment. And a similar thing with Pluto’s coincidence with the rise of fascism.

  • Patrick Watson says:

    The traditional planets govern the realm of the things we see every day because we can see them. The transcendentals govern the realm of the things we don’t see every day, the extraordinary things, because it takes something special to see them. Sort of like that.

  • […] Robert Bales was born on June 30th, 1973 (time of birth unknown) according to… […]

  • […] Robert Bales was born on June 30th, 1973 (time of birth unknown) according to… […]

  • Gary (NJ) says:

    I also noticed that on the day of the shooting, the transiting Sun was opposite natal Mars by antiscion.

  • Fran Perry says:

    Dear, Patrick…I really took a look at the chart of this killer…he already on his natal chart has Uranus in Libra opposing his natal mars in Aries..he was already a hot head..and then the present Uranus that just entered Aries at this time along with the present mercury..opposite his natal Uranus in Libra..this is what really brought it all about..believe me..he had a temper to begin with and then the retrograde mars in Virgo..during the time when the sun-sign is in Pisces with mars in his six house of work and health..this is when he committed those murders was while he was on the terrible…I do not like that natal Uranus in Libra opposite his natal mars..and then the present planets in Aries..along with the present moon in Libra along with Saturn..opposite his planets in Aries..just added fuel to it all..if he didn’t have a real temper..I could have made excuses for him..but, he did this because of his basic did very well..with your description..but, I am an astrologer too..and I always look at the nature of the person to begin with..thanks
    Fran Perry…MO

  • Sonja Foxe says:

    Transit Uranus conjunct Mercury conjunct natal mars & in mutual reception with transit mars in virgo & natal mars squared by transit pluto …

    i kept thinking of my lai

    so tragic …

  • Henry Loconte says:

    Robert Bales: Cancer water Ox (1973), yin water & yin water plus water.

    Was there a full moon on 3-11-12?

    A disturbed Ox born in a water year & compounded by Cancer’s lunacy