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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Paul Ryan’s Birth Time Discovered

Posted by on Tuesday, June 19 201248 Comments

Paul Ryan's Birth Time DiscoveredThe Political Astrology Blog has discovered Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan’s birth time.

According to an uncertified copy of Paul Ryan’s original certificate of live birth from the Wisconsin State Vital Records Office, he was born on January 29, 1970 at 2:37 AM in Janesville, Wisconsin.

While Paul Ryan is not exactly a household name yet, over the past few years he has become a rising star in the Republican party.

He was first elected to Congress in the 1998 midterm elections, which occurred around the time of his Saturn return.  Since that time, Ryan has quietly risen through the ranks to become one of the most influential members of the Republican Party through his bold and controversial plans to tackle America’s debt woes.

I covered some of Ryan’s recurrence transits in a post last summer when he released his Path to Prosperity plan.  He is considered to be a strong contender for the role of Romney’s vice presidential nominee, so we are fortunate to have acquired his birth time.

The birth time we’ve acquired puts Paul’s ascendant at zero degrees of Sagittarius, in a very tight conjunction with Neptune. It is somewhat concerning that the ascendant is so close to the cusp of the sign, since it is just barely in Sagittarius.  We are fairly confident that the time is accurate though, as the recorded time is not rounded off.  It is also worth noting that he would have had to have been born 4 minutes earlier to have Scorpio rising instead of Sagittarius.

Here is the chart:

Paul Ryan’s Natal Chart

Paul Ryan's Natal Chart


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Written by

Patrick is an astrologer originally from High Wycombe, England. His personal practice is based on a blend of ancient and modern astrology. He is a member of the Association for Young Astrologers.

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  • Spica says:

    Thanks for doing this research on this politician, Patrick. Not always easy tracking down birth times. But now I see his chart I am not very impressed with this guy has risen higher than I think he should have. Let me give you my analysis.

    With a recorded time we can quickly establish a preliminary natal chart that is close to the mark which we can then rectify according to his biographical data. So I’m afraid I cannot agree with your assumption that a birth time recorded to the minute is ipso facto necessarily accurate. It just means the nurse had an eye for detail and definitely not that she had a stopwatch to record the first moment the baby took its first breath, its first act as an independent being. She could easily have been busy for an hour or so following the baby’s birth before she even looked at a clock or watch.

    A rectified natal chart by definition is invaluable to an astrologer because it will accurately time all events in the course of the native’s life. But an approximated natal chart will not – but at least it does get us into the ball-park – and it is usually easy to rectify! So we have to test your chart.

    I knew the chart was off wh I saw a major planet in partile conjunction to an angle. I know from experience such configurations only happens with significant events or extraordinary persons. So rectification is needed here. We do this by moving the MC forwards and backwards until we get a “good fit” with his known biography.

    What do we know about this not-so-good politician? His natal Moon in Libra conjunct the fixed star Spica proclaims justice for all but it next opposes Saturn in Taurus [literally, old money], representing the conservative party. So the chart at least shows that he is a Republican – you know, one of those who will happily destroy American society by ignoring its sea of debts (around 15 trillion dollars last time I looked) as long as the rich do not have to pay their taxes! This is worse than Italy, one of the most corrupt countries since the Roman Empire.

    The public record says he was elected to Congress at the age of 28 – such an event is what makes a politician, that is, this is a major event which we can use. The MC must have activated a planet that defines him as a politician.

    Vocational configurations are shown by planets in or ruling the 10th house making aspects or other connections to supporting planets. The configuration for being a politician is shown in his chart – Mars [in get things done Aries] sextiling the Sun [leadership of the Aquarian masses] trining Uranus [government representatives] retro. in the 10th house.

    If we direct forward the MC at 17 Virgo by 28 degrees it lands on 15 Libra. Or backwards it lands on 19 Leo. Neither of these directions activate a natal planet so the original chart has to be invalid because it does not agree with this major life event. But as he was elected as a congressman at that time Uranus had to be activated. So if we adjust the MC to conjoin natal Uranus ill-starred at 8 Libra 40’ at the age of 28 which also activates his natal vocational configuration, and therefore the natal MC must be around 10 Virgo 12’.

    The rectified time adjusts to 2:10 a.m. Notice this makes it a good 27 minutes PRIOR the recorded birth time. This sort of discrepancy of 20-30 minutes is common when rectifying from a recorded birth time – how we underestimate how much a poor nurse has to do! Perhaps we all think too much like Republicans? After all, she is only a little person – nothing significant – with plenty of time to record baby births to the minute!

    This gives us a power-hungry Ascendant around 25 Scorpio 25 with a sextile to Pluto giving him a certain savoir-faire but he is still a control freak, and definitely not a fun-loving freedom seeking Sagittarius Ascendant. Notice that this Ascendant is in the Virgo dwad and he looks not unlike Virgoan John Kennedy Jr. with clean-cut features, chiselled chin and those big ears. I understand he also likes to keep fit and trim, no doubt clinging to the conservative Roman dictum “health mind, healthy body”.

    Neptune rising at 0 Sag. shows one who is religiously devoted and follows the dictates of the Church having at 0 degrees a propensity for purity and fundamentalism. Note that 0 degrees [the baby degree] in a fire sign is famous for his fiery zeal which he would never question as he is too immature in wisdom and just plain naïve like a tiny child. See his Ascendant ruler Pluto in strategic Virgo in the 10th house of celebrity – the Man with the Plan. Pluto in Virgo is cold and calculating and retrograde makes him very insincere about his true intentions. It is of course a vocational indicator being in the 10th and so he tried his hand at marketing before entering politics. So now he believes he can sell the people with almost anything. Hmm, modest too!

    But if Uranus is key to his current career, we only need watch his transits. Where is Uranus now? Why at 8 Aries of course, exactly opposed to his current natal career planet at 8 Libra. This dramatic (being angular) opposition brings him before the public right now and are we not outraged at his Grand Plan to make the rich richer and the poor even worse off?

    And his Venus, ruler of one of his angles, sits on 10 Aquarius semisextiling his Part of Fortune at 10 Pisces and shows he is working towards stockpiling a significant financial fortune.

    How about a taste of long-term forecasting of this man’s political career? We don’t expect it to end well as Uranus is ill-starred in his chart so what starts with a dash ends in a crash. At 42 his directed Uranus is around 20 Scorpio. It is exalted here so he is a high-roller in the back-rooms of the Party and has the ear of the Republican leader. 20 degrees when dignified often ends up in the Press as it brings you a large but distant audience – he may even get his picture in the newspaper! But it is only about 5 years before directed Uranus reaches his natal Ascendant and is exposed by a public scandal, in fact a crime, for then it opposes that worst of all fixed stars, the outrageous Algol on his 7th House cusp.

    Ah what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

  • No Tribe says:

    Ah, no, that’s not the way that Hospital nurses work, and why exactly does Uranus… ah nevermind.

    I have a much simpler explanation for you than looking at a natal trine to Uranus and Spica’s placement while using the actual birthtime, to fictionalize a rectification time.

    Let’s go:

    Natal neptune conjunct the ascendent at 00 Sag. Yes, he’s got that Sag nose I see so often, and has zeal.

    May eclipse point at 00 Gemini, conjunct descendent. This was the trigger. We now that eclipses have as their main impacts the moment of the eclipse, the nodal crossing if it occurs, and planetary aspects thereafter.

    The moon’s nodes just went into 2 degree orb with the eclipse point of Sag/Gem a day or so ago. This is about a 3 week process with the exact about the 20th of August.

    Then aspect-wise, Neptune transiting Rx will make an exact square at 00 Pisces on election day.

    Think about that one.

    Ryan was born for this moment. What it actually means will transpire with it is left with the choices that are made.

    Astrology actually works if you just put away the agenda blinders and look at the things most obvious.

  • No Tribe says:

    Oh, and the transiting moon just passed over the eclipse point (also conjunct the transiting nodes and thus a double trigger) hours ago– now that is astrology at work.

    It should be noted that Obama’s Jupiter is at 0 Aquarius, trine all that… he probably totally agrees with the Ryan plan. In fact, if I had to guess, and he won re-election, that Republicans would pass it and he’d sign it.

  • Kay Kraeuter says:

    Spica is following the true liberal, leftist code of most astrologers: If a chart of a republican is too good to be true, change it! LOL, Spica, you didn’t disappoint, now go back into your mom’s basement and play video games!

  • sabrina says:

    I agree with Tribe, who stayed professional and left his political stripes out of his analysis. Eclipse points say so much, so interesting that Obama’s moon, Romney’s ascendant and now Ryan’s Descndant all have that same 0-3 degreee Gemini of the May 20th eclipse. The transits of Saturn are going to give pause. And Ryan’s prog moon in November is close to trine both natal and progressed Uranus, very exciting no doubt.
    No to find out the wive’s aspects. Who does the packing?

  • vrajavala says:

    I’m a sidereal astrologer. I used your birth time, but I found that there are some inconsistencies with what we know about Senator Ryan. The Lahiri Ayanamsa is 23 degrees 26 minutes, which means that we would subtract that factor from the Western values.
    With that birth time 0f 2:30 AM the Moon and Jupiter are both in the 12th house and Saturn would be in the 6th house. Now, if we use the time as 1:37 AM, then Jupiter, the Moon and the Ascendant are conjunct, with Saturn in the 7th house. Indian astrologers will tell you that if Saturn is either in the Ascendant or in the 7th house, the native will be known around the world. Also, if you use the 2:37 AM birth time, the Moon and Jupiter being in the 12th house (the house of loss) does not gel with the what we know about the Senator. With the Moon in the 12th house, his Mother would be “out of his life”, and with Jupiter in the 12th house, this would indicate a somewhat spiritually oriented person.
    Just a few thoughts, until we have a verified birth certificate.
    All the best.

  • Jay Sea says:

    I find it fascinating that the Mars/Saturn conjunction now is happening on his moon, which doesn’t really bode well for him personally at all with this nomination. He’s now officially under fire. And the Uranus/Pluto square hitting his own Uranus makes me think he may not be pleased at all with who he has to deal with.
    Neptune on the ASC being square by the current Neptune position seems like he will be invisible….and disillusioned by the process.

  • I am not at all surprised that Paul Ryan has progressed to a Vice Presidential candidate. His chart very much supports it, in my view.

    Firstly I noticed the ascendant (and I am assuming a correct birth time) at 0 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune in the twelfth. Isn’t everyone complaining about his religious overtones? Anyway that outer personality/life’s direction is most fortunate at the beginning of Jupiter’s sign, or lucky, or however you phrase it. I’m just saying that he has some luck and Jupiter’s blessing right away in the chart. Certainly Neptune pushing on the ascendant has been trying for him at times…perhaps that is why he turned to religion?

    Next I noticed Libra Moon. His unconscious need is to balance, which fits well in a political career. Interesting how Jupiter in a different sign conjuncts the Moon…not closely, but I see the ascendant’s dispositor again.

    Sun in Aquarius in an earthy house, conjunct Venus strong by house. Aquarius is friendly, humanitarian and all that, and the luminaries are graced by the benefics! He is also probably a pretty smart guy (luminaries in air signs) whether you like him or not, and probably is very personable. And all of that only from the ascendant and luminaries. His chart is screaming politician and I’m not surprised at all that he was Romney’s pick.

    Perhaps he even really means it when he says he wants to reverse the budget mess that Obama has made exponentially worse (Pluto in an earth sign in the tenth house).

    I would be remiss not to say how disappointed I am in astrology when it becomes political. We are intermediaries between heaven and earth who need to be rational and objective when we serve clients. Presidential elections are very good testing grounds for this.

  • Karen says:

    I like this chart. Whether or not is is precise. Astrology is not a science, it is an artform. This was told to me by a very well respected and highly sought after astrologer who resided in Cleveland and moved to Virginia Beach, who passed away a number of years ago.

    What are your impressions when you see this chart? Certainly it is challenging and exciting. Anyone who lives with Pluto/Mars aspects and planets on angles understands…. Then there is Neptune,(with Mars at his disposal) a transcendental, staring you right in the face, in wonderful Sag.
    What illumination! And the higher mind Aquarius featured in the 3rd, tied to his essence, Sun, trine Uranus powerfully placed in the 11th.

    Certainly, a man with vision and who can pragmatically and practically nail down the dream (Mercury in Cap) and make it reality. He has a great mind. He also has an independent flair! This works well with Romney’s Aquarius planets.

    His consiousness aspires toward independence and NOT a collective, homonoginization (everyone put on the same,drab government issued uniforms)and insist that all minds must think alike and all citizens must march in lockstep to the drum of the oligards!

  • Is it 2:37 am or 2:37 pm?

  • vrajavala says:

    aS i SAID IN A PREVIOUS COMMENT, as a sidereal astrologer, the 2:37 AM birth time doesn’t fit in with Senator Ryan’s history. However, the 2:37 PM birth time does, since in that position, Saturn aspects the Ascendant with its third aspect and also aspects his Moon from the seventh. Indian astrologers point out that when Saturn aspects the Ascendant, the person becomes internationally famous.

  • Teddy says:

    Thanks to the commenters that took the lefties political agenda out of the discussion. It certainly looks as if Paul Ryan is as stellar as his chart. I’m waiting for Douglas Parker to compare Ryan with the United States.

    The only professional astrologer that has spoken the truth about Obama is Douglas Parker – he’s not a lefty or an American…the bias isn’t there.

    We’ll be having a new president in 2012! I, for one, see the vibrations and planetary activity raising the USA above the collective and thank the gods and goddesses!

  • […] I didn’t do the research to find it.  You can thank Political Astrology Blog who put it up at the end of […]

  • Christine Powers says:

    Interesting perspectives for sure. I’m sure glad Teddy left his politics out of the discussion.

  • Axel says:

    Gadzooks! The face!! As for birth time, the question is not whether or not an hour written down by a nurse is rounded, the question is when is a birth. Imo only rectification can determine this in any sense of the term “birth” that is meaningful to astrologers.

  • Karen says:

    Freedom of speech baby! Teddy is calling it the way I see it Christine. Paul Ryan’s chart smacks FREEDOM! No Big Brother here!
    Why people want Big Government and Big Brother watching and controlling you and telling you what to do is a mystery to me.

  • Christine Powers says:

    Hi Karen – Teddy was ‘calling’ someone else out for being politically biased whilst proceeding to be politically biased himself!! Nothing wrong with being politically biased, per se, but THAT is not what I was addressing!! I’d like to see a little more BALANCE of FREE thinking(lots of parrots running around these days)to temper the FREE speech…I am an Aquarian myself and FREEDOM is my middle name but I loathe HYPOCRISY…

  • Teddy says:

    Thanks Karen! It galled me in 2008 how many astrologers took Obama’s birth information as truth without rectifying the chart. That’s why I mentioned Douglas Parker.

    Politics? What’s the problem? This is the politicalastrologyblog is it not? Pendulums swing and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning…deal with it!

  • Karen says:

    Christine, free speech is free speech. You are talking about balancing and tempering it. And who decides that? The freedom of speech police? This is a political astrological site, correct? Actually, I haven’t read Mr. Parker. But I will. It’s wonderful that Teddy has brought some points to the fore, which we can discuss and research. I respect your speech, but don’t agree concerning your reference to hypocrisy. Do you have access to a copy of the U.S. chart? Maybe you would be willing to provide your perspective on comparing Ryan’s with the U.S. I will have to take some time to look them over. There are alot of technical astrologers, much more proficient than myself. Maybe Mr. Parker will. Maybe the proprietor of this site may provide some information to further the discussion.

  • Christine Powers says:

    Teddy and Karen! Woot! Wingnuts of the world unite!

  • Christine Powers says:

    A dialogue of hypocrisy and narcissm(two common traits of the nouveau republicans)Teddy: “Thanks to the commenters that took the lefties political agenda out of the discussion.”(So that I may now proceed to add my rightie political agenda to it. I am not a hypocrite…it is called free speech when I do it!! It’s only a political agenda or hypocritical if you are a leftie! Got it?) Karen: ” Freedom of speech baby! Teddy is calling it the way I see it Christine.”(I like people who agree with ME!) “Christine, free speech is free speech.”(Unless you say something I don’t agree with like…expressing that you would like to see more balance…what’s that all about? You must be a fascist or something!)

    Teddy! “Politics? What’s the problem? This is the politicalastrologyblog is it not? Pendulums swing and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning…deal with it!” Yeah! Backatcha brother!!!

    And for the record…chart rulers(of the unrectified chart) opposing each other in the 6th and 12th, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Taurus…not a signature of FREEDOM…AT ALL!!!! Maybe a paranoid conservative conspiracy theorist….

  • sabrina says:

    Karen, in response to your query regarding the chart of the USA, I have used Vedic Astrologer James kelleher’s corected birthtime of 6:30 pm.
    Most astrologers have used the so called “Sibley” chart which provides a 5:15 pm time,
    Kelleher gave a very convincing talk in the summer 2000, CAlif.
    He explained how he had been hired by a couple of Wall Sreet firms (yes they prefer Vedic astrolgers, (look at google for example if anyone will tell you).
    He then went down to DC and researched through 200 year old documents at the library of Congress. Finding a couple from th esigners that mentioned “we wanted to be finished by suppertime,” and he surmised from these letters and that in Philadlephia, at that time, 6:30 would be in that time supper was the evening meal, dinner was noontime.
    Shortly afterwards he was deep in India and visited a Nadi leaf reader, an ancient soul who delivered soul readings from sticks caled “Nadi leaves”, at his Himalayn perch..James asked him for the true birthtime of a person born July 4, 1776. The leaf reader said,”this is not a person it’s a country and the true time is 6:30 pm.’
    Kelleher is known for doing the charts of countries, I go with this one.
    Also,I use both Western and Vedic sytems, James Braha is the expert on this.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Let’s stay focused on the astrology here people. This is primarily an astrology blog. It is not the place to promote anyone’s political opinions, whether you are a libertarian, a liberal, or a conservative. Nor is it a place for personal attacks and name calling. So, I’m asking all of you to either cut it out, or take it elsewhere.

  • Margie says:

    Just love this blog. I’ll bet there are tons of people searching today for Ryan’s birth time, so this is perfect.

    As far as Ryan’s chart, I use the Koch system and asteroids+POF. He has massive stellium in his 3rd house, showing very much of his energy tied up in communication. The stellium includes his Sun-Venus conjunction, with Pallas the warrior/strategist added to the conjunction. Juno is there as well, showing that he is devoted to delivering his message. He also has Ceres and his Part of Fortune in the 3rd house, along with the north node.

    That Neptune conjunct the ascendant is quite seductive and he is seen by the Right as a party savior. They are trine his mars in its ruler, Aries, so he’s fueling that whole image with a lot of energy. He’s got the Virgo MC and he’s seen by his party as a bit of a nerd with his budget message. Note that even his opponents like him as a person. He will make Romney more likeable.

  • Karen says:

    Chris, Would you be able to post the charts that Sabrina referenced? I have no experience with Vedic, nor do I have one identifying a time of 6:30. Off the top Sabrina, what is the ASC. degree for 6:30? I have a U.S. Sibley chart, Koch house, mean node, w/ 12 degrees Sag rising. Would this be the 5:15 PM chart? Chris, Would you be willing to post some U.S. charts or confer w/Sabrina. I’d appreciate if people would comment on Ryan and the U.S. charts. Thanks Sabrina, for offering up all that information.

  • Karen says:

    Christine, I just thought what struck me when I looked at Paul Ryan’s chart was the 0 degree Sag rising. I have a very close friend with this degree rising and having to live with luminaries anaretic @ 29 Scorpio, I can only imagine how liberating 0 Sag would be. I will think about your point concerning Jupiter and Saturn. I just think Paul Ryan has a great ASC. degree and has an outer planet sitting there, which he’s already dealt with, having already experienced a meteoric rise, an overcoming a very tricky Neptune. I happen to think you have made very valid points, and am sure you may be technically more proficient tahn myself. I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say about how Ryan’s chart correlates with the U.S. chart.

  • Margie says:

    A couple more things I forgot to add. His second house Mercury trines his Midheaven, which adds even more power to him speaking and writing his ideas as indicated by his 3rd house stellium. But that Mercury is opposed by an 8th house Vertex, showing that his ideas will be challenged strongly. With that Mars in Aries, though, he is not afraid of a good fight. His POF is conjunct his North Node, emphasizing a lot of energy being put into new activity.

    As far as 2016, Pluto begins a one-degree orb of conjunction in 2015 that continues off and on past the 2016 election. It looks like he is definitely going to be fighting for his ideas during that period. If he does not become Vice-President this time, he will be out of a job because he was due to run for re-election this fall for Congress. I cannot picture him going back as a Congressman and there will not be another Senate election in Wisconsin after this one until 2016, when the current republican senator may decide to run again. He also won’t run against current governor Scott Walker for that seat. So, my guess is that if he loses this time, he’ll definitely run for President in 2016.

  • […] Romney has sun in Pisces (mutable water) and moon in Scorpio (fixed water). Ryan has sun in Aquarius (fixed air) and moon in Libra (cardinal air) (chart according to the Political Astrology Blog). […]

  • Christine Powers says:

    Watching Romney/Ryan interview on 60 Minutes…I have to say he looks(has the appearance of)a Sag rising…and with Jupiter chart ruler in Scorpio it will lend a Scorpionic flavor to his appearance as well(both physically and projected demeanor)…

  • […] the birth time being used for Ryan was first reported by The Political Astrology Blog in mid-June. The post says only that the time was found on an uncertified copy of Ryan’s birth […]

  • Tracy says:

    One thing I find particularly interesting about the Ryan choice for VP is that all reports are that Romney and Ryan made the deal last Sunday while Mercury was still retrograde. Given I advise clients to try and avoid large purchases during a mercury retrograde and have seen refrigerators, cars and new boyfriends turn out to be duds after mercury turns direct, it does make me wonder about this decision.

  • sabrina says:

    Hi Tracy, I don’t get too worked up over Mercury retrograde, but like to see where it is, earth, water, air or fire. Cancer or Pisces are most problematic.
    More interesting to me is the fact that right now Saturn and Mars are crossing Paul Ryan’s moon. It is so crucial for him now, I fear he could really step on his tongue.
    Being so public and famous so suddenly has its pitfalls,
    His Progressed Venus hit his Mars exactly on first of August when he was offcially asked to be the VP choice.

  • […] we now have a birth time for Paul Ryan from his birth certificate.  An uncertified copy of Paul Ryan’s birth certificate  from the Wisconsin State Vital Records Office states that he was born on January 29, 1970 at […]

  • Margie says:

    Turns out Ryan’s name is on the Wisconsin ballot for US Rep. I guess he could lose vice presidency and return to the House. In fact, retrograde can be a return to something done before. Isn’t Mercury retrograde on election day?

  • Hasta says:

    It would seem that either the stated birth time in the first paragraph is erroneous, or the published chart image and interpretation is.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    How did you arrive at that conclusion Hasta?

  • Hasta says:

    Ahh, wait… user error on my part. My apologies.

  • clcmm says:

    Mitt’s chart shows solar ARC jupiter/moon on the MC in 4 years. He will not win this time around, he could in 4 years.

  • Vrajavala wrote:
    “if we use the time as 1:37 AM, then Jupiter, the Moon and the Ascendant are conjunct, with Saturn in the 7th house. Indian astrologers will tell you that if Saturn is either in the Ascendant or in the 7th house, the native will be known around the world….”

    Hi Vrajavala, Patrick, Chris and Friends,

    Thank you, Patrick for finding these times, sincerest thanks to Chris for providing this excellent site, and to you, both for keeping the work of Lois Rodden alive and well.

    Vrjavala, you have made some excellent points. I, too am a student of Jyotisa (and Western Astrology) and like you, and others, I admit, I, too was initially skeptical of the time presented as Ryan’s birth certificate. However, we must remember that Sanskrit is such an ancient language, that it has no adjectives, and thus no way to express degrees of value, like, ‘good, better or best.’ The ancient astrological books are filled with slokkas, greatly exaggerating simple combinations (yogas). ‘If the lord of the 9th is in the 10th, then the native will be a king or equal to a king.” (Parasara BPHS). As you know, not everybody born with 9th in the 10th, grows up to become a king or even close! Surely, not everybody with Saturn in 7 or 1 is world famous. When a language lacks the ability to deem degrees of expression, we are best served by not taking the ancient sayings out of context.

    That said, like you, I had initial problems seeing the positioning of Moon and Jupiter placed in house 12. However, taking a closer look, at the entire chart, along with the sub charts, a different picture is formed. If you take Ryan’s Sarvashtavarga into consideration, I believe you might change your mind. As you know, the Sarvashtavarga measures the strength of dignity, and positioning, of each of the planets and luminaries, as well as their placement not just the natal but also all the sub charts, giving an average measurement of strength per house. Generally, as you know, we will often see similar evaluation of about 30 points for each of the houses. Every so often, one house will stand out with a huge numerical value. Ryan’s Sarvashtavarga10th is off the roof! It totals a whopping score of 40 points! Each of the other houses, save the 1st, gets a value in the 20s. Such a high score at the 10th is not common by any stretch. When you see high a number for the 10th, fame comes with amazing ease – especially in 10th house activities, like governing.

    Ryan is presently running his Saturn Time lord (Vimshottari dasa) and indeed, this was another factor that made me initially, skeptical of this time, because Ryan’s Saturn is terribly placed by sign, fallen in Aries, and also in the dustana, 6th, would not normally bring such an honor. However, we must remember that wise traditional Jyotisa teachers tell us, that the natal (Rasi) chart is the tree, but the subcharts, especially the all important the navamsa (9th harmonic) chart, will show us the fruit of said tree. No doubt, Ryan’s present time lord, Saturn, fallen in Aries, is very weak. The tree can be likened to our roots. Much like the saying, ‘the apple does not fall far from the tree’ the Ryan’s tree or lineage is weak. It is well known that Ryan’s father and his male relatives tend not to live beyond their middle age, most dying in their 50s.

    From western perspective, it is wise to always remember, Paul Ryan is so experienced a campaigner, we might call him, a ‘career’ politician. That is, he has gotten out there and ‘pressed the flesh’ for seven elections. Born at night, Ryan’s light and giver of life, will be the Moon. Thus, the Moon, not the Sun, becomes an all important factor in Ryan’s chart. For those unfamiliar with mundane, to find, we the people in any given chart, we look to the Moon. Ryan’s Moon is in the friendly, 11th, on the luckiest star in the heavens, ‘Spica.’ No doubt, this has aided his rise.

    Presently, Ryan claims to be a fiscal conservative, wanting to gut entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. However, the observant might find themselves questioning his sincerity. Notice the dear mar. fantasy planet, Neptune on his ASC. Neptune is the planet of dreams. Neptune is never what it seems. Big on promises, but delivery, well, let’s say, not so much; unless, the payoff is going to the big business. Back during GW’s administration, Mr. Now Populist supported that pharmaceutical bill, forcing Americans to pay more for their prescription drugs than any other nation in the world. The bills Ryan voted for, have added a whopping $16 trillion dollars to the deficit. . But that’s not all. Mr. ‘I drive a truck. I worked at McDonalds’ plans to make the uber-wealthy even richer. His tax plan eliminates taxes on all the 1%-ers cash cow, capital gains. He plans to pay for this by cutting Social Security and Medicare. If you still don’t accept the birth certificate time, try this. Just gaze into Ryan’s great big baby blues. If that does not scream, Neptune smack dab on the Ascendant, I don’t know what does.

    Nothing happens in a vacuum. If we progress, Ryan’s (by secondary progression AKA p2s) chart to the time Romney asked him to join his ticket, some may observe that his progressed (p2) Mars is applying closely to a conjunction of his p2 Saturn (btw SA also rules his p2 ASC and MA rules his P2 MC). It is no coincidence that Romney’s announcement coincided with Mars and Saturn doing the exact same thing, by transit in the heavens.

    Will he win? Given Ryan’s disappointing Dasa sequence this coming November, I tend to agree with Chris’ excellent UAC evaluation. Obama will win a second term. However, we haven’t seen the end of Mr. Baby Blue Eyes, either. Running for VP is a mere stepping stone. Expect to see many of hours of Ryan on FOX TV.

    Again, many thanks, Chris, and Patrick for your excellence.


  • hashville says:

    teddy is overly biased – more politics than astrology.

  • Karen says:

    Hashville’s jab was not helpful to an astrological discussion.

  • Sonja Foxe says:

    neptune on ascendant — this weekend’s talking heads commenting on Ryan’s obvious lies in his acceptance speech …

    romney has 0 gem asc …

    obama has 28 scorp on mc …

  • sabrina says:

    it depends on your persuasion, call it lies for Ryan if you are on the other team, or else view it as his intense charisma and religious affiliation, my experience of Neptune on the ascendant is the power to influence others..decorators I ‘ve seen with this can literally weave a spell on an environment.

  • Sonja Foxe says:

    well, the closing of the factory in Ryan’s hometown was actually Bush administration, not Obama’s …
    Nina Tottenberg noted it on pbs inside washington

    ryan’s statement is factually incorrect, which if uttered by a candidate I support is candidate misspoke, but on otherside a blatant and deliberate lie, voiced to obsfucate the issues and other malicious bad faith purposes

  • Karen says:

    Neptune is very tricky, however I really like P.R.’s chart as a whole. I believe P.R.’s Neptune is very powerful and well fortified by Mars in Aries. I sure like his Neptune configuration more than B.O’s, who has his Neptune in a 10 degree orb to the ASC. in Scorpio and square Sun/Mercury in Leo.

  • Lisa says:

    wow, I was looking for some astrological insight into Mr. Ryan, and it’s hard to
    find an imparcial view, see both parties represented here.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Leisa Schaim did a pretty good writeup on Paul Ryan’s career within the context of his Saturn cycle over on Saturn Return Stories:

  • tracy says:

    I don’t know how I missed this info but I just realized that Paul Ryan is not only on the presidential ticket but he is also running for congress (in event Romney does not win).

    If he should lose both, VP and congressional seat it would be a very harsh Saturn oppose Saturn transit. But of course we know that on the other side of a Saturn/Saturn is a big liberation with a new freedom.