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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
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The Astrology of the Republican National Convention

Posted by on Friday, August 31 201230 Comments

The Astrology of the Republican National ConventionThe 2012 Republican National Convention ended last night in Tampa, Florida.

This concluded a four day convention, which culminated when Mitt Romney accepted his party’s nomination to be the Republican candidate for the presidential election in November.

It was an eventful and interesting convention from an astrological perspective, and the purpose of this article is to provide a recap of some of the main highlights.

Before I get started, I would like to thank the team of astrologers who helped me to keep track of times when important events occurred during the course of the week.  Without them I would have missed some of the data that appears in this article.

The Opening Day of the 2012 Republican National Convention

The convention was originally scheduled to begin on Monday, although Hurricane Isaac forced organizers to cancel the first day of speeches and move them to Tuesday.

Despite the cancellation of most of the events originally scheduled for Monday, the organizers still decided to officially start the convention on that day.

 RNC Chairman Priebus gavels in the convention at 2:00 PMRepublican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called the convention to order at 2:00 PM EDT on Monday, August 27, 2012.  A few seconds later Priebus called for a recess until the following day.

Some media outlets reported at the time that calling the convention to order on Monday at 2:00 PM was required in the convention bylaws, although it was curious that the official inception of the convention ended up being a full 24 hours before any business was conducted or speeches were given.  It almost struck me as the type of awkward thing that astrologers do when they are trying to start an event or a venture at a specific time due to considerations related to electional astrology.

Interestingly, calling the convention to order on the 27th rather than the 28th also made it so that the inception chart of the convention was significantly better from an electional standpoint than it would have been otherwise.

At 2:00 PM on the 27th the Moon was applying to an opposition with Venus (see chart below), which is pretty good, but at 2:00 PM on the 28th the Moon had just ingressed into Aquarius, and it was applying to a square with Mars (click to see the chart), which is highly problematic from an electional standpoint.

In point of fact, it was on the second day of the convention that started with the Moon-Mars square that the most controversy occurred during the entire week, when delegates for Ron Paul began protesting over a conflict.  This was also the day when two attendees were thrown out of the convention for tossing peanuts and racial slurs at a black camerawoman from CNN.

Generally speaking it seems that the convention went pretty smoothly though, which seems to confirm that the original inception chart is the chart for the convention as a whole.  Here it is:

Inception Chart for the 2012 Republican National Convention

(August 27, 2012 at 2:00 PM in Tampa, FL)

RNC 2012 inception chart

The chart was actually pretty good, all things considered.  Sagittarius is rising, with the ruler, Jupiter, in Gemini in the 7th house.  The Moon in Capricorn in the 2nd applies to an opposition with Venus in the 7th with reception, and it is ruled by a very well-placed Saturn in the 11th, in the sign of its exaltation.

Mars is conveniently hidden away in the 12th, the place of enemies, and it is somewhat powerful in its own sign, but it isn’t really afflicting any of the major players in the chart.  Based on the heavy 2nd house-8th house emphasis I would expect that the chart would be particularly helpful in eliciting more donations to the campaign once the convention was finished.

One of our readers rightly pointed out on our Facebook page that the Sagittarius rising inception chart for the convention seems to accentuate Paul Ryan’s chart more than Romney’s, since Ryan also has Sagittarius rising, whereas Romney has Sagittarius on the descendant.  I think that is worth re-posting their comments here, since I’m essentially in agreement with their assessment, and I think that they made a good point that worked out well later in the convention:

As far as political fortunes go, it seems to me that Paul Ryan can assert himself strongly in this convention, because he shares the same Ascendant as the RNC’s chart shown above. Mitt Romney’s own persona (Ascendant) is setting right on the convention’s Descendant. Thus Mitt Romney takes more of a passive role and lets others showcase his personality for him during the event. Without researching past connections in the Astrological record, I can only surmise that Romney’s political ambitions would be better served by having his own Ascendant rising instead of setting on the RNC’s chart.

With respect to the chart itself though, this is an example of a pretty good inception chart, and the success of the convention seems to confirm this, even despite the initial delays.

Tuesday, August 28 – Delegate Vote, Ann Romney, Chris Christie

Tuesday the 28th was the first full day of the convention, and at 5:40 PM EDT Romney officially clinched the presidential nomination when enough delegates cast their votes during the Roll Call to put him “over the top”.  This essentially gave him the official nomination of the party, which he would then formally accept Thursday night. Paul Ryan received the nomination for vice president shortly after that, although we didn’t catch the time.

Romney "over the top" chartLate Capricorn was rising, with Saturn exalted in the 10th, square the ascendant at the moment that the delegates put Romney over the top, which is rather good, although the Moon in early Aquarius was applying to a close square with Mars in Scorpio, which is not very auspicious.  See the chart to the right.

Unfortunately we don’t know if Ryan received the nomination while the ascendant was still in Capricorn, or if it had switched over into Aquarius by that point.

Update 9/2/12: A reader named Geoffrey pointed out in the comments section below that technically Romney was officially nominated at the convention by former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu prior to the roll call.  This nomination was subsequently confirmed by the delegate roll call in the next 40 minutes.  According to a C-SPAN clip that I found, Sununu ended his brief four-minute speech and nominated Romney at exactly 5:00 PM EDT.  His nomination was then seconded by two people, and then the roll call began.

  • Click here for a screencap from C-SPAN for the exact moment that Sununu said “Is my honor to nominate Mitt Romney for the office of President of the United States of America.”  This confirms the 5:00 time.
  • Click here to see the chart for 5:00 PM EDT, when Sununu officially nominated Romney on behalf of the convention and the party.  As Geoffrey pointed out in the comments section, note that Mars is right on the degree of the MC.

Aside from the delegate roll calls, the only other major highlight Tuesday night was a speech by Ann Romney in which she did a decent job of trying to humanize her husband, Mitt.

This was followed by what seems to have been generally viewed as a somewhat disappointing keynote speech by Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.  It is notable that Christie, who has a close Mercury-Mars square and is known for being very forthright sometimes acerbic in his exchanges with people, came off as more muted during a speech in which the transiting Moon was conjoining his natal Saturn as he was giving it (click for chart with transits).

Wednesday, August 29 – Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice, and Rand Paul

Paul Ryan giving his speech at the 2012 RNCThe major highlight of Wednesday was the speech given by Paul Ryan at the very end of the night, which began at exactly 10:27 PM EDT.

Ryan seemed to be particularly on his game that night, completely nailing his speech, and conveying the points he wanted to convey in a very effective manner.

His natal Ascendant-Neptune conjunction was fully accentuated this night, which produced both positive and negative results.  On the one hand it made him look like the ideal conservative to Republicans, almost like a conservative version of Obama, whereas Democrats afterward decried what they viewed as deceitful comments in his speech.

Paul Ryan's chart with transits for the moment his speech beganWhat was really amazing about this from an astrological perspective is that the the North Node was still at zero degrees of Sagittarius when he began his speech, right on his natal Ascendant-Neptune conjunction at the same degree.  But then exactly 1 minute after his speech ended, the Node moved into Scorpio, moving off of that conjunction.  It was a perfect alignment of the nodes with one of the most personal and most striking placements in his chart, fully accentuating it for one last time the night of his speech, and then as soon as it ended the nodes moved on.

Paul Ryan's chart with transits for just after his speech endedSee the charts to the right for Ryan’s transits at the time of his speech.  The top chart shows the transits at the exact moment it began, while the bottom chart shows the transits for the moment just after the speech ended.  Notice the position of the nodes in each chart.

It seems that with that speech, and also due to some other considerations that we’ve been investigating in Ryan’s chart lately, while he and Romney may not win the election in November, Ryan has essentially cemented his role as the frontrunner in the 2016 election.  In short, if our previous prediction about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 is correct, then it looks like we now know who her challenger will be.

Aside from Ryan, Condoleezza Rice gave a very compelling and commanding speech that started at exactly 9:55 PM.  She was having several very close and very interesting transits that night:

  • Condoleezza Rice speaking at the Republican National Convention 2012Transiting Venus trine Sun
  • Transiting Pluto conjunct North Node
  • Transiting Mercury conj. Pluto
  • Transiting Saturn conj. Neptune

Her speech caused a flurry of speculation about whether she would run for the presidency in 2016, and it is interesting that the same ingress that just moved the North Node off of Ryan’s ascendant that night moved it right into Rice’s Scorpio stellium.  Click here to see Rice’s chart with transits for the beginning of her speech.

 Aside from Ryan and Rice, although he didn’t seem to get a lot of press for his speech, we should also mention Rand Paul, who was also having some interesting nodal transits when he began his speech earlier in the day at 7:29 PM.  His natal Venus is at zero Sagittarius, so this was the final day that the transiting North Node was conjoining his natal Venus.

Rand Paul speaking at the RNCPresumably this means that he was able to gain the type of positive national exposure that he sought from giving the speech, and it will help to boost his career and connections with important people in the future, although transiting Mars square his natal Mercury the next day seems to confirm some fallout as well, perhaps from supporters of his father who disagree with his decision to endorse Romney.  Still, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him taking a more prominent role in future elections.  Click here to see Rand Paul’s transits for the night of his speech.


Thursday, August 30 – Marco Rubio, and Mitt Romney

The final day of the convention was interesting because it was supposed to start at 7:00 PM account to the schedule, but then the convention wasn’t called to order until 7:30 PM, shortly after the ascendant moved into Pisces, where the Moon and Neptune were already located.

It is one of those instances where you wonder if things are just accidentally lining up well for the organizers, or if they were actively using electional astrology to time the start of events, in the same way that Reagan did in the 1980s.  Unfortunately sometimes with important events like these it is impossible to tell.

I thought it was interesting that the tone of the first part of the night was very much about trying to demonstrate Romney’s compassion, with very personal stories from different parishioners from Romney’s church who he had helped.  This was all taking place while Pisces was rising in Tampa, and then almost immediately after the ascendant moved from Pisces into Aries that segment ended, and a new one began that was focused on talking about Romney’s entrepreneurship.

Perhaps it is something that you really have to witness live in order to fully see the significance, but it was one of many instances throughout the convention in which the change of the ascendant from sign to sign seemed to coincide with changes in tone and focus.

Marco Rubio giving his speech at the RNC 2012Romney was introduced in a very impressive speech by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, which began at 10:14 PM EDT.  Rubio was high on the list of people that Romney was considering for vice president before selecting Ryan, and his speech gives some indication of why.  He was commanding and fiery, with cutting and acerbic tones similar to Chris Christie, due to the Mercury-Mars square that both have in their birth charts, although for Rubio the presence of Venus in a close conjunction with Mercury gives him an additional level of eloquence that sets him apart from the New Jersey governor.

Like several of the other leading speakers at the convention, Rubio also has some important placements in the early degrees of Sagittarius in his natal chart, making the transit of the North Node over that point this week particularly important for him.  Curiously, the closest transit that he had to his natal chart when he began his speech was transiting Neptune square his natal Neptune at 1 degree and 31 minutes of Sagittarius.  The transit was exact to the minute when he began his speech.   Click here to see Marco Rubio’s natal chart with transits for when his speech began.

Ultimately though, despite the eloquence of Rubio’s speech, the night belonged to Mitt Romney, who came out at 10:32, and then began his speech at 10:36 PM EDT, subsequently accepting the Republican nomination for the presidency.

Romney giving his speech at the 2012 RNCThis was undoubtedly one of the most important nights of Romney’s life, second only to what will happen later this year on election night itself.  This night might arguably be more important though, because on this night he finally achieved something that he had wanted for a long time — something that he wasn’t able to achieve four years ago when he lost the nomination to McCain.

Additionally, the night was entirely his to win or lose depending on how he did with his speech.  And in the end it seemed like he knocked the ball out of the park.  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, I think that it is fair to say that he looked and sounded presidential, and he certainly didn’t mess up.

Given that, and given the apparent success of the convention overall, I think that it is fair to say that Romney probably will get a decent boost to his campaign from the convention, as we suspected earlier this year in our official astrological predictions for the 2012 election.

However, the other part of our prediction based on the technique that we used was that, although Romney would come out of the summer in good shape after the convention, something goes awry in mid-October when he enters into a difficult astrological period that lasts for a month.   This begins just prior to the second debate. Now that we have the official time when Romney accepted the nomination, we can take a look at the chart cast for that moment to see if it has any striking indications for the future.

Romney begins his speech, accepts the nominationRomney began his speech and accepted the nomination at 10:36 PM EDT, with 5 Taurus rising in Tampa.

Romney is the one who initiated the action at the time by beginning his speech and accepting the nomination, so he is assigned to the ascendant and the 1st house.

Interestingly, the South Node had just moved into Taurus the previous night, where it brings its primary quality of decreasing or subtracting.  Also, Mars is setting right on the descendant in Scorpio, perhaps showing Romney’s opponents.

Venus is the ruler of the ascendant, representing Romney, and it is placed at 23 Cancer in the 3rd whole sign house, although right on the IC and opposite the MC.  Venus is applying to a square with Saturn, which is the malefic that is contrary to the sect in this night chart, which is a classical condition of affliction or maltreatment.  There is reception between the two, which lessens the severity of the affliction somewhat, but it is still a close applying square to the most difficult planet in the chart.  Although Saturn is the ruler of the 10th, which may be the office that Romney seeks, ultimately can such a difficult configuration between these two significators represent success in such an endeavor?

The last point to mention here is the Moon, which is separating from Neptune, which was a prominent feature of the convention and many of its speakers, and then applying to a trine with Mars in the 7th.  Here I am not entirely sure if the 7th represents Romney’s opponent, which would be Obama, or if it represents his partner, which would be Ryan.  Either way, somehow it seems to show that it is the other person that the Moon is moving towards, and thus benefiting, not necessarily Romney.  This doesn’t seem like a very auspicious alignment for Romney personally.

It will be interesting to see what the chart for Obama’s acceptance of his party’s nomination looks like next week, and whether it confirms or contradicts what Romney’s acceptance chart seems to imply.  (Update: see our article comparing the RNC and DNC horoscopes here)

Whatever happens, it was and very memorable convention, and we are sure to see many of the people who were involved in it again for many years to come.

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Written by

Chris is a practicing astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Chris,

    I would give the asc. Not just to Romney, but to the Romney ticket. Seeing the first as the symbolic ship and all who sail in her. I would give the 7th to Romney’s opponent. Saturn rules Romney’s ambitions, here setting, yet squaring asc. Ruler Venus. Which ever way you look at it, one hell of an achievement. Mars fixed in the 7th, and early on in the sign, suggets to me, a planet/opponent who is sitting strong in the saddle. My best, Elizabeth

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Good points Elizabeth! That makes sense.

  • Karen says:

    Chris, I’m going to have to read over your article again. There is so much information and I commend you and the other people involved in pulling this all this information together. Your point regarding the Venus Saturn square, which you covered well, does repeat itself after Saturn enters Scorpio and by transit squares Romney’s and Ryan’s natal Venus. It’s hard to imagine that things could be going well for them, in all aspects. The lunar eclipse in late November falls on Romney’s North Node in the first house. I don’t know what part of the cycle this eclipse is in, but Jupiter stations at this point during the inauguration period. Romney, will probably be elected, but the relationship between Saturn and Venus could represent a political storm or global event that exhausts one’s spirit.

  • Mia says:


    Your work on this upcoming election has been well thought out and very clearly presented. It is always a pleasure to find the new posts here on TPAB. I have repeatedly read all of your posts, and shared them with friends.

    A look at the astrological upcoming events in the charts of Michelle Obama and Ann Romney shed light on the deep connections they share in life with candidates. Although they may not be seen as political subjects for a chart reading on your blog, I believe the parts they play in this election are not small by any means. (Unfortunately, neither lady has a birth-time readily available for a reliable chart.)

    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Be well, Mia

  • Colleen Walsh says:

    I watched the RNC on C-Span and wrote down the exact time that Paul Ryan said the words: “I accept”. It was at 9:27PM EDT on Wednesday August 29, 2012 in Tampa Florida.

    I have been an astrologer since 1967 so am in the habit of writing down times when important things happen.

  • Colleen Walsh says:

    Correction on the time that Paul Ryan said the words that “He accepts”. I live in the Central Time Zone so wrote down 9:27 PM, but I should have realized that the convention was being held in an Eastern Time Zone.

    My friend who lives in the Eastern Time zone had written to me the time that she took off the T.V. Screen when he said those words and it was 10:28 PM.

    I am so sorry for making this mistake as I should have known better. No excuses! I will go by her time of 10:28PM since it was the time posted on the T.V.Screen instead of the 10:27 PM my time which was on my computer screen.

    Colleen Walsh

  • No Tribe says:

    Karen, thank you for bringing up the November eclipse. I have noticed Jupiter there on the NN, and the inauguration. It is certainly auspicious, the way that this year’s eclipse points have moved along the Romney-Ryan birth charts.

    In contrast, Obama’s chart seems to be all about this 1+ year ongoing Chiron return that cumulates in the coming two months.What a battle he’s undertaking.

  • nicole says:

    I’m not an astrologer… but why is it better to cast the chart based on when Romney accepted rather than when Romney clinched the delegates to win?

  • Geoffrey says:


    In your “over the top” chart for twenty minutes to six in the evening, how can the sun be in the same sign as the MC?


  • Colleen Walsh says:

    Dear Nicole and others

    You asked: but why is it better to cast the chart based on when Romney accepted rather than when Romney clinched the delegates to win?

    I believe that it is better to use the chart when he accepted the nomination because even though he won enought votes to become his parties chosen one, he could have declined and said he changed his mind, he can not or will not be able be the Republican candidate.

    It is like doing marriage charts, you set up for the exact time the person who is conducting the marriage ceremony says “I now pronounce you man and wife” You may now kiss the bride.

    It is like when you are at an auction, the item is not sold until the auctioneer says “Sold”.

    Now in the chart set up for 5:41 PM August 28, 2012 which was the time on my computer clock, that he got enought votes to put him over the top,the declination of the moon was 15 S 19 and the Midheaven’s declination was 15 S 40 so here is another indication that he just may win the election, since Saturn is the natural ruler of those in high office.

    However with this Venus intercepted in the 7th house squaring Saturn in the 10 hs conjunct the 11 house cusp of hopes, dreams and wishes, I see that his opponents are going to file lawsuits (natural ruler of lawsuits) to try to prevent him from being declared the winner.

    I am afraid that this election is not going to finally be over until the fat lady sings, and may turn out to be a repeat of the 2000 election, with Mercury turning RX at 6:07PM EST there will be many disputes that need to be settled before the final result is in.

    I also believe according to Ivy M Goldstein-Jacobson in her book Simplified Horary Astrology you use every aspect the moon is in until it leaves the sign it is in, and with the moon moving to trine the POF, and Jupiter then Trine Saturn and also parallel the Midheaven, he will be declared the winner.Now I now that this is not a horary chart but an event chart, but my years of experience tells me that the work the same. And as Ivy says Parallels are as good as it gets,they work like conjunctions and antiparallels work as opposites.

    I also remember the 2000 election very well because all the astrologers were saying that John Kerry would win and that George Bush didn’t have a chance. I was living in the UK at the time and was on Noel Tyl forum and wrote in to say “Don’t pop the champagne corks too soon!” A lot of milk can be spilt between the cup and the lip. I believe from looking at the charts that Bush will win. Unfortunatley I do not have copies of those charts due to the moving company putting all my boxes on an overhead crane which broke, spilling all all the contents on the floor which they just shoved to the side and ignored until my husband the lawyer from hell if you are on his wrong side, complained and complained until they gathered all my paper work up and sent it to me. I received said boxes with dirty foot prints implanted on many sheets of paper.

    So I believe that it is entirely possible that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will become the next President and Vice President of the USA.

    I hope that this answers your question Nicole.

    Collee Walsh

  • nicole says:

    yes, thank you. the marriage and auctioneer examples were very helpful.

  • o_irish says:

    Excellent interpretation Colleen!!! I hope your final outcome assessment becomes the reality. Your good information was clear and easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Chris Brennan says:

    @Geoffrey – In the “over the top” chart for Romney the Sun is in Virgo and the MC is in Scorpio, so they are not in the same sign. We are using whole sign houses though, which is why the Sun can still be in the 9th in the evening.

  • Geoffrey says:

    OK Chris, thanks for that.

    It is traditional to take the nomination chart rather than the acceptance chart. (When has a candidate ever refused a nomination?).

    The noted political astrologer Barbara Watters took the ascendant (1st house) as ruling the caucus or body that selects the candidate, the MC (10th house) to rule the candidate and the descendant (7th house) to rule the campaign. Too, natural significators are Sun for the candidate, Moon for the electorate, Saturn for the Democratic party (as it is the older) and Jupiter for the Republican party.

    With this in mind it is worth noting that at 5:02pm, John Sununu, Chairman for the Committee of Rules, stood up and formally announced that Mitt Romney was the the Republican party candidate. Most people were bemused as Romney had yet to achieve the 1144 votes needed and wondered what that was all about. But if you cast the chart for 5:02pm you can see what that was all about….

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Is that the rationale for the assignment of Saturn to the Democrats and Jupiter to the Republicans? Because the Democratic party is older? I’ve heard those associations referenced before, but I never understood where it came from, as it doesn’t seem to fit the archetypal associations that I would think that one might naturally make, for example in linking liberals with Jupiter and conservatives with Saturn.

    I did not catch the announcement at 5:02, so thanks for pointing that out Geoffrey. I will have to go back and see if I can find a clip of that. It looks like Mars was on the MC then, although I’m not entirely clear on what that means here. I guess it depends on whether it was deliberate or not. Do you think that it was?

  • Geoffrey says:

    Hello Chris

    Watters’ comment was that Saturn is for the Democratic party “because it is the older”

    Yes, at 5:02 Mars (Romney) is bang on the MC, which it rules and where it could not be stronger, being also in triplicity, term and face. Jupiter (Republican party) is conjunct the Part of Fortune. A much stronger chart all around for the Republicans.

    As for it being deliberate – is the Pope a Catholic? That announcement at 5:02pm didn’t happen by chance! Back in the Reagan era, nominations and other important announcements were released at strange times of the day and night as Joan Quigley tried to get the Part of Fortune lined up auspiciously. I would say on this evidence that there is little doubt a court astrologer is at work in the camp of the Republicans. Question is, who is it? And, how much other influence does astrology have in Republican thinking and planning?

  • Chris Brennan says:

    I found a clip of Sununu’s nomination speech from C-SPAN on Youtube, and according to the clock on the screen it looks like he nominated Romney right at 5:00 PM. Here is the clip:

    So, Romney was officially nominated at 5:00 PM, and then he was confirmed when he got enough delegate votes at 5:40. I’m going to update the article with this information now, with credit to you Geoffrey. Thank you very much!

    This does add to my suspicions about them electing times. His speech was timed pretty well, and it seemed to culminate with the nomination as soon as the clock switched over to 5:00.

  • Colleen Walsh says:

    Thank you o_irish for your kind comments.

    For those who wish to look at the natal charts of each party here is their birth data.

    Democratic Party
    May 13, 1792 MH24 Taurus 29 ASC 29 Leo 52
    12.00 PM (Noon chart) + 5*00 39′
    Philadelphia Penn.
    39 N 57′ 08″
    075 W 09′ 51″

    Republican Party
    July 6, 1854 MH 13 Cancer 13 ASC 11 Libra 13
    12.00 PM (Noon chart) + 5* 37′ 36″
    Jackson Michigan
    42 N 14′ 45″
    084 W 24′ 05″

    You may read all about the different parties, their goals and history at this web site:

    You may read more about Mitt Romney chart at:

    Colleen Walsh

  • Geoffrey says:

    Hello Chris

    We need to be a little careful here. Although John Sununu “officially” nominated Mitt Romney at 17:00hrs, The time given by all the media for the official nomination is the 17:42 “over the top” time (give or take a few minutes) that you also used. The media certainly did not accept John Sununu’s declaration as “official”.

    Too, there are some questions that need answering before we accept John Sununu’s words at face value.

    Was John Sununu actually within the rules to “officially” nominate Mitt Romney before the 1144 delegate total in his favour was reached? We know that John Sununu is Chairman of the Committee of Rules, but does the Committee of Rules have the power to nominate Presidential candidates? If not, did John Sununu have the authority to speak on behalf of the body that does have the power to nominate the Presidential candidate?

    There may be some form of electoral college within the Republican party which can nominate a candidate if – but I suspect only if – the delegate votes are evenly split between two (or more) candidates. But does this college have the power to nominate a different candidate to the one who has a majority of delegates pledged to support him? That may in fact be the case – electing a US President is not a democratic process as we all know. But we should find out I think. If not, then John Sununu had no authority to say what he did.

    In the circumstances, I would say that that your first chart is correct and is the valid chart as it is drawn up for the generally accepted time, unless and until we have hard evidence to the contrary.


  • Chris Brennan says:

    I read through the RNC rules today, and although it talks about the delegate role call at one point, it doesn’t seem to say anything about requiring an official to nominate the primary candidate at the convention:

    But then on the other hand, I did find a lot of articles which considered Sununu’s statement to be the “official” nomination, either on behalf of the party or on behalf of the convention, and then this nomination was ratified by in the delegate roll call.

    I also found an article where Sununu said that Romney specifically gave him the job of nominating him at the convention, and he was honored to have it.

    A lot of sources seem to take it as a given that someone has to nominate the primary candidate at the convention, and then the roll call takes place. I just assumed that this was some piece of the convention protocol that I wasn’t aware of. Unfortunately I haven’t really watched enough conventions to know for sure. But yes, let’s keep looking into this to see if we can get it sorted out. Maybe there are some parallels in previous conventions?

  • Geoffrey says:

    Hello Chris

    “Sununu said that Romney specifically gave him the job of nominating him at the convention, and he was honored to have it.”

    Ha! Since when did Romney have the authority to nominate the Republican Presidential candidate, or have it in his gift to give someone else that authority?

    Sununu is being creative on his feet here.


  • Geoffrey says:

    Thanks for the link to the rules of the Republican party Chris.

    Rule 240 governs the nomination for Presidential candidate. The relevant sections are:


    (d) When at the close of a roll call any
    candidate for nomination for President of the United
    States or Vice President of the United States has
    received a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the
    convention, the chairman of the convention shall
    declare that the candidate has been nominated.

    (e) If no candidate shall have received such
    majority, the chairman of the convention shall direct the
    roll of the states be called again and shall repeat the
    calling of the roll until a candidate shall have received a
    majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the


    So, from paragraph (d), I would read that the “chairman of the convention”, who in this case was Reince Priebus, stands up at the end of the roll call of delegates and declares that a candidate “has been” nominated. Note that, “has been” nominated. From this, it would seem to follow that the nomination actually takes place when a candidate achieves a majority, which Mitt Romney did at 17:42 give or take a few minutes.

    From paragraph (e), it seems that a candidate cannot be nominated without he has a majority of delegate votes. No committee or person has the power to declare a candidate has been nominated before he has a majority of votes.

    So, John Sununu did not have the authority to say what he said. It was a blatent attempt to alter the timing of the nomination. Futile, but fascinating non-the-less.


  • nicole says:

    thanks for bring this up geoffrey. i had the same methodological question/concern.

  • Sasha says:

    According to, one meaning of ‘nominate’ is “to propose (someone) for appointment or election to an office”. Also, there are multiple definitions of nominee that come into play in this instance. I think that Roberts Rules of Order apply here. (

    Before the delegates can vote, the names of eligible nominee(s) must be submitted. The convention chairman would (should) have opened the convention up for nominations; we do not have that time. Had Ron Paul’s or someone else name been put into nomination, someone else would have placed their names in the same way John Sununu did with Romney. Once all of the nominees’ names have been submitted and seconded, the nominating period is closed and a roll call is taken. The results of the roll call determine the official ‘nominee’ of the Party, the one who is recognized as their representative in the general election. I hope this clarifies the situation.

  • Gary (NJ) says:

    I just wanted to share something I learned from my teacher John Frawley. Unless Obama’s chart shows a major change in career, moving house etc., he’s not going anywhere! I too got the John Kerry prediction wrong and I asked Frawley about this since if I remember correctly, Kerry had transiting Jupiter on his MC on election day and bunch of other nice stuff. John told me, of course he did, his name and face was on every TV and newspaper in the world, but Bush’s chart indicated that he ‘wasn’t going anywhere’; and so it proved. We had the right church, but the wrong pew. I haven’t had a chance to really look at Obama’s chart for election time, but unless it shows him leaving office in a major way, he ain’t leavin’ and Romney’s chart is almost irrelevant, after all, his name and face will be on every tv and newspaper in the world too, whether he wins or not.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    Good points Gary. I’m not sure that I would go so far as to say that Romney’s chart is irrelevant, but I get your general point. That is actually one of the major things underlying our official prediction here on the blog. Obama has a major career transition in the spring of 2017, and it mirrors the first year or so that he was in office. For the past few years I’ve thought that this seemed to be an indication of someone who was leaving his second term in office at that time.

  • Good job capturing these critical moments during the Republican Convention.

    Excellent point about Obama’s chart not revealing “going anywhere” at Inauguration time. Obama’s chart seems impervious to “downfall” such as one might see with a transit of Saturn to the MC (Grant Lewi).

    I suspect a lot more can be learned from the Republican nomination charts by comparing them to Obama’s chart (such as we have).

    Possibly, whether Obama leaves office or not will allow rectification of his chart. I accept the Hawaii birthplace but am dubious about the time.

    Oh, and I’m a Noel Tyl follower, too.

  • mojwnun says:

    This just came across C/Net this afternoon.

    “Romney’s 1040 tax returns were taken from the PWC office 8/25/2012 … The group will release all available files to the public on the 28 of September, 2012.”

    Story here:

    Original here:

    Could this be the “October Surprise” mentioned in Romney’s chart?

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