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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Live Blogging the Astrology of 2012 DNC – Day 1

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4 201213 Comments

2012 DNC logoThe Democratic National Convention is taking place in Charlotte, North Carolina this week, and we are going to be live-blogging the event.

This page will be updated as the convention unfolds, and we plan to make observations about the astrology of the event, record the times when important things happen, talk about birth charts of people who are speaking, and more.

If you have any observations that you would like to share with us then please do so in the comments section below.

For coverage of the RNC, see my recap of The Astrology of the Republican National Convention from last week.  That article summarizes the high points of the entire convention, and it ended up being really long, although I still wasn’t able to include as much coverage as I would have liked.

So for the DNC this week we are going to try a different approach, and instead of doing a long recap at the end of the week, we are going to do a separate live blog for all three days.  That way we can include all or at least most of the data and observations we collected from the convention.


Day 1: The 2012 Democratic National Convention Opens

The 2012 Democratic National Convention began today, September 4, 2012 at exactly 5:00 PM EDT in Charlotte, North Carolina when the Chair of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz gaveled open the convention.

Here is the inception chart for that moment:

Democratic National Convention Inception Chart

DNC 2012 inception chart

The chart looks pretty good from an electional standpoint.  Here are some observations:

  • Saturn is the ruler of the ascendant, and thus it is the primary planet in the chart that represents the convention itself.   Saturn is actually extremely well-placed in this chart.  It is exalted in Libra, in a day chart (so it is of the sect in favor), it is angular in the 10th whole sign house, it is in aversion to Mars, it has a superior trine from Jupiter and superior sextile from Venus.
  • Mars on the MC is not great since this is a day chart, so Mars is the most difficult planet.  This is mitigated a little bit by Mars being in its own sign, but it is still somewhat problematic.  Since it is in the 11th it almost seems to imply that problems come from within the Democratic party itself, since the 11th is the place of friends and alliances.
  • The Moon is applying to an opposition with Mars, which is probably the most difficult placement in the chart, although it is mitigated somewhat by the fact that the Moon is exalted and Mars is in its own domicile, as well as by the fact that Mercury sends in an interposing ray that intercepts the Moon.  Interestingly, the Moon will reach Mars and Mercury at exactly the same time, so it is almost like the problematic opposition and the positive trine both come into play and have equal weight.  It is not clear how much the Moon represents general circumstances with respect to the convention as a general significator, versus how much it has something specific to say about the other party since it is the ruler of the 7th.  It is curious that it is the only planet in the chart that has some sort of serious affliction though.
  • One thing that is striking about this chart is the number of dignified planets:  Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.  Even Venus is in a mutual reception with the Moon, which gives it some additional strength.
  • I would say that aside from the Moon’s application to Mars, this is a very strong election, and it bodes well for the convention.

Cory Booker

Cory Booker’s speech began at 5:59 PM ET.   Booker is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.  It is interesting that it began right when the ascendant was square to Mars, and it ended up being a loud and very fiery speech (click here to see the chart for when Booker’s speech began).  It really woke people up, and it was a striking departure from the speeches that had taken place up to that point, which were pretty tame and kind of low-key in comparison.

Astrologer Mary Plumb pointed out that Booker’s Sun is at 7 Taurus, so transiting Mars is exactly opposing it, and transiting Mercury is exactly trine.  Click here to see Booker’s transits.

Younger People to Watch Out For

8:05 PM ET, September 4: There have been a couple of new faces so far, only a few hours into the convention.  I’m following the convention with the astrology program Solar Fire’s animate chart wheel feature, which shows exactly where the planets are each minute, and moves the chart as they change position.   I’m particularly paying attention to when the ascendant changes signs, and when the ascendant or MC makes an exact aspect with a planet.

So far two notable exact hits of planets to angles occurred when two newer people were speaking.   The first was Tulsi Gabbard, who is a recently elected member of the House of Representatives.  She was speaking around 7:27 PM ET, when Mercury was right on the descendant at 7 Virgo.

The other was  Joseph Kennedy III, who is apparently running for the Senate in Massachusetts right now.  He started speaking at 7:44 PM, with the ascendant square to Jupiter in Charlotte to the degree.  These may be people to watch out for in the future.  Both of their brief speeches kind of stood out.  Gabbard’s was a bit more polished than Kennedy’s.

Interestingly, both of them have Saturn in Libra, so both are finishing their Saturn returns in the next month.  This must be the last great event of both of their respective Saturn returns.

Ascendant Sign Changes in Charlotte During the Course of the Day

  • The ascendant moved from Aquarius to Pisces at 7:07 PM, about a minute after Harry Reid began his speech.
  • The ascendant moved from Pisces to Aries at 8:25 PM ET, about a minute after Nancy Keenan from the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) started speaking.  It was a pretty impassioned and forceful speech about pro-choice issues.
  • Ascendant switched into Taurus just before Lilly Ledbetter’s speech ended.

Running Notes

  • Astrologer Leisa Schaim points out that war veteran Tammy Duckworth’s graphic description of her injuries in the Iraq war took place at 8:43 PM when Pluto was exactly square the ascendant.  The ascendant was at 7 Aries in Charlotte.
  • Astrologer Leisa Schaim points out that when governor Lincoln Chafee from Rhode Island said that he is the only Independent governor Uranus was just rising over the degree of the ascendant.  He started talking at 8:45 PM with the ascendant at 8 Aries and Uranus at 7 Aries.  His speech was primarily directed at independent voters.
  • Pluto was culminating right on the degree of the MC just now when Stacey Lihn came out with her family at 8:55 PM and explained that if Obama care was repealed, her family wouldn’t have the money to pay for her daughters open heart surgeries.  She basically implied that if Romney was elected her daughter would die due to her medical condition and the fact that she would have exceeded the lifetime cap that the healthcare company had in place prior to Obamacare going into effect.  It was a really serious moment because she was talking about life and death, and her daughter was right there on the stage, while Pluto was right at the MC at 7 Capricorn.  Interestingly, at the same time her speech was interrupted when her baby started crying in the middle of it, perhaps due to Uranus being square to the MC at the same time since it is at 7 Aries, square the MC and Pluto at 7 Capricorn.
  • Lilly Ledbetter walked out right when the ascendant exactly squared Venus, with the ascendant at 28 Aries and Venus at 28 Cancer.   She talked about equal pay for women and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which was the first bill that Obama signed when he got into office.
  • Julián Castro’s keynote speech began at 10:10 PM ET with Mars on the descendant (Asc at 9 Taurus and Mars at 8 Scorpio).  He was kind of slipping a bit during the first half of the speech, although then he seemed to get it together during the second half, and closed well.  He ended by talking about his mother and daughter, and then his speech culminated and ended at 10:27, with Venus exactly on the degree and minute of the IC at 28 Cancer.  I was watching it live and it was really striking seeing it end almost to the second that Venus hit the IC.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama came out at 10:38 PM ET to deliver her speech, and began a minute or so after the applause died down.

Michelle Obama's DNC speech beginsHer speech is taking place around the same time that Romney and Ryan’s did, so the rising sign is the same, Taurus.  The differences are the positions of the faster moving bodies such as the Moon, Mercury, and Venus.

Venus is still the ruler of the ascendant, and it is still square Saturn, as it was for Ryan and Romney, but interestingly it is separating from the exact square with Saturn at this point rather than applying to it, which is pretty significant from an electional standpoint.

Things are also a bit different in this chart because the Moon is in Taurus in the 1st, and in a mutual reception with Venus, so it lends Venus some dignity that it otherwise wouldn’t have on its own in Cancer.

It was a really powerful and well-executed speech.  It ended at 11:04 PM ET.

The convention went into recess at 11:11 PM, with 28 Taurus rising, and the ascendant right on the south node at 29.

End of day 1. 

For coverage of day 2 of the Democratic National Convention click here. 

For coverage of day 3 of the DNC click here. 

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Written by

Chris is a practicing astrologer from Denver, Colorado, USA. He is the former President of the Association for Young Astrologers, as well as the former Research Director of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He offers personal consultations and teaches online classes through his website at

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  • Karen says:

    The Moon Venus Saturn T-Square doesn’t look particularly promising for advancing a war on women agenda. In particular since the Moon is opposing the Saturn Mars midpoint and the Moon is below the horizon. It doesn’t appear they’ll get that much traction on that one. I like the elevated position of Saturn, but is weighing heavy on the moon, the general populous. The ruler of the seventh, seems to hold more cards than ruler of the ASC. Is President Clinton’s speech the Moon Jupiter conjunction or the Moon conjunct the DESC?

  • Chris Brennan says:

    I don’t understand why you say that the ruler of the 7th holds more cards than the ruler of the ascendant. The ruler of the 7th is the only planet in the chart that is afflicted.

  • o_irish says:

    subscribing to comments.

  • Karen says:

    Chris, you are correct. However, my point is that the Moon has access to more favorable relationships to other energies in the chart. In addition, if I had the choice of a Grand Trine, which I know are over-rated, I favor it not in fire, or any other element, but most in earth. (Moon, Mercury, Pluto). The ruler Saturn in this chart, isn’t that beneficial. Other than the elevation and it’s exaltation. I don’t assign points to these things. I simply feel the Moon in this case, is firm in Taurus, works synergistically well with the other planets, and has an escape route within the trine. The bigger question is where will the Moon be when President Clinton gives his speech? Will it be on the DESC of this chart? His speech may set the groundwork for Hillary in 2016, and serve to be artfully subversive for President Obama’s re-election effort, rather than an endorsement.

  • Chris Brennan says:

    “The ruler Saturn in this chart, isn’t that beneficial.”

    I’m sorry, but you are mistaken.

  • Karen says:

    We aren’t going to agree. It wouldn’t be productive for me to say anymore regarding Saturn in this chart. However, will you post Clinton’s speech?
    I’m very interested to see where the moon is at that time. Thanks.

  • Mary Plumb says:

    Great job Chris, looking forward to more tonight. (I’ll have my software and teevee a bit better co-ordinated..)

    Do you mind me asking what astro software you are using? I was using IO and it took a bit for me to figure out how to get it to be live from Charlotte although I’m on the west coast..

  • Mary Plumb says:

    OK, I just read fire..I have that too..I’ll use it henceforth..


  • Colleen Walsh says:

    You can watch the entire convention on C-SPAN.ORG if you have cable.

    My son installed a sound card on my older computer so I can watch t.v programs through my computer.

    If you go to you can read all about the convention. You may even be able to watch it live if you have the right set up. I am not versed in these new kinds of things. This lists the entire schedule.

    Bill Clinton is supposed to speak at 10:39PM Eastern Time on Wed Sept 5, 2012 according to their Schedule. I just saw this time and must set up a chart to see if the moon is really void at that time. Of course while the moon is still in Taurus the last 2 aspects she makes are on Sept 6, with an parallel to Venus and finishes off with an anti-parallel to Pluto.

    So that is the question “Will the moon be really void after 2:54 PM with he trine to the Sun on September 5, 2012

    The second question is does it really matter when the moon is void?

    Colleen Walsh

  • Chris Brennan says:

    @Mary – Yep, I’m just using an old copy of Solar Fire with the clock/animate chart feature, and setting it to Charlotte.

    @Colleen – Thanks for posting that. I didn’t even think of it, but I will make a note of the C-SPAN site on the page for day 2, since I’m actually following along via the C-SPAN stream on their website myself. The other YouTube stream on the convention website seemed to have a delay, but the C-SPAN one seems to be pretty good.

    With respect to the void Moon thing, there are two issues. Patrick wrote an article a few years ago in which he made the case that Obama doesn’t seem to be negatively effected by void Moon, but instead he seems to have a history of them showing up in important charts:

    One of the other issues is that the original definition of void of course was much different than it is today, and much more rare. Most of the time even though the Moon may be void by the modern definition, it isn’t void by the ancient definition, and that may be why some of Obama’s ventures haven’t seemed to have that many problems as a result. See my definition of the void of course Moon on The Astrology Dictionary for more about the definitions:

    I will be starting the article for day 2 of the convention soon, so check back in the next hour or two for that, as it should be on the front page.

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