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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
Sat, 11/10/12 – 3:57 | 12 Comments

Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Live Blogging the Astrology of 2012 DNC – Day 2

Posted by on Wednesday, September 5 201211 Comments

DNC logoWelcome to day 2 of our coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

This is the second installment of our live blogging of the astrology of the DNC.

During the course of the day we will be updating the page with notes and observations about significant astrological correlations as they happen.  This includes real-time transits in Charlotte, transits that speakers are having today, and other notable astrological information.

For our coverage of the first day of the convention please see our article on day 1 of the DNC.  (Update: for coverage of day 3 of the DNC click here.)

We have a team of astrologers that is watching the convention live and taking notes on times that important events occur, and some of their observations will be quoted in this article.

If you have any of your own observations to add then please do so in the comments section below, although please remember to adhere to our motto: our agenda is not partisan, but astrological.

With that, let’s get started with day 2 of the convention.

Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention Begins & the Void of Course Moon

Day 2 of the DNC beginsDay 2 of the convention was called to order by Antonio R. Villaraigosa at exactly 5:01 PM ET.

The chart is largely the same as the inception chart for the convention from yesterday, except now the Moon has moved past its configuration with Mars, Mercury, the Sun, etc.

In fact, even though it looks like it is applying to Venus, the Moon is technically void of course now, because Venus will move out of Cancer and into Leo tomorrow, before the Moon catches up to it.

 There is bound to be a lot of talk about this void of course Moon today and tomorrow, so I would like to point out two things before that gets started:

  1. Patrick Watson wrote an article a couple of years ago here on The Political Astrology Blog where he pointed out that Obama launched his 2008 presidential campaign under a void of course Moon, and it didn’t seem to be a problem because he won the election.  In fact, he ran one of the most successful political campaigns in modern history.
  2. The modern definition of the void of course Moon is a lot different than the original ancient definition, and this may be part of the reason why the modern definition doesn’t always seem to be as detrimental as it is often assumed to be.  The modern definition is that the Moon is void once it makes its last aspect within a sign, but the ancient definition is that the Moon is void if it doesn’t complete an exact aspect within the next 30 degrees.  See my article on The Astrology Dictionary for more information on the difference between the modern and ancient definitions of void of course Moon.

I would suggest that it is more important to see what planet the Moon applies to first once it changes signs, as that usually has an important bearing on the nature of the period in which it is void of course according to the modern definition.  That being said, it is interesting that the Moon isn’t closely applying to any planets today.

Ascendant Sign Changes

  • The ascendant moved into Aquarius at 5:30 PM ET.
  • The ascendant moved into Pisces not long after Emanuel Cleaver’s speech ended.
  • The ascendant moved into Aries at 8:22 PM, during Steny Hoyer’s speech.  Ryhan Butler points out that they played a video about veterans a few minutes later.  After the video a Vietnam War veteran named Ed Meagher spoke about veterans rights issues.  Then General Eric Shinseki came out.  All of this with Mars ruled, early Aries rising.   Later in Aries rising astrologer Ryhan Butler points out that they focus largely on small businesses.  There is an interesting parallel here with the RNC last week, because it was when Aries was rising that they focused on displaying Romney’s credentials as an entrepreneur.
  • The ascendant moved into Taurus at 9:40 PM.
  • Ascendant moved into Gemini at 9:12 PM, sometime during the second half of Bill Clinton’s speech.

Running Notes

  • At about 3:04/3:05 there was a motion to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  It became really awkward because when the DNC Chair, Antonio Villaraigosa, asked for all of those in favor to say aye and those against to say no, they yeses and nos were basically equal, and he didn’t know what to do.  So they held the vote again, and at least over C-SPAN it sounded like they were still even, but then he said that the motion had passed with 2/3 saying yes.
  • John Larson started speaking at 5:54 PM, and towards the end of the speech he was trying to get the room pumped up and he was yelling.  It is interesting because by this point the ascendant was at 8 Aquarius, exactly squaring Mars at 8 Scorpio.   The same thing happened yesterday during Cory Booker’s speech when the ascendant was also squaring Mars.  Ryan Butler and Nick Dagan best note that when Larson’s speech ended at 6:00 another began with an anecdote about a violent individual with a gun.
  • Emanuel Cleaver, who is Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, gave a great speech just now.  It began at 6:47 PM, and then hit a high note around 8:52, with the MC at 8 Sagittarius exactly square Mercury at 8 Virgo.  The ascendant at 26 Aquarius was also trine to Saturn at 26 Libra.    Mary Plump points out that he is speaking of inclusiveness right now towards the end of his speech with 27 Aquarius rising, which is the degree of the Moon in the US Sibly chart.  His speech ended at 6:58.  He seems like someone to pay attention to in the future.
  • 8:00 PM ET: In anticipation of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s speech tonight I just posted a separate article with his birth time and natal chartUpdate:  Hickenlooper did great!  He started at 8:35 PM ET, and ended at 8:42.  The chart wasn’t great, with Uranus on the ascendant and Pluto square, but he still did pretty good.   He is having some interesting transits right now, like transiting Mercury trine his ascendant, transiting Jupiter trine Saturn (ruler of his ascendant), Uranus sextile Mercury, and Sun trine Venus (in his 1st), and a Mars return on his MC in the 11th whole sign house.
  • Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, began her speech at 8:08 PM, and there was a really emotional moment around 8:14 when she mentioned her mother, the late former Texas Governor Ann Richards.  The crowd went wild with applause when Cecile mentioned her mother, and it almost brought her to tears.  The ascendant was at about 27 Pisces at that point, trine to Venus at 29 Cancer. Her speech in general was pretty good, but this was a notable moment.  When she started the MC was at 26 Sagittarius, exactly sextile Saturn at 26 Libra in the 8th, which may also be relevant.  Her speech ended at 8:17.
  • Sandra Fluke came out at 10:00 PM.  It was delayed, because the schedule says that she was supposed to come out earlier.  It was an excellent speech.  It ended at 10:07.  When she started the ascendant was at 7 Taurus.  During the course of the speech Mars at 8 Scorpio hit the descendant, perhaps reflecting that much of the speech was very pointedly against Romney’s platform, but then the ascendant reached an exact trine with Mercury at 9 Virgo, and she delivered her lines very well and very effectively.   With her natal Saturn in Libra, this is the end of Fluke’s Saturn return, although based on that speech it makes me wonder if she won’t continue to be involved in politics in the future.  If this is the beginning of a Saturn cycle for her then we would expect to see important turning points at about 7 and then 14 years from now.
  • Elizabeth Warren came out at 10:15 PM with the MC square Saturn, and said that she was “here to talk about hard working people.”  She is giving a good speech, and we are watching a lot of planets hit exact aspects to the angles during the course of it.  Ascendant trine Sun.  IC coming up on Venus.  Moon getting close to the ascendant.   …  Right when the IC hit Venus exactly she made a remark to the effect that Obama believes in “a country where women get equal pay for equal work”.   Oh wow.   Her speech culminated and ended EXACTLY when the Moon at 17 Taurus conjoined the ascendant, to the exact degree and minute.  Wow.  Warren was born with the Moon in mid-Taurus, so she may have been having a lunar return as well (we don’t have her time, so not sure if it is exact).

Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech

  • Bill Clinton began his speech at 10:34 PM ET.  He is the main speaker tonight, which is the same position that Paul Ryan held on the second night of the RNC last week.
  • Clinton just officially nominated Obama at 10:37 PM.
  • Clinton is having some really interesting transits right now:  transiting Uranus trine Mercury, transiting Pluto square Mars in the 1st, transiting Saturn in Libra in his 1st house sextile his Mercury.
  • Bill Clinton's DNC speech beginsMary Plumb points out that the transiting ascendant is conjoining his natal Moon at 20 Taurus exactly right now early on in his speech.  The Moon is the ruler of his 10th. And of course, with the Moon in Taurus, he is having a lunar return tonight as well.
  • Clinton fired back against some of Ryan and Romney’s statements at the RNC last week about Obamacare right around the time that the MC reached 8 Aquarius and squared Mars in the 7th at 8 Scorpio.
  • Exactly when the ascendant sextiled Venus to the degree and minute Clinton made a point about Republican cuts to medicare causing problems for Americans with disabilities (10:10 PM).  It was exact to the minute, and there was this moment of silence in the room, because it was a moment that evoked a lot of empathy.
  • Ascendant moved into Gemini at 11:12 PM.
  • Clinton’s speech ended at 11:23, and then Obama walked out.  Mary Plumb points out that the ascendant was at 3 Gemini, right on topic of Obama’s natal Moon at 3 Gemini.
  • Clinton’s speech was amazing.  The room seemed to be really electrified and captivated, especially towards the beginning.

Roll Call and Party Nomination

Antonio Villaraigosa asked the audience to second Clinton’s nomination of Obama at 11:27.  The entire crowd seconded it.  The roll call then began at 11:28.

All of the states are casting their votes.  Obama needs 2778 to receive the nomination.  He has no challenger, so this is largely procedural, but it still counts.  Once he goes “over the top” and gets 2778 votes then he officially receives the nomination of the party as a whole, which he will then accept tomorrow night when he begins his speech.

Obama "over the top" - gets Democratic party nomination

Obama went “over the top” and got the 2778 votes needed at exactly 12:09 AM ET, September 6, 2012, officially making him the nominee of the Democratic party.  See the chart to the right.

Astrologer Patrick Watson observed that this happened right when Jupiter reached a conjunction with the ascendant at 15 Gemini.

Mercury is the ruler of the ascendant, and it is located in Virgo in the 4th whole sign house, applying to Jupiter (it hits Jupiter before the Sun).   The MC about 2 degrees away from a trine with Saturn.

Waiting for delegate roll call to end to see when the convention is ended for the day…

Roll call ended at 12:56 AM.

Passed a motion to show in the convention report that Obama was unanimously nominated at 12:57.

Convention recessed at 1:02 AM.  Unless Villaraigosa misspoke, he said that they would reconvene at 4:00 PM tomorrow, which is an hour earlier than they had been meeting this week.  I guess we will find out tomorrow when the schedule is posted.

End of day 2.

For coverage of day 3 of the DNC click here.

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