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Obama Wins 2012 Election, As Predicted
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Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as President of the United States on November 6, 2012.
In doing so he fulfilled a prediction that the authors of The Political Astrology Blog issued earlier this …

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Live Blogging the Astrology of 2012 DNC – Day 3

Posted by on Thursday, September 6 201213 Comments

2012 DNC logoThis is the third and final day of our coverage of the astrology of the Democratic National Convention.

This week we have been following the DNC with a group of astrologers, and we are noting times and making observations about interesting astrological correlations live as they happen here on The Political Astrology Blog.

We will be continually updating this page today as the last day of the convention progresses.  Just reload the page every once in a while to see the updates. If you have any astrological observations to make then please put them in the comments section below, although please keep the discussion astrological.

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For coverage of the previous days of the convention please see the following articles:

Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

3:00 PM ET – Last night the chair of the convention said that it would reconvene at 4:00 PM, although it is not clear yet if he misspoke.  The convention has been starting each day at 5:00 PM so far, and their live stream on YouTube has a countdown timer that starts at 5:00 again.   I guess we will find out pretty soon.

And just a reminder that you can watch the convention live through the stream on C-SPAN’s website.

Update:  now the countdown timer on the DNC website is set to expire and begin the video at 4:30 PM ET.

Update: C-SPAN just said that the gavel was supposed to come down at 4:30, but it has been delayed.

Senator Key Hagan from North Carolina came out and started giving a speech at 4:41 PM ET.  She didn’t gavel in the convention, so I don’t know what is going on.

4:47 PM ET – Now the second speaker has started.  Leisa Schaim points out that the schedule has just been posted on the DNC website in the past 45 minutes, and it shows that they have several speakers making remarks before Antonio Villaraigosa officially calls the convention to order for the day.  That is really weird.  It is almost like they are purposely delaying the official opening for some reason.  Maybe delaying for electional reasons?

5:15 PM ET – They are having musicians doing songs, and it is delaying the official opening.  The ascendant is in late Capricorn now, and they are about to miss the nice Capricorn rising election that they have been using all week.

The Void of Course Moon and Obama’s DNC Nomination

5:00 PM ET – Yesterday I talked a little bit about how I don’t think that the void of course Moon yesterday was very problematic for the DNC, and that is still relevant today because the Moon will still be void according to the modern definition until it moves into Gemini just after midnight, and thus still in effect when Obama accepts the nomination when he begins his speech tonight.

Yesterday I argued that it isn’t a major issue because 1) Obama has historically done pretty well even when he starts stuff under VOC Moon’s, such as his 2008 campaign for example, and 2) the original definition of the void of course Moon was that the Moon doesn’t aspect any planets in the next 30 degrees, which is a lot different and a lot more rare than the modern definition.  There is a third point that should be added to this list though.

Astrologer Jonathan Pearl pointed out in a comment on our blog today that according to some of the traditional astrologers who the modern definition of void of course Moon comes from, there are some exceptions to the rule.  Specifically, William Lilly says that when the Moon is void of course in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces it is not debilitated.  And in point of fact, the Moon is in the sign of Taurus today.  So, even if one does accept that definition of void of course, it does not apply because there is a mitigation in this instance.

The Opening of Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention

Inception chart for day 3 of the DNC5:23 PM ET – Oh wow.  That was tense.  They had several speakers, and then they had a musical performance that lasted for a while, so much so that it almost delayed the official opening of the convention until Aquarius was rising.  All of the astrologers were biting our nails and watching the ascendant get closer and closer to the end of Capricorn.

They took a while to clear the stage of the musical instruments, and then the chair of the convention, Antonio Villaraigosa, briskly came out to gavel in the convention.  He did so at exactly 5:21 PM ET, with 28 Capricorn rising, and thus with essentially the same good electional chart they have been using all week.   Wow.

Ascendant Sign Changes

  • The ascendant switched into Aquarius at 5:26 PM ET in Charlotte during the singing of the national anthem by Marc Anthony.  As a side note, he did an exceptionally good job!  Might want to check his transits for today.  Leisa Schaim points out that Venus was right on the descendant as he was singing, setting over the western horizon.  Nice!
  • The ascendant switched into Pisces at 6:58, I think during Jim Messina’s speech.
  • Ascendant moved into Taurus at late 9:35 PM during Joe Biden’s speech.

 Running Notes About Speakers and Events (not comprehensive)

  • Congressman Barney Frank came out and gave a decent speech at 5:38 PM ET.
  • Alejandra Salinas came started at 5:55 PM.  Moon conjoins IC during speech.
  • Representative John Lewis began at 5:59 PM. Mars square ascendant.    Maybe the Mars speech of the day?  The past two days when the ascendant squared Mars the speakers ended up being much louder than the others, to the point of kind of yelling.  Update:  he definitely projected his voice a lot better than most people, but it was a more restrained or controlled raising of the voice than some of the past speakers.  Because of that it came off as more elegant, although still kind of powerful.  Maybe this is the difference between Venus in Cancer versus being in Leo now and overcoming Mars while aspecting the ascendant?
  • Jason Crow came out and gave a speech about the miltary and Obama’s repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” at 6:08 PM, and the MC switched into Sagittarius where it formed a trine with Venus in the whole sign 7th a zero Leo.
  • Leisa Schaim points out that Jupiter at 15 Gemini is exactly trining the ascendant at 15 Aquarius from the 5th house now during Mary J. Blige’s musical performance.  She began at 6:12 PM.  Ended at 6:20.  Trine exact at 6:15.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz at 6:22 PM.  Transiting ascendant at 17 Aquarius trine her natal Mercury at 17 Libra.  Transiting Venus at zero Leo conjunct natal Jupiter at 0 Leo.  Transiting MC sextile Sun.  Transiting Jupiter trine Mercury, although a little wide (2 degrees, applying).  In the end she did really well with her speech, and these transits seem to reflect that boding well for her in the future.
  • Antonio R. Villaraigosa, the chair of the convention, began his speech at 6:29 PM.  He actually did pretty good!  We’ve seen him a few times during the conference, but this was his first real speech, and he did well.  He is having some interesting transits.  His natal Saturn is at 27 Libra, and transiting Saturn is only 20 minutes away from it at 26 Libra.   So his second Saturn return is hosting the 2012 DNC!   He has a natal Saturn-Mercury square though, so transiting Saturn is almost exactly squaring his natal Mercury right now as well.  If he has a night chart this could be very problematic, although if he was born during the day then its not so bad.  Other than that, he has transiting Mercury at 11 Virgo trine natal Jupiter at 11 Taurus.  Transiting Moon at 27 Taurus trine natal Mercury at 26 Taurus.  Transiting Mars is applying to an opposition with Jupiter in about 2 degrees, which looks problematic, although I’m not sure what that is about.  Something that hits just after the convention.  Otherwise he did good.
  • Tammy Baldwin at 6:38.  Leisa Schaim points out that the transiting ascendant was conjunct Baldwin’s natal Sun when she started speaking.
  • Michael Nutter at 6:43.  Ryhan Butler points out that it was an education centric speech with the ascendant at 26 Aquarius trine Saturn in the 9th at 26 Libra in the whole sign 9th.
  • Zach Wahls starts at 6:50.  He gave a great speech!  Ryhan Butler pointed out that the ascendant at 27 Aquarius was exactly square the Moon at 27 Taurus in the 4th, and at the beginning of his speech he talked about his lesbian parents (he actually wrote a book about the subject earlier this year).  Leisa Schaim also points out that the ascendant is still closely trine Saturn in Libra in the 9th, and the main theme of Wahls speech is legally-bound relationship equality issues.
  • Jim Messina at 6:58.  The ascendant switched into Pisces around this time.
  •  Kenyetta Jones, et al, 7:03

Joe Biden Nominated as Vice President

Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden came out at 7:09 PM and began a very heartfelt speech about his father, in which he eventually nominated him to be Vice President again.   He nominated Joe Biden for VP at 7:13.  Villaraigosa moved to suspend the rules and vote by acclimation. Motion adopted at 7:15.  Joe Biden is getting teary.

Beau Biden nominates Joe Biden for Vice PresidentLeisa Schaim points out that when Beau was giving the speech about his father that Jupiter was right on the IC.  See chart to the right.

Mary Plumb points out that the transiting Moon was opposing Biden’s natal Sun exactly to the minute when he was nominated.  She also points out that he is nearly precisely at the last quarter progressed square: Moon 8 14′ Scorpio/ Sun 8 31′ Aquarius.

Other than that, transit-wise, he has the transiting north node conjunct natal Venus at 28 Scorpio pretty closely, transiting Venus at zero Leo square natal Moon at zero Taurus pretty closely.  Transiting Moon applying to oppose natal Venus in about a degree (maybe exact later when he gives his speech?).

More later when Biden gives his speech and accepts the nomination officially.

Resuming Running Notes

  • The Foo Fighters started playing at 7:23 PM ET.
  • James Clyburn began his speech at 7:38.  It was pretty solid.
  • Kerry Washington at 7:44 PM ET.  She gave a very impressive speech.  The line that got the most applause from the crowd was “You may not be thinking about politics, but politics is thinking about you.”
  • Scarlett Johansson at 7:47 PM.
  • Gabrielle Giffords comes out at 7:57 PM to lead the pledge of allegiance.  Wow.  Very moving moment.   She was involved in the shooting last year.  Transiting north node is exactly conjunct her natal Neptune, within 2 minutes.  Transiting Saturn conjunct Jupiter within 26 minutes.  Several other transits.
  • Caroline Kennedy at 8:00 PM.  MC at 26 Sag sextile Saturn at 26 Libra when she began.  Mary Plumb points out that transiting Jupiter is opposing her natal Saturn.
  • Xavier Becerra at 8:07.  He’s a strong speaker.
  • Jennifer Granholm at 8:12.   Transiting ascendant at 28 Pisces sextile Moon at 28 Taurus.   She is really fired up, and she riled up the crowd.  Right in the middle of that the ascendant just switched into Aries at 8:17:30.   It trined Venus at zero Leo as soon as it did this.  Her speech ended at late 8:18/19.  It was really high energy.  Leisa Schaim points out that transiting Mars at 9 Scorpio is very closely square her natal Mercury at 9 Aquarius.  Mary Plumb points out that the transiting Moon at 28 Taurus is exactly conjunct her natal Mars at 28 Taurus.  Haha.  Perfect.  She seems like someone to watch out for.
  • Eva Longoria at 8:19 PM.
  • Brian Schweitzer at 8:25 PM.  Leisa Schaim points out that transiting Venus is conjunct his natal Uranus tonight, and transiting Merc conjunct his Sun.  Very auspicious.  He did well.  Speech ended at 8:34.
  • Charlie Crist at 8:34.  Transiting ascendant conjunct Uranus, and ascendant square Pluto.  He is talking about how he left his party (Uranus), and the grief it caused him (Pluto).

John Kerry’s Speech

John Kerry's DNC speech beginsJohn Kerry starts at 8:42 PM ET.  Pluto on the MC.  Square ASC.  He’s killing it.  The MC exactly conjoined Pluto when he said “Ask Osama bin Laden if he is better off than he was four years ago now.”

He just said “Gadafi is gone and the people of Libya are free.” when the MC squared Uranus exactly.   This is really ironic because a large part of his speech is about showing that Romney is a flip-flopper on Afghanistan.  Ended at 8:55 PM.

His transits are great (click here for chart):

  • transiting MC square natal MC.
  • Transiting MC conjunct natal Mercury very close.
  • Transiting Mercury square Mars.
  • Transiting Jupiter opposite natal ascendant.
  • Transiting Saturn sextile Jupiter, ruler of the ascendant.
  • All of these are within 1 degree.
  • Transiting Pluto is also hovering around his Mercury at 5 Capricorn as well.

Resuming the Running Notes Again

  • Angie Flores at 9:11 PM ET.
  • Jill Biden at 9:14 PM ET.  Leisa Schaim points out that Jill Biden’s Sun is at 14 Gemini. Tr. Jupiter conjunct by one degree, Tr. Sun square Sun. Jill Biden mentioned when Joe lost several members of his family in a car accident when he was 29.  This was during his Saturn return in Gemini in his 7th house.  His first wife died in that accident.  Transiting Mercury was conjunct his natal Mercury at 21 Scorpio exactly that day, which is the ruler of his 7th.
  • Stefanie Iris Weiss says that Barack Obama entered the building at 9:18 pm.

Joe Biden’s DNC Speech

  • Joe Biden came out and then started at 9:29 PM ET, after a few minute video.  Biden accepts the nomination for Vice President at 9:31 PM ET.
  • Ascendant moved into Taurus at late 9:35 PM.  Venus squares the ascendant.  Talking about family and parents right then.
  • Mary Plumb points out that Biden’s natal Sun and Venus at 27/8 Scorpio are conjunct Obama’s natal MC at 28 Scorpio.
  • The transiting Moon in late Taurus is getting really close to conjoining the south node during Biden’s speech.
  • Mars is setting over the western horizon (descendant) now during Biden’s speech, and the speech seems very Mars-like in a number of ways.  Astrologer Kate Petty notes that transiting Mars is getting close to a conjunction with Biden’s natal Mars in Scorpio, a few degrees away.
  • At 10:02 he looked straight at the camera and addressed Romney and Ryan directly, exactly when Mars hit the descendant.  I think he said: “It has never, never, ever, been a good bet to bet against the American people”
  • His speech culminates and ends at 10:08, with the Moon exactly conjunct the south node at 29 Taurus.   Ascendant trined Mercury exactly just after it ended.

Dick Durban began his speech at 10:10 PM.   MC squares Saturn exactly at 8:12 when Durban said something about workers from Chrysler.  He continued to say something else related to that, but I didn’t get it all.   Durban’s speech ended at 10:15.

President Obama’s DNC Speech

  • Obama video starts at 10:16, just after Durban’s speech ends.
  • Venus is the lord of the year in Obama’s chart according to annual profections from the ascendant, and Venus just ingressed into Leo, his Sun and Mercury sign.
  • Obama accepts the nomination at the beginning of his speechEvery major speech that occured in the 10 o’clock hour at the DNC and RNC in the past two weeks has occured with Taurus rising over the eastern horizon, but for each of them Venus was in Cancer.  At the RNC Venus was applying to a square with Saturn during the speeches of Ryan and Romney.  This week the DNC keynotes by Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton had Venus in Cancer separating from Saturn.  Obama’s is the ONLY major speech in this two week period where Taurus is rising and Venus is in Leo rather than Cancer.  That is really striking!
  • The ascendant made an exact trine with the Sun during the video of Obama’s accomplishments.
  • Michelle introduces Barack at 10:23, and he comes on stage.
  • Obama begins speech at 10:25.
  • MC trine Moon.   Switches into Aquarius at late 8:25, less than a minute into his speech.
  • Officially accepts the nomination at 10:26:30 PM.
  • Astrologer Kate Petty points out that Venus is exactly conjunct the IC.   Mary Plumb points out that the MC is conjoining his natal Jupiter at zero Aquarius at the same time.

I’m noticing some crazy connection between the chart for when he accepted the nomination just now and Obama’s inauguration chart from 2009:

  • Nomination MC conjunct Sun-Mercury inauguration conjunction at zero Aquarius, nomination Moon at 29 Taurus opposite inauguration Moon at 29 Scorpio.
  • The north node is at 29 Scorpio right now as well of course, also conjunct the inauguration Moon at 29 Scorpio.
  • Nomination Mars at 9 Scorpio square inauguration node at 9 Aquarius.
  • Nomination Venus at zero Leo very closely opposed inauguration Sun-Mercury at zero Aquarius.
  • The Moon is in the 1st, at 29 Taurus, applying to a square with Venus, the ruler of the ascendant, and the ruler of the year for Obama.
  • His speech ends at 11:03, with 28 Taurus rising, Moon and south node at 29 Taurus.  MC at 9 Aquarius, square Mars at 9 Scorpio.
  • The speech was perfect.
  • The ascendant switches to Gemini and then a few moments later he leaves the stage.

Close of the 2012 DNC

Antonio Villaraigosa adjourns the convention and strikes the gavel at exactly 11:18 PM ET.  Ascendant at 2 Gemini.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have all of the charts from both conventions, it appears that they support the conclusion that we came to in May when we issued our official prediction for the election, which was based primarily on the astrology of Obama and Romney’s birth charts.

In the next few days I will do a recap of the astrology of both conventions, in order to show how the nomination charts compare to each other, so that we can have another perspective on the outcome of the election in November. (Update: the article comparing the RNC and DNC charts has been posted here.)

Thanks for following our live coverage of the DNC and RNC these past two weeks!  If you enjoyed it, then you will want to join us again next month for our coverage of the debates.

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